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Our Goals

Clinical Goals
Educational Goals
Research Goals

Clinical Goals

To provide learning events designed to enhance the quality of patient care and improve patient safety through immersive learning activities:

As a regional and national core training facility, the Center for Applied Learning provides a variety of shared learning laboratories, instructional equipment, hands-on training resources and curriculum development services required to advance clinical care capacities and improve patient care outcomes. This includes a focused mission on measured improvements in patient care.

i. Our goal is to improve clinical skills and support procedural training and to improve clinical skills capacities of both novice and expert clinical practitioners across a broad spectrum of medical specialties. We have focused efforts with a strategic emphasis on programs designed to enable eight key Clinical Centers of Excellence.

  1. Rescue/Casualty Evacuation
  2. Trauma/Emergency Care/Critical Care & Burns
  3. Cardiology/CT Surgery/Vascular Medicine
  4. Pediatrics/Infectious Disease
  5. General Surgery/Minimally Invasive Surgery
  6. Orthopedics/Sports Medicine/Rheumatology/MSK Disease
  7. Urology/Obstetrics and Gynecology
  8. Neurology/Neurosurgery/ENT

ii. Our goal is to provide hands-on learning activities that employ specialized procedure task trainers or practice applied to fresh cadaver donors as simulated patients. Clinical reasoning and team performance are also challenged with the application of high fidelity patient simulation, virtual reality scenarios and standardized patient assessment.

iii. Our goal is to enhance clinical inter-professional team performance through unit practice and crisis resource management (CRM) scenarios that focus on well-defined learning objectives using high fidelity patient simulators as well as simulation scenarios using donor tissues.

iv. Our goal is to enhance both fundamental and advanced surgical skills through highly specialized courses and through ongoing fundamental and advance surgical skills labs.

v. Our goal is to improve continuity of care and enhance provider/patient interactions with standardized patient assessment resources.

vi. Our goal is to advance ultrasound diagnostic and applied ultrasound point of care capacities through regional and national courses provided across all medical specialties.

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Educational Goals

To provide premium hands-on laboratory learning required by the health care professional pipeline as well as inter-professional learning for practitioners:

As a shared Wake Forest Medical Center core facility, the Center for Applied Learning provides facilities, equipment, supplies and staff expertise for the development and delivery of laboratory curriculum components required by health care practitioner degree, continuing education and refresher certification programs.

i. Our goal is to advance the clinical application of basic science principles of multisystem organ anatomy, physiology and pharmacology with donor tissue and high fidelity patient simulation learning activities using inter-professional scenario training events.

ii. Our goal is to enhance the development of clinical skills required for acquiring patient information, reporting and interpreting clinical data, managing the care of patients and leading and managing the health care provider team resources through hands-on standardized patient and clinical skills assessment exercises.

iii. Our goal is to improve provider/patient interactions with standardized patient assessment resources.

iv. Our goal is to develop and apply Academic Computing support using an accessible online database of curriculum resources for on-demand learning that include anatomical resources, photographs, micrographs, animations, correlated clinical procedure videos and VR scenario resources to enable self-paced asynchronous learning as well as interactive asynchronous and synchronous distance learning.

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Research Goals

To advance and improve the standards of patient care with pre-clinical immersive lab testing using live animal tissue, human tissue resources and tissue simulation trainers as a testing platform.

The Center for Applied Learning is a medical center core facility that provides human tissue and tissue simulation lab facilities, equipment, resources and staff to enhance and enable pre-clinical testing required for the delivery of translational research to clinical practice. In addition the combined resources of Wake Forest Innovations, including Preclinical Translational Services, provide a single portal for innovation, research and testing. This includes core resources and staff expertise for the following mission:

i. Our goal is to collaborate with industry partners and selected innovators to enhance the delivery of novel procedures, improve medical materials and develop new medical devices or instruments without risk to patients. Fresh human tissue and simulation provide a unique immersive clinical environment that augment and extend preclinical testing resources available at Wake Forest Innovations’ Preclinical Translational Services. Human tissue resources provide for more authentic analog testing with novel procedures, instruments and devices.

ii. Our goal is to provide human tissue or simulation labs required to develop and deliver novel training curriculum for the implementation of new clinical methods, procedures, instruments or devices into clinical practice.

iii. Our goal is to provide human tissue or simulation labs required to develop methods of standardized testing and provider credentialing procedures that advance improvements in clinical standards of patient care.

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