Procedures for Obtaining a "Certificate of Environmental Compliance" Approval

What is the Process?  Many agencies that sponsor research require verification that health, safety and environmental practices of the Principal Investigator and of Wake Forest University Health Sciences are substantial and in compliance with existing regulations. 

  • U.S. Army Medical Research and Material Command (USAMRMC)
    • WFUHS has submitted a Facility Safety Plan to USAMRMC.  This plan is on file on their website and is updated annually by EH&S.  The annual update is called the Facility Safety Plan Status Report.
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

The process for obtaining approval from Environmental Health & Safety is described below.  In many cases, the Director of EH&S is required to sign the certifying document.

US Army (USAMRMC) Grants

What the Principal Investigator needs to do:

Contact EH&S for assistance in completing the Proposal SafetyPlan.  This plan outlines the hazards (chemical, biological, radiological) which may be encountered in the research project.  The Plan indicates how these hazards will be managed in the laboratory environment.

Information to provide to EH&S:

    • Proposal Scientific abstract and task list
    • Grant/Proposal Title, Number and PI name
    • A list of hazardous chemicals, biohazardous materials, and radioactive materials.
    • If you have existing applications with the Biosafety, Chemical Safety, or General Radiation Committee please provide the approval number.

*PI’s should report any changes in lab conditions to EH&S.*

Documents to provide to EH&S:

What EH&S will do:

EH&S will use the information supplied by the Principal Investigator to prepare a Proposal Safety Plan.  This plan may require a lab visit and/or discussion with the PI or lab manager.  EH&S will verify your:

  • Biosafety applications
  • Chemical safety applications
  • Radioactive materials applications

Upon completion of the Proposal Safety Plan, the Director of EH&S will sign the Certificate of Environmental Compliance and return to the PI.


Last Updated: 05-21-2015
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