Pregnant Worker Policy

The dose to an embryo/fetus during the entire pregnancy, due to occupational exposure of a declared pregnant woman, must not exceed 500 mrem. (This includes both external exposure and the dose from any internally deposited radionuclides in the pregnant woman and the embryo/fetus.) Furthermore, efforts must be made to avoid substantial variation above a uniform monthly occupational exposure rate to a declared pregnant woman.

If the dose to the embryo/fetus is found to have exceeded 450 mrem by the time the woman declares her pregnancy, the additional dose to the embryo/fetus must not exceed 50 mrem during the remainder of the pregnancy.

Employees may declare their pregnancy by submitting a completed Declaration of Pregnancy. The Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) or designee will review the employee’s job description, responsibilities, and any available dosimetry information to determine if additional radiation monitoring or safety precautions are needed. The employee may withdraw her declaration of pregnancy for any reason.

Determination of Embryo/Fetus Dose Prior to Declaration of Pregnancy

The embryo/fetus dose from the estimated conception date to the pregnancy declaration date must be determined by EH&S Radiation Safety. For a woman working in a research lab who has been issued a monitoring device, the results of a TLD worn on the torso will be used for this estimate. If the woman has been monitored for internal exposures, the results will also be included the estimate.

Embryo/Fetus Monitoring Device

  • After a pregnancy is declared and the RSO or designee has determined that additional radiation monitoring is required, the RSO or designee will issue to the worker a film badge to monitor the embryo/fetus dose.
  • The embryo/fetus monitor must be worn on the waist of the pregnant worker.
  • If the pregnant worker routinely wears a lead apron, the embryo/fetus monitor must be worn on the waist under the lead apron. The other badge must be worn at the collar outside of the lead apron.
  • The embryo/fetus monitor must be exchanged monthly.
  • Records of dose to an embryo/fetus will be maintained with the records of dose to the declared pregnant worker.

Click here for the Pregnancy Declaration form.

Click here for the Pregnancy Deactivation form.

Last Updated: 12-15-2014
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