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Download Email Signature for Microsoft Outlook

You can download an email signature for use in Microsoft Outlook for Windows. An email signature is available for each of the approved logos shown below. Use the reporting structure of your department to determine which email signature to use. View a chart and learn more about choosing a logo.

  1. Select the email signature you wish to install by clicking once on a logo below. 
  2. Download the installer application containing the email signature for that logo. Look for this installer icon on your desktop.
  3. Save the installer to your computer's desktop.
  4. From your computer's desktop, double click on the installer to run it.
  5. Customize the logo with your personal information. Please follow all of the guidelines for the email signature as shown below. 

Download WFBMC Email Signature

Download WFSM Email Signature

Download WFBH Email Signature

Download WFBH-BCH Email Signature

Download WFBH-LMC Email Signature

Download WFBH-DMC Mocksville Email Signature 

Download WFBH-DMC Bermuda Run Email Signature
Bermuda Run

Download WFI Email Signature

Please be sure you are choosing the appropriate logo. If you are in doubt, email the Brand Champion,

Email Signature Guidelines

Below is an example of an email signature with annotation in blue. 

Email signature example with annotation in blue.

The elements of the email signature shown above have been created with the following attributes.


    Typeface      Font Size      Attribute      Color      Alignment   
Name  Arial11 ptboldblackleft
Title  Arial9 ptnormalblackleft
Department  Arial9 ptboldgold*left
Address  Arial9 ptnormalblackleft
   * Gold = 158 Red, 126 Green, 56 Blue or #9E7E38 in hexadecimal


  • When you customize the signature with your personal information, please be sure to adhere to the existing layout, formatting and text attributes.
  • Do not press the [Enter] key when personalizing the email signature with your own information.
  • No additions to the email signature are allowed, such as quotations or icons.
  • Note that there are two spaces before and after each backslash  \  . 
  • The clear space around the logo is equal to the height of the symbol. Do not encroach on the clear space. 
  • Do not alter the size of the email logo. Use exactly as provided. 
  • Do not use the email logo in any other application. 
  • The email background should be all white (no graphics or colors of any kind permitted.)

How to Customize the Email Signature 

  1. Start a new email in Outlook.
  2. Click on the Signature button and select "Signatures" at the bottom.
  3. Select the email signature you wish to edit in the upper left of the signature edit window.
  4. Edit the email signature with your personal information. Please follow all of the guidelines for the email signature as shown above.
  5. Click the Save button once you have completed customizing your signature with your personal information.
  6. If you want to make this your default signature, select it as your default in the upper right of the signature edit window.
  7. Click the OK button at the bottom right when finished.  
  8. Verify that your email signature in Outlook is formatted the same way as the example above. 

Other Email Applications

This installer is specifically designed for use in Microsoft Outlook for Windows. If you use a different email application you will need to create your own email signature by following the instructions found on the Creating an Email Signature for Other Email Applications web page. 




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In order to maintain consistency as we build our brand, all branded communication materials must be forwarded to the Brand Champion at Creative Communications for review and approval before the final production is completed. This step assures that brand standards are upheld. Please allow 48 hours for approval.
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