ALARA Policy

EH&S Radiation Safety regularly reviews over-exposures but also for unusually high exposures for particular departments or work assignments. The acronym ALARA stands for as low as reasonably achievable – this principle of radiation protection implies that every effort should be made to reduce occupational exposure to a level as low as practicable. In keeping with this concept individuals are informed whenever their doses per month exceed the following action levels in the table below.
Dose TypeALARA I (mrem)ALARA II (mrem)
Eye Lenses600900

Individuals receiving an ALARA II letter are asked to submit the ALARA II Response Form to EH&S Radiation Safety for the purpose of evaluating their high exposures. Individuals who monthly badge readings exceed the following action levels are issued an ALARA letter from the RSO reminding them to keep exposures as low as reasonably achievable.

This information is used to determine whether additional administrative controls or engineering controls are necessary to reduce occupational exposures. It is also be incorporated into the annual review of the radiation protection program to evaluate its effectiveness.

Last Updated: 10-30-2014
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