Childress Champions List

Childress Champions is a membership club to support the mission of the Childress Institute for Pediatric Trauma. Our annual fund campaign for 2012 encouraged supporters to pick their favorite RCR driver’s number and donate a corresponding amount in their honor. Click here to learn more about Childress Champions.

To join the Childress Champions, please visit to give online and direct your contribution to The Childress Institute for Pediatric Trauma.

VIP - $1,000
Mr. Gerard Adamczyk, Jr.
AdvoCare International LP
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Allison IV
Mr. David C. Arledge
Mr. Lanny D. Barnes
Ms. Nancy H. Barneycastle
Mr. Thomas A. Berry
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred C. Branch
Ms. Kathryn A. Brant
Mr. Thomas G. Brightwell
Bryant Racing, Inc.
BSCI, Inc.
Mr. Robert Burum
Mr. Michael F. Butler
Mr. Curtis D. Caldwell
Childress Charitable Events
Mr. and Mrs. Dale K. Cline
Mr. John D. Comer
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Conte
Country Roads RV Center, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Couture
Cruisin Sports, Inc.
Mr. Kent A. Day
Mr. Jack L. DeKeyser
Mr. Frederick S. Dmuchowski
Mr. and Mrs. Craig W. Donahue
Eichelberger & Fabiani, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Elliott
Mr. Stephen J. Ellis
Ms. Susan M. Fox
Mr. L. Torrey Galida
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Gfeller, Jr.
Mr. Robert Mitch Gibson
Goldtronics Coatings, Inc.
Gordon C. Willis Charitable Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Gough
Mr. Matthew S. Griffin
Dr. Michael C. Harmelin
Congressman Robin C. Hayes
Ms. Michelle Hemric
Mr. W. Duke Kimbrell
Kulynych Family Foundation I, Inc.
K-VA-T Food Stores, Inc.
Mr. Milt Laughlin
Mr. Roger Leagon
Mr. Jon C. Leibensperger
Ms. Tammy L. Lemly
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Lowe
Machine & Welding Supply Company
Mr. Christopher L. Martin
Mr. Arthur B. McCarter
Dr. and Mrs. John D. McConnell
Dr. and Mrs. J. Wayne Meredith
Mr. James L. Metz
Ms. Cecilia H. Milks
Mr. Gino Montrone
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Morrow, Sr.
Mr. Christopher E. Murray
Mr. Robert E. Neeley
Mr. Jeff R. Patterson
Mr. and Mrs. William N. Patterson
Phil's Starter & Alternator
Mr. Bill Reid
Mr. and Mrs. Ron D. Rothrock
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Schlosser
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Scott
Mr. Richard H. Shaut, Jr.
Mr. Dean Sink
Mr. John H. Smith
South Point Hotel and Casino
Ms. Laura G. Stockman
Mr. William Hylton Tatum
Technique, Inc.
The W. Duke Kimbrell Family Foundation
Walker and Associates Inc.
Mr. M. Craig West
Ms. Jennifer K. White
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Williams
Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice, LLP - Winston-Salem
Woods Rogers PLC
Mr. Richard A. Yancy
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Zimmerman

Diamond - $500
Cynthia J. Lees, Ph.D., D.V.M. and Jon S. Abramson, M.D.
Mr. Steven W. Allen
Mr. Douglas K. Armstrong
Ms. K. Michelle Caldwell
Mr. Keith Chapman
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Congdon
Mr. Allen L. Cornelius, Jr.
Ms. Judy A. Easter
Mr. Craig Errington
Ms. Shelia D. Everhart
Mr. Terry M. Ferrell
Mr. Dustin A. Gobble
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Grimes
Ms. Amy H. Hanes
Mr. Benjamin L. Hinson
Mr. Jason A. Hunt
Infinity Performance, Inc.
Mr. Greg James
Mr. John W. Kortenhoven
Ms. Tonya H. Lanier
Mr. and Mrs. William M. McGinnis
Modern Automotive Network
Motorsports, Inc.
Mr. Ryan Murphy
Mr. Scott E. Newlin
Mr. Marty S. Nowlin
Mr. Lee Pardue
Mrs. Teresa W. Patterson
Paul S. & Carolyn A. Simon Foundation, Inc.
Mr. Peter S. Photopoulos
Mr. Rickey P. Pierce
Mr. Rodney E. Presley
Richie Gilmore Inc.
Scotts Toys and Collectibles, Inc.
Mr. Robert W. Sheppard
Mr. Danny Slack
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Spencer
Mr. Samuel Joe Spinuzzi
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Throckmorton
Total Seal, Inc.
Mr. Richard F. Wagner, Jr.
Mrs. Shirley E. Wagner
Mr. Joseph M. Ward
Mr. Paul Ward
Ms. Penelope A. Warren
Ms. Patricia A. White
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Wiley
Mr. Ray P. Wright

Platinum - $250
Dr. and Mrs. Roy L. Alson
Ms. Janet L. Clark
Cordell Sales Inc.
Mr. Charles R. Crenshaw, Jr.
Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Davis, Jr.
Diversified Finishers LLC
Earnhardt-Childress Racing Technologies, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Olen C. Easter, Jr.
El Dorado Holdings, Inc.
Ms. Jennifer A. Greene
Mr. Keith A. Kiser
Mr. Jimmy Kitchens
Ms. Gail E. Kluttz
Mr. Christopher R. Mathis
Mr. James A. Nunn
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Paige
Dr. and Mrs. Gary G. Poehling
Mr. James C. Pollard
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Pranikoff
Pro Fabrication, Inc.
Mr. Andrew Randolph
Salemtowne - Moravian Retirement Community
Ms. Amy K. Smith
Mr. Jerry C. Sparks, Sr.
Kevin L. Speight, M.D.
Mrs. W. Henry Stocks
Ms. Denise Stowe
Mr. Thomas L. Teague
Thermcraft, Inc.
Mrs. Verna M. Tysor
Mr. Mike R. Vaught
Mr. Kenneth A. Ward
Mr. Nicholas L. Woodward
Mr. Joshua A. Yost
Ms. Laura F. Young

Gold - $100
Argus Steel Products
ATI Performance Products, Inc.
Major Danny M. Barton
Childress Angels
Mr. and Mrs. David Clark
Mr. David Cox
Mr. Edward D. Crowder
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Curlee
The Glass Shop, Inc.
Ms. Rachel J. Hamrick
H.M. Elliott, Inc.
Ms. Amanda Johnson
Dr. and Mrs. L. Andrew Koman
Mr. Alexander Lim
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Lucas
Mark J. Antoine, LLC
The mGive Foundation Inc.
Mrs. Frances C. Milby
Moravian Sugar Crisp Company, Inc.
Mr. Fred Mozenter
Mrs. Grace MacDougall Mynatt
Mr. Dan Parks
Mr. David Perling
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Petree
Patricia H. Petrozza, M.D.
Ms. Vicky Pickens
Mr. Paul Preston
Remco Supply Incorporated
Mr. John Q. Shelton III
Ms. Leigh Sobel
Ms. Ginger G. Wilkins
Mrs. Donna L. Woods
Mr. John W. A. Woody, Jr.
Mr. Kevin Zupancic

Silver - $50
Dr. and Mrs. Roy L. Alson
Mr. and Mrs. Warren J. Brosel
Dr. and Mrs. David R. Carr
Mrs. Margaret Jean Chalk
Mr. Roger Clark
Mr. Edward D. Crowder
Mr. and Mrs. Brian E. Englehart
Mr. Terence Fitzgerald
Hess Holdings, LLC
Mr. Larry Hess
Mr. Joseph T. Kuhl, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Meek
Mrs. Heather P. Moser
Patricia H. Petrozza, M.D.
Mr. James C. Pollard
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Pranikoff
Mrs. Geogianna Bagby Proffitt
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Robertson
Ruby Tuesday, Inc.
Stock All Services
Mr. Gary Stockman
Mr. Joshua A. Yost

Bronze - $30
Ms. Callie B. Annas
Ms. Amie B. Bender
Mr. Mark C. Bennett
Mr. Kenny Benson
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Cunningham
Mr. Michael D. Dooly
Mr. Troy L. Downey
Mr. David F. Exner
Mrs. Gwen Greathouse
Mrs. Carol Hafkemeyer
Mr. J.D. Holcomb
Ms. Nancy Howard
Mr. Steve Humphrey
Mr. Layman W. Idol, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Jervis
Mrs. Julie Jones
Ms. Roberta Jones
Ms. Sherrie L. Leggett
Mr. Paul D. MacCallum
Mr. Robert J. McKenzie
Morse Measurements, LLC
Mr. Gerald Neumann
Mr. Michael Pate
Mr. Kenneth L. Quinn
Ms. Victoria Rishell
Mr. Richard A. Santiago
Mr. Phillip R. Soles
Mrs. Karrie E. Starling
Mr. Michael J. Stone
Ms. Penelope A. Warren
Ms. Laura F. Young