Not Small Adults

Injured children cannot be treated as small adults.  They are distinctive patients, requiring age-specific expertise and equipment.  Children present a unique challenge in trauma care because they are so different from adults - anatomically, developmentally, physiologically and emotionally.1, 7

A study published in early 2006 in the Journal of Pediatric Surgery concluded that the risk of death for injured children is significantly lower when care is provided in pediatric trauma centers rather than in non-pediatric trauma centers.7

Yet only about 10% of injured children are treated at pediatric trauma centers. The highest mortality rates occur in children who are treated in rural areas without access trauma centers.7  

Caring for an injured child requires special knowledge, precise management and scrupulous attention to detail.  Instituting separate processes, procedures and requirements specifically for children reflects a growing realization that pediatric patients are best cared for under a model designed for the unique needs of children.