Regulations require monitoring of individuals who may receive, in one year, 10% of the occupational dose limits. These limits are as follows:

Whole-Body = 5000 mrem
Eye Lenses = 15,000 mrem
Skin and Extremities = 50,000 mrem

Radioactive Material Users

If you work directly with radioactive materials, Radiation Safety issues dosimeters to individuals working with more than 1 millicurie of gamma or beta emitters other than H-3, C-14, or S-35 in a one month period. In situations where hand dose may exceed whole body dose by a factor of 10, TLD ring dosimeters are issued.

X-Ray Users

If you work with x-ray machines then you may need to be issued a dosimeter. If your work requires your hands to be in the x-ray field then you may also need a ring dosimeter. Contact Radiation Safety at 716-1201 to ask if a dosimeter may be needed based on the types of x-rays which are part of your job duties.

Pregnant Workers

Click here for this policy.

Apply for a Dosimeter

You are issued a dosimeter when you complete the Personnel Dosimeter and Radiation Exposure History Request form. This form must include your full name, Social Security number, date of birth, and department. In addition, you must sign the form.

Proper Use of Dosimeters

Once you are issued a dosimeter then you must adhere to the following:

  • A badge is to be worn only by the person to whom it is issued.
  • Personal badges must not be loaned to other employees or used to monitor work areas. (Badges for monitoring work areas are available upon request from EH&S Radiation Safety.)
  • Dosimeters must be worn on the body at the location of highest potential exposure.
    • For example, x-ray technologists working in Radiology who wear lead aprons should wear their film badges at the collar outside of the apron – the badge monitors exposure to the unprotected head and lens of the eyes. Click here for picture.
    • In research laboratories, badges should be worn on the torso.
  • Ring dosimeters must be worn if there is potential significant exposure to the hands. If only one ring is issued to the employee, the ring should be worn on the dominant hand with the TLD turned toward the inside of the hand (palm). he dosimeter must be worn under gloves to protect it from contamination.
  • Do not wear badges while undergoing personal medical or dental x-rays.
    • If an employee undergoes a diagnostic or therapeutic nuclear medicine procedure while wearing their dosimeter, the RSO must be notified. (Occupational dose limits are not applicable in these instances.)
  • Dosimeters must be exchanged and returned promptly to EH&S Radiation Safety for processing.
  • Adhere to Radiation Safety's ALARA Policy.

If you have any problems or questions then please contact Billy Tedder at or 336-716-1205.

Last Updated: 07-22-2014
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