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When choosing where to have your LASIK surgery, it's extremely important that you give yourself the best chance of having successful, complication-free surgery. The following are several elements that should be sought to lessen your risk of an undesirable result.

Skill and Experience of the Surgeon

Experience matters when in comes to LASIK. Many studies have shown that most complications occur in the first 1,000 cases a surgeon performs.

Dr. Walter has been performing LASIK since 1995 and has being doing LASIK longer than any other surgeon in North Carolina. He was a co-investigator of the 1st FDA-guided LASIK study in the United States. Why take unnecessary risk with a less experienced surgeon?

Experience of the Surgical Team

Most patients aren’t aware that technicians and nurses are involved in several key aspects of the procedure. Inexperienced staff are prone to mistakes that may affect your outcome.

Our laser technicians have been programming lasers and monitoring their performance for the last 11 years. Our nurses have been assisting with LASIK surgery for 10 years here at Wake Forest Baptist Health Eye Center.

Personal Care and Attention

We believe that it is vital to have complete care from your surgeon starting with the initial evaluation and at all subsequent visits after the procedure. Many high-volume LASIK centers will have a technician or optometrist evaluate you for surgery and refer you to a non-surgeon for all follow-up care. This means you will only meet your surgeon on the day of surgery and never see him or her again.

Be very cautious of this scenario. Ask if you can meet the surgeon at your initial evaluation. Ask if the surgeon will be seeing you afterward. If you get a disinclined response, go elsewhere. Non-surgical providers are not fully capable of diagnosing subtle problems and may delay your return to the surgeon.

Dr. Walter sees all of his patients for the initial evaluation and establishes an “old-fashioned” doctor-patient relationship. He does all of his own follow-up care and is always available for questions via email at kwalter@wakehealth.edu

The Best Technology/Laser

The Wake Forest Baptist Health Eye Center uses the Allegretto Wavelight laser, simply the best excimer laser in the United States. It is fast, safe and predictable. It is the fastest laser in the U.S. and tracks and treats at 200 times a second! This means you are under the laser for only 10 to 30 seconds.

It also is the only laser which the FDA has granted permission to be marketed as improving night vision. That means minimal or no glare and halos around lights at night, and vision is often better than your contact lenses or glasses.

The Wavelight laser has a national reputation among physicians as having the lowest retreatment rate — less than 3%. We also have a video that explains the advantages of this new technology.

Word-of-Mouth/Patient Testimony

Laser vision correction with LASIK is becoming more widely accepted every year, with over 1 million cases performed each year. Wake Forest Baptist Health Eye Center has been ranked as a Top 10 academic center by its own peers in ophthalmology.

Dr. Walter has been on faculty since 1996, and his reputation among patients and his peers is second to none. The majority of our LASIK patients were referred by two or three of their friends or family who had their surgery with Dr. Walter. Dr. Walter has a national reputation as a leader in LASIK surgery.

Wake Forest Baptist Health Eye Center is the only place in our region that can provide you with all of these important factors, to ensure you of the best possible outcome.



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