Virtual Symposium 2014

On Feb. 20, 2014, the Institute presented Pediatric Trauma III 2014 - New Paradigm of Care: "How I Do It!," which was co-hosted by Dr. Wayne Meredith, Executive Director of the Institute.


  • 26 countries participated, including Brazil, Canada, Chile, Egypt, France, Greece, Korea, Serbia, Switzerland and Vietnam
  • 368 unique registration centers where multiple participants could view the presentations
  • Total audience was approx. 1,400
  • Participants received CME credit
  • Countless accolades and emails from grateful participants
  • Shared key lessons via social media - #pedstrauma2014 on Twitter
  • Click here to view the videos on our YouTube channel  - Institute

Virtual Symposium 2014
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Pediatric Trauma III 2014, Worldwide Web Symposium, was directed by Drs. Wayne Meredith, Martin R. Eichelberger and Todd Ponsky. The topics covered the management of: 

  • Multiple casualty incidents (Disaster Management)
  • Burn Care
  • Extremity Injury
  • Anesthesia-Pain Management
  • Exploratory Laparotomy
  • Approach to the Retorperitoneum
  • Nursing Care of the injured child

The faculty presented "How I Do It" followed by a panel discussion to illustrate controversy, respond to viewer questions and discuss a relevant case. The format encouraged lively discussion and debate by opinion leaders in the field of Trauma. The worldwide audience was able to participate, pose questions and offer opinions.    
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