Radiation Authorizations

In accordance with regulatory requirements, the use of radioactive materials and radiation at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center (WFBMC) is authorized by a Broad Scope Medical License (BSML) which is issued by the State of North Carolina Radiation Protection Section (NCRPS).

This type of authorization applies only for Wake Forest University Health Sciences (WFUHS) and Wake Forest University (WFU). Radioactive materials can only be used for non-human research purposes.

The use of radioactive materials at WFUHS is authorized by the BSML, and at Wake Forest University (WFU) by a Broad Scope Academic License (BSAL) which is also issued by the NCRPS. These licenses authorize a faculty member, called a Principal Investigator (PI), to use specific radionuclides and quantities in a designated research area.

Under these two licenses, WFUHS or WFU may receive, possess, use, transfer, own, acquire and dispose of radioactive materials under a prescriptive set of conditions. In accordance with state regulations, WFUHS has established a General Radiation Safety Committee (GRSC) to review, evaluate and approve applications for the use of radioactive materials in research.

Once the EH&S Radiation Safety Division receives an application, a Radiation Safety Inspector will meet with the faculty member to review the application, discuss radiation safety aspects of the experiments, and assist in the appropriate set up of laboratories. The application is then reviewed by the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) and the GRSC. Upon approval, the PI then has the authority to acquire and use radioactive materials as specified in their application.

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This type of authorization is only for WFBMC. WFBMC has established a Medical Radiation Safety Committee (MRSC) to evaluate all proposals for research, diagnostic and therapeutic use of radioactive material within the medical facility as well as approving Authorized Users.

There are several different kinds of authorizations that one can apply for:

  1. Use for diagnostic, therapeutic purposes, accelerator; medical physicist & nuclear pharmacist requirements;
  2. Use of Fluoroscopy


Last Updated: 10-20-2014
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