The Golden Hour

The "golden hour" is the time following a traumatic injury when prompt medical treatment has the highest likelihood to prevent death. Chances of survival are greatest if care is received within a short period of time after a severe injury. [13] 

Did you know? 

  • No patient produces more anxiety in caregivers than the critically injured child
  • Individual medical personnel, especially in the pre-hospital setting, rarely have to deal with a critically injured child and therefore have little experience managing their injuries
  • Budget shortfalls have forced EMS services and other pre-hospital care to choose more general types of training
  • When medical personnel are appropriately trained, there is a better outcome - children's lives are saved!
  • PITLS is the only pediatric-specific, EMS-focused trauma course available
  • The Pediatric Fundamental Critical Care Support (PFCCS) course is a two-day program for physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals that provides the tools to recognize a child's need for critical care, especially when a pediatric specialist is not available 
  • CIPT raised $80,000 in 2012 to fund Pediatric International Trauma Life Support and Critical Care Support trainings