Funded Projects

By creating partnerships with researchers and medical centers around the world, the Institute is able to fund studies that analyze how children can be treated differently with better outcomes no matter how or where a child is injured.

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KIDS (Kinematics of Impact Data Set) Study
Principal Investigator: Joel Stitzel, PhD

The objective of the study is to collect information about the number and type of helmeted impacts that youth and high school football players are exposed to over the course of a season of practice and games. Three age levels are included, including two youth and one adolescent age group team(s): Jr. Pee Wee, Pee Wee, and High School. We are performing neuroimaging studies including magnetic resonance imaging and magnetoencephalography both at the beginning and end of season and in case of a concussion. We are performing computer modeling of the brain, modeling each impact over the course of a season using a model of the brain that deforms like a real brain. These deformations will be correlated with imaging findings and neurocognitive testing and injury (concussion) results to better understand impacts and injuries in youth football. This will inform prevention, mitigation, and treatment of injuries in the future.

Violence Intervention Screening and Initial Treatment (VISIT)
Principal Investigator: Laura Veach, Associate Professor

Each day in the U.S., 16 young people are murdered, homicide ranks as the second leading cause of death for our youth, and nearly half of deaths from trauma among youth are attributed to violence.1 Violence-related injuries result in approximately 1,800 youths per day receiving medical care in our nation’s hospitals. Utilizing a model of specialized counseling intervention services that has shown effectiveness in lowering risky drinking and reducing subsequent alcohol-related injuries, Dr. Veach’s team has developed a model for violence intervention with hospitalized trauma patients aged 15-20. VISIT will provide violence intervention services to young people ages 15-20 at the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Level 1 Trauma Center.

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