Reamer L. Bushardt, PharmD, P.A.-CWake Forest School of Medicine

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Reamer L. Bushardt, PharmD, P.A.-C


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Department: 336-716-2905


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Education & Training

  • Pharm, University of South Carolina-Columbia , 1998
  • Pharm.D., University of South Carolina-Columbia , 1999
  • B.S., Med Univ Of So Carolina-Charleston , 2002


  • Am Academy Of Physician Assist
  • PA Educ Assoc

NPI Number

  • 1821033754
Reamer L. Bushardt, PharmD, P.A.-C

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Reamer L. Bushardt, PharmD, P.A.-C

Chair, Department of Physician Assistant Studies
Professor, Department of Physician Assistant Studies
Family & Community Medicine

Research Interests

aging, education/training (all f, t,, primary care

Contact Information

Academic: 336-716-2905 | Department: 336-716-2905


Recent Publications

Nesi J, Niemeyer M, White K, Bushardt RL. Colorectal cancer screening: how old is too old?. JAAPA. 2014;27(2):50-51.

Bushardt RL, Whitt FK, Gregory T. Training physician assistants for rural Appalachia: an academic partnership for interprofessional collaboration [invited commentary]. N C Med J. 2014;75(1):53-55.

Bushardt RL, Kuhns DH. The global PA movement [editorial]. JAAPA. 2014;27(3):8.

Tanner JK, Evans TC, Bushardt RL.. Commentaries on health services research. JAAPA. 2014;27(6):57-58.

Bushardt RL. Growing pains [editorial]. JAAPA. 2014;27(5):8-10.

Bushardt RL. "Speak up. Be bold!" [editorial]. JAAPA. 2014;27(8):9-10.

DiGregorio GJ, Bushardt RL, Carey L. Pharmacology In: Auth PC, Kerstein MD, eds. Physician assistant review. 4th ed. Philadelphia: Wolters Kluwer Health/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins;2013: 430-454.

Bushardt RL. Leadership case study: Ian W Jones, MPAS, CCPA, PA-C. JAAPA. 2013;26(1):56,58.

Bushardt RL. Is your PArachute ready? [editorial]. JAAPA. 2013;26(3):10.

Donaldson B, Lachowicz MF, Stonerook EA, Bushardt RL. Rethinking asthma education: a practical approach to improve treatment outcomes. JAAPA. 2013;26(6):15-20.

Bushardt RL. Memorial Day: a call to service for PAs [editorial]. JAAPA. 2013;26(6):7.

Gonsalves WC, Bushardt RL, Crandall SJS. PACT physician assistant residency: leadership and patient centered care in VHA [abstract]. Fam Med. 2013;45(Suppl 4):.

Smith A, Shaw B, Laliberte D, Langston J, Bushardt RL. Rethinking osteoporosis: balancing risk and benefit diagnosis, prevention, and treatment. JAAPA. 2013;26(8):20-27.

Bushardt R. Healthcare is a numbers game [editorial]. JAAPA. 2013;26(8):11.

Bushardt RL. Health insurance and chocolate [editorial]. JAAPA. 2013;26(9):9.

Bushardt RL. Physician assistants--a brand you can trust [editorial]. JAAPA. 2013;26(11):8.

Bushardt RL, Booze LE, Hewett ML, Hildebrandt C, Thomas SE. Physician assistant program characteristics and faculty credentials on physician assistant national certifying exam pass rates. J Physician Asst Educ. 2012;23(1):19-23.

Bushardt RL. What could PAs become if they answer the call to leadership? [editorial]. JAAPA. 2012;25(5):12.

Bushardt RL. Can physician assistants work with those they cannot trust? [editorial]. JAAPA. 2012;25(6):16.

Bushardt RL. Leadership case study: Cynthia Booth Lord, MHS, PA-C. JAAPA. 2012;25(5):64, 66.

Bushardt RL. Piddling: a new approach to preventive health care? [editorial] [online only]. JAAPA. 2012;February():225634.

Bushardt RL. Sleep deprivation and health [editorial] [online only]. JAAPA. 2012;April():237223.

Bushardt RL. Leadership case study: Martha Flores, PA-C. JAAPA. 2012;25(8):53-54.

Bushardt RL, Archambault ME. Faster-acting oral drug for ED. JAAPA. 2012;25(10):55-56.

O'Reilly D, Enos LB, Hedlund L, Hood K, Pruett AK, Rosenbaum D, Bushardt RL. Prescreening of adolescent athletes: how much evaluation is enough?. JAAPA. 2012;25(11):54-59.

Zenzano T, Allan JD, Bigley MB, Bushardt RL, Garr DR, Johnson K, Lang W, Maeshiro R, Meyer SM, Shannon SC, et al. The roles of healthcare professionals in implementing clinical prevention and population health. Am J Prev Med. 2011;40(2):261-267.

Bushardt RL, Jones KW. What's new in...atrial fibrillation: is dronedarone more effective than amiodarone?. JAAPA. 2011;24(2):56, 58.

McArthur MC, Dzintars EK, Phillips RB, Bushardt RL. Oral anticoagulation: a review of the current and emerging therapies. JAAPA. 2011;24(11):60-66.

Bushardt RL. AAPA's new president: learn more about a man on a mission [editorial]. JAAPA. 2011;24(9):15.

Bushardt RL. Tales of the unexpected--and the lessons therein for us all [editorial]. JAAPA. 2011;24(8):15.

Bushardt RL, Taylor LC. A parent's death: helping a child after devastating trauma [editorial]. JAAPA. 2011;24(12):14.

Bushardt RL. A new era-for JAAPA, the health care system, and the PA profession [editorial]. JAAPA. 2011;24(7):13.

Bushardt RL. Reading 'The Help': what I remember, and what I learned [editorial] [online only]. JAAPA. 2011;November():215908.

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