Use of Equipment - Increased Security Requirements

Summary Information and Requirements

In 2008, emerging regulations from North Carolina and the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission brought new requirements for WFBMC employees who use equipment with specific radioactive sources, e.g. Gamma Knife and Gamma Irradiators.  Click here for more details.

Basic Rules

  1. Official Status:  users must be employees of either WFUHS or NCBH (faculty or staff); or WFU Graduate School student.
  2. Local Verification:  if employed less than 3 years, an internal background check by Human Resources is conducted.  If employed more than 3 years, a letter from the supervisor (attesting to "trustworthiness and reliability") is required (submitted to Radiation Safety Officer).  There may be additional requirements for non-US citizens.
  3. Fingerprint Submission to FBI & Nuclear Regulatory Commission:  Fingerprint card is submitted for processing and filing.  Results are returned in 4 to 6 weeks. Federal Register:  NRC Fingerprinting Requirement.
  4. Final Review by the Radiation Safety Officer who has been appointed as the Official Trustworthiness and Reliability Officer (T&R Official) for WFBMC.  Evaluation of all information will result in approval or disapproval, which will be forwarded to the applicant.
  5. Training:  An approved application must receive training prior to gaining access for research or clinical purposes.


  • Submit a request to the Radiation Safety Officer,  Copy to your supervisor.
  • Radiation Safety Officer will respond with specific instructions or follow-up questions.
  • Complete Application Form, if use is for a research irradiator.
  • When directed to submit Fingerprint Card, contact WFBMC Security @ 713-2315 (Larry Sarvis) to arrange appointment.
  • Fingerprint Card will be submitted.  Upon the return of results, you will receive approval/disapproval from the Radiation Safety Officer.
  • Once approved, schedule training with the RSO @ 716-1201.
  • After training is satisfactorily completed, the RSO will grant security access to the appropriate equipment.


Last Updated: 01-21-2015
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