We are committed to maintaining a work and educational environment in which we treat each other fairly and respectfully.

  • We do not tolerate threats, discrimination, harassment, intimidation or other disruptive behaviors.
  • We report threats, discrimination, harassment, intimidation or other disruptive behaviors, regardless of the position of authority of the person(s) involved.

Additional information regarding a respectful workplace:

Our most important resource is the people who work here.  It is essential to our business that our personnel are provided with and contribute towards a respectful workplace where the value of respect, trust, fairness, integrity, consideration, acceptance, and dignity guides all our interactions with one another.

Medical Center Commitment

The Medical Center is committed to making ever practicable effort to ensure employees are provided with a safe, healthy, and respectful workplace.  We will provide a workplace free from destructive behaviors such as personal discord, harassment, retaliation, discrimination, disrespect, and workplace violence.

Leadership's Role

Leadership will take a proactive role to stop disrespectful behavior, challenge inappropriate comments and jokes, and remove offensive visual materials from offices, computers, and inappropriate emails. They will provide support to employees who are experiencing the effects of disrespectful behavior, take responsibility for an appropriate personal intervention or referral to other resources, and follow-up to ensure a satisfactory resolution.  When intervening personally, they will try to understand what has happened from all perspectives, what the impact is on the persons involved, and what can be done to restore the workplace to a respectful environment.

Faculty and Staff Responsibilities

Faculty and staff are relied on to model respectful behavior. All faculty and staff are encouraged to address disrespectful behavior when it happens, refuse to participate in that behavior, support their colleagues, and be aware of their own role in bringing about disrespectful behavior in the workplace. Laws, policies, regulations, and procedures are important, but of themselves cannot guarantee a respectful workplace. Each faculty and staff member can have a powerful impact on the environment in which they work by being aware of their own behavior.  When we observe someone being treated in a humiliating, degrading, or disrespectful manner, we will offer them our support by informing them of the reporting options available.

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