Joint-Appointed Faculty Members

CIPT Staff

Sara Zeller
Administrative Secretary
336-713-1627 Office

Kara Thompson 
External Relations Liaison
336-713-1625 Office
336-491-9766 Cell

Michelle Caldwell
Director of Administration & External Relations
336-713-1626 Office
336-416-4859 Cell

Robert J. Gfeller, Jr.
Executive Director

Joint-Appointed Faculty
Wayne Meredith, MD 
Charles Branch, MD 
Jon Abramson, MD 
John Petty, MD 
Thomas Pranikoff, MD 
Dan Couture, MD 
John Frino, MD 
L. Andrew Koman, MD 
Joel Stitzel, PhD 
Roy Alson, MD 
Al Wicks, PhD  School of Biomedical Engineering &Sciences. VA Tech 
Andre Muelenaer, Jr., MD Carilion BioMedical Institute, Roanoke,VA 
Warren Hardy, PhD School of Biomedical Engineering &Sciences, VA Tech 
Stefan Duma, PhD  School of Biomedical Engineering &Sciences, VA Tech


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Local phone: 336-713-1627
Toll free phone: 866-635-8190 
Mailing address:
Childress Institute for Pediatric Trauma
575 N. Patterson Ave, Suite 148
Winston-Salem, NC 27101