Consistent use of typography will visually unify communication materials. Wake Forest University uses these same typefaces.

Primary Typeface

Our primary typeface for headlines and body copy is Avenir (Light, Roman, Medium, Heavy). A very legible typeface, it is simple, yet elegant. Avenir should be the dominant typeface used on all print and media materials.

Primary Typeface Avenir

Secondary Typeface

Our secondary typeface is Minion Pro (Roman, Italic, Semibold/Semibold Italic, Bold/Bold Italic). Minion Pro should only be used for accent type treatments or in the case of dense amounts of body copy.

Secondary Typeface Minion Pro

Substitute Typefaces

Arial may be used as the substitute sans serif typeface for Avenir in low visibility and internal communications, including correspondence, office paperwork and digital applications such as PowerPoint presentations and email. Arial is a system typeface available on all computers. All weights and styles are approved for use.

Times New Roman is the acceptable substitution serif typeface for Minion Pro in low visibility and internal communications and letters.

Creative Communications is your Brand Champion 

Work with us: creative@wakehealth.edu
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Send questions and artwork for approval to us: brandchampion@wakehealth.edu


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In order to maintain consistency as we build our brand, all branded communication materials must be forwarded to the Brand Champion at Creative Communications for review and approval before the final production is completed. This step assures that brand standards are upheld. Please allow 48 hours for approval.
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Last Updated: 04-14-2014
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