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WFUHS EH&S is responsible for the development and implementation of safe and effective management practices for all waste streams: biological, chemical and radioactive.

Our goal is to manage the handling, sorting, storage, and disposal of all infectious waste generated at Wake Forest University Health Sciences (WFUHS) in a manner that complies with all relevant regulations. Faculty and staff handling hazardous waste should be properly trained.

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Reminder: Hazardous wastes (of any kind) should not be poured down any drain.

Biological Waste

Chemical Waste                                                     

Miscellaneous Waste

Radiation Waste

Off-Campus:  Recycling Around Town

  • Lowes Hardware is now accepting rechargeable batteries, plastic bags and CFLs.
  • Whole Foods accepts wine corks (both plastic and natural) and #5 plastic containers.
  • 3RC EnviroStation,   Accepted materials include: metal polish, oven cleaners, rug shampoos, bug sprays, rat bait, pesticides, gasoline, fuel oil, antifreeze, brake fluid, car batteries, glues, strippers, thinners, solvents, batteries, unmixed photographic materials or other poisonous, ignitable, corrosive products, motor oil and paints.

    Electronic waste is accepted, including the following: computers and all associated computer parts including keyboards, mice, monitors, CPUs, printers, facsimile (fax) machines and scanners, etc.; audio-visual (A/V) equipment, including amplifiers, receivers, CD players, DVD players, VCRs, TV receivers and monitors, speakers, etc.; phones, cell and home; and large console TVs (pre-cable sets). For electronic waste not on this list, please call the Enviro-Station ((336)784-4300) first to obtain approval.
  • Goodwill Industries accepts unwanted computers, printers, and monitors.  Simply, take your equipment to any Goodwill store or donation center. All brands and conditions of equipment are accepted. 
Last Updated: 12-11-2014
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