Patient Care Mission

Patient care is an essential and important part of University Dental Associates and the Department of Dentistry.

Hence, the Patient Care Mission of these organizations is to provide high quality oral health services in a professional, caring, efficient and safe environment. High quality means excellent technical products, preventive services and education, as well as excellence in the process of producing these products and in the environment in which they are produced.

The clinical program blends the needs of a diverse group of patients, faculty and non-faculty dentists, staff, dental residents, and undergraduate dental students and addresses the needs of University Dental Associates and Wake Forest Baptist Health.  The following areas describe the process and environment that the dentists, staff and residents create in order to fulfill our patient care mission.


Our patients are those who appreciate the level of care that we provide. They are those who keep their appointments and financial obligations, respect the needs of others, and are able to constructively express their concerns. We strive to provide the same high level of care to all our patients, while at the same time we recognize that some of our patients have disabilities that make it difficult to receive dental care in other dental settings. We respect their strengths and consider their disabilities while providing the best dental treatment that meets their individual needs.

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We act in a professional manner at all times. This means treating every individual patient and co-worker with respect. It means being prepared, knowledgeable and friendly under every circumstance. It means displaying compassion and patience even in the most difficult of situations. It means presenting ourselves in a manner that conveys knowledge, caring and confidence.

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We are on time for all patient appointments, meetings, and deadlines. We do not change appointments for patients except under extreme circumstances. We are prepared for treatment sessions with patients with complete treatment plans, materials and laboratory products. We complete all chart, benefit and program documentation thoroughly and punctually.

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We strive to develop rapport and trust with our patients and inform them about every aspect of their care. This includes the hours, policies and procedures we propose. We make complete financial arrangements with our patients in order to inform them of their financial obligations. We listen to our patients and inform them about the benefit of all procedures we follow.

We continually strive to communicate clearly in order to provide consistent information. We inform our patients about their dental problems, alternatives for treatment, possibilities of phased care and the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative. We strive to maximize each patient's likelihood of achieving a lifetime of dental health.

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We maintain an environment that is friendly, pleasant, efficient and safe. We are constantly mindful of the appearance of our work areas, the level of sound and conversation, and the impression we provide by our appearance, actions and demeanor. We follow strict infection control procedures and maintain strict compliance with all appropriate regulatory agencies in order to insure a safe environment for our patients and ourselves.

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The personnel in our program include dentists, staff and residents who are enthusiastic, caring, knowledgeable and willing to learn. We respect each other as people and professionals and are constantly looking for ways to improve the service we provide and the efficiency and the image of our program.

We express our concerns in a constructive manner and strive to keep the atmosphere in our clinic upbeat and happy. We come to work each day with a positive mental attitude and go out of our way to help each other complete our individual work and accomplish our mutual goals. We strive toward a culture of continuous learning and help each other develop new knowledge and apply new skills on a daily basis.

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Although our program functions as a hybrid model blending the not-for-profit activities of Wake Forest Baptist Health with the for-profit activities of University Dental Associates, sound business principles must be followed in order for the program to prosper and survive. We recognize the importance of increasing revenue and controlling expenses. We adhere to business principles and procedures that will maximize the efficiency of our business and recognize that each of us contributes by our actions every day to the health of the business.

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Educational Program

The dental residency program and associated educational programs includes both academic and patient care activities. The experience of participating in and being a critical part of our high quality dental delivery system affords residents and others an excellent opportunity that is an integral part of their educational program.

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We embrace change as an investment in our future. We realize that there is always room for improvement in everything that we do. We feel that the process of constant constructive change and improvement is the highest of goals and dedicate ourselves wholeheartedly to it. We look forward to the future with confidence, knowing that our past and present endeavors have prepared us for success tomorrow. 

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Last Updated: 04-22-2015
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