Wake Forest Faculty    
Stitzel_Joel_117x142  Brown_Phillip_117x142  Gayzik_Scott_117x142 
Joel Stitzel, Ph.D.
WFU Department Chair
WFU Director/Program Leader
CIB Professor

Philip Brown, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor

Scott Gayzik, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Jillian Hobson, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor

Ashley Weaver, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Virginia Tech Faculty    
Duma_Stefan_117x142  Hardy_Warren_117x142  Gabler_Clay_117x142 
Stefan Duma, Ph.D.
Former Director, CIB
Department Head, SBES
Warren Hardy, Ph.D. 
VT Director, CIB  
Assistant Professor
H. Clay Gabler, Ph.D.
Assistant Director, CIB
Assoc. Head for Grad. Studies, SBES
Andrew Kemper, Ph.D.
Research Assistant Professor
Laboratory Director
Birkenbach_Victoria_117x142  Callahan, Lynn 117x142  Doud, Andrea 117x140 

Victoria Birkenbach
Research Engineer

Lynn Callahan
Data Entry Operator II - CIREN

Andrea Doud, MD
General Surgery Resident

Harris_Summer_117x142  Hightower, Caresse 117x142  Koya, Bharath 117x142 
Summer Harris
Research Assistant - CIREN
Caresse Hightower
Project Coordinator

Bharath Koya
Research Engineer

Martin_Shayn_117x142  Schap, Jeremy 117x142  Sexton, Cheryl Ann 117x142

Shayn Martin, MD
Critical Care Surgery

Jeremy Schap
Research Engineer

Cheryl Ann Sexton, Ph.D.
CIREN Project Manager
Sink_Joel_118x142  Williams, Nick 117x142Woelfel, Kamah 117x142

Joel Sink
Crash Investigator - CIREN

Nick Williams
Research Engineer
Kamah Woelfel
Research Study Coordinator
CIB Graduate Students    
Moody_Lizz_117x142  Davis_Matt_118x142  Gaewsky, James 
Elizabeth Davenport
Ph.D. expected 2016
Matt Davis
Ph.D. expected 2017

James Gaewsky
MS expected 2015

Gillispie, Gregory 117x142  Guleyupoglu, Berkan 117x142  Jones, Derek 117x142 
Gregory Gillispie
Ph.D. expected 2019
Berkan Guleyupoglu
Ph.D. expected 2018
Derek Jones
Ph.D. expected 2019
Kelley, Mireille 117x142  Miller, Logan  Mitchell, Jared 117x142 

Mireille Kelley
Ph.D. expected 2019

Logan Miller
MS expected 2015

Jared Mitchell
MS expected 2016

Schoell_Sam_118x142  Weaver_Caitlin_118x142   

Samantha Schoel
Ph.D. expected 2017

Caitlin Weaver
Ph.D. expected 2016


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