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Campus Faculty

Campus faculty includes investigators from many research areas:  

  • Susan E. Appt, DVM  
    Pathology (Comparative Medicine)
    Research Area: Hormone changes during menopausal transition and chronic diseases common in postmenopausal women 
  • J. Mark Cline, DVM
    Section Head, Comparative Medicine
    Pathology (Comparative Medicine)
    Research Area: Carcinogenesis, Immunohistochemistry, Comparative Pathology, Hormonally Induced Changes in Mammary Gland and Endometrium, Women's Health; Tumor Hypoxia
  • James B. Daunais, PhD
    Physiology & Pharmacology
    Research Area: Neuroimaging, Substance Abuse, Primate, Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • David P. Friedman, PhD
    Physiology & Pharmacology
    Research Area: Neural basis of addiction, effects of alcohol on the brain , genetic and environmental influences on drinking and the response to alcohol, effects of stress on alcohol consumption     
  • Matthew J. Jorgensen, PhD
    Pathology (Comparative Medicine)
    Research Area: Primatology, Behavioral Genetics, Psychopharmacology, Cognition
  • Jay R. Kaplan, PhD
    Director, CCMR; and Vice Chair Research for Research, Pathology
    Pathology (Comparative Medicine)
    Research Area: Cardiovascular Behavioral Medicine, Neurobiology, Women's Health, Primate Biology and Behavior, Evolutionary Psychology, Nutrition and Behavior, Darwinian Medicine, Primate Genetics
  • Kylie Kavanagh, DVM MS MPH
    Pathology (Comparative Medicine)
    Research Area: Nutrition, obesity and insulin sensitivity; mechanisms of cardiovascular disease in diabetes and the role of heat shock proteins in diabetic complications; lipid metabolism 
  • Nancy D. Kock, DVM PhD
    Pathology (Comparative Medicine)
    Research Area: Infectious disease, Cancer research, Animal models, Vaccine development
  • Iris Leng, MD PhD
    Public Health Sciences (Biostatistics)
    Research Area: Functional Data Analysis (FDA), Classification, Clustering, Aging, Microarray
  • Brian McCool, PhD
    Physiology & Pharmacology
    Research Area: Neurobiology of Alcohol Abuse and Anxiety
  • Michael A. Nader, PhD
    Physiology & Pharmacology
    Research Area: Neurobehavioral Pharmacology; Nonhuman Primate Models; Brain Imaging; Cocaine Abuse 
  • Thomas C. Register, PhD
    Pathology (Comparative Medicine)
    Research Area: Cardiovascular Disease, Atherosclerosis Progression and Regression, Osteoporosis, Molecular Mechanisms of Regulation of Arterial and Bone Metabolism, Steroid Hormones and Hormone Receptors in Health and Disease, Molecular Genetics, Nutrition
  •  Lawrence L. Rudel, PhD
    Molecular Medicine
    Research Area: Cholesterol, Nutrition, Atherosclerosis, Lipoproteins, Liver
  • Carol A. Shively, PhD
    Assistant Director, Diversity 
    Pathology (Comparative Medicine)
    Research Area: Social Stress and Disease Susceptibility

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