Chemical Management Inventory System

The WFUHS Chemical Management Inventory System or CMIS is designed to provide a variety of functions for the chemical end user and Environmental Health and Safety.

CMIS Capabilities:

  • Captures chemical orders through PeopleSoft and enters these chemicals into the assigned locations based upon the requisition data.
  • Vendor and part numbers are essential to identifying all chemicals.
  • Chemical users can view chemical information for those materials assigned to their locations.  This information includes and electronic Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and key safety, health and disposal criteria.
  • Flammable chemicals can be tracked by location.  This function is managed by EH&S through a barcoding system.  Flammable chemical levels are regulated by the NC Fire Code and each floor of every building must not exceed the maximum amount allowable.
  • EH&S can track other designated chemicals which are of regulatory interest.  These chemicals will be barcoded.  The US Department of Homeland Security has established a list of Chemicals of Interest which must be monitored to ensure inventory levels remain within regulatory thresholds.
  • Trackable chemicals will be inventoried at selected intervals by EH&S.  This function is acomplished using a hand held scanner and uploading inventory information by location into CMIS.
  • Reports are generated for EH&S which compare on hand flammable floor quantities with allowable limits.  Email notification is sent to EH&S when floor limits are exceeded.

What Chemical Users Need to Know

  • Except for trackable chemicals, CMIS does not store inventory quantifies.  That is, the profile for a given location will show which chemicals are present, but not how much is on hand.
  • Emergency information about each chemical is available, as is the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).  Users should access this information when using an unfamiliar or new chemical in order to ensure that safety, health, and environmental precautions are observed.

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Last Updated: 09-22-2014
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