Life Safety Requirements for Special Events in Public and Common Areas

Summary Information and Requirements

It is the practice of WFUHS to assure reasonable and consistent protection for persons and property during campus events.  Therefore, it is necessary to abide by applicable fire and life safety codes and guidelines.

General Occupancy Load and Exit Requirements

The maximum number of occupants allowed in any space is determined by the North Carolina Fire Code. There are maximum occupancy limits for different types of rooms/facilities/areas (e.g., auditorium, classroom, library, lobbies, dining areas).  Any questions on total occupancy or exit requirements must be directed to Environmental Health and Safety .

Specific Set Up  Requirements for WFUHS Areas

    1. Commons E floor lobby areas:  Area adjacent to atrium can accommodate 7 eight foot tables, maximum of 60 people.
    2. Commons conference rooms:  #1:  maximum of 30 people, #2: maximum of 50 people, #3: maximum of 40 people.  Total:  maximum of 120 people.
    3. Babcock Auditorium Connector:  4 eight foot tables, maximum of 22 people
    4. Alumni Plaza (outside):  No maximum # of people or tables applies.  The primary safety requirement is that all exits doors have clear access with 6 feet of clearance from the door swing.

Who to Contact? 

Space availability:  Medical Education controls the calendar for WFUHS areas.  For reservations contact Medical Education @ 6-2310.

Set up:  Environmental Services handles the table/chair set up.  For seating arrangements contact  Daryl Glenn @ 3-4174.

Safety Guidelines

    • During any event, all exits must be unlocked and completely accessible.
    • The use of untreated hay, straw, or cotton bales is prohibited.
    • Flammable decorations or flammable decorative materials are prohibited.
    • All draperies, drops, curtains, and table coverings used are to be noncombustible, inherently flame resistant, or treated and maintained fire resistant.
    • No open flame(s) are permitted without the prior approval of EH&S, Fire/Life Safety.

Safety and health requirements/approvals:

EH&S Fire/Life Safety is the point of contact for determinations regarding proper and safe set ups for special events in WFUHS areas.  For assistance contact David Sheehan @ 6-1223 or cell 399-9216.

Last Updated: 06-03-2014
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