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Shyh-Huei Chen, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor,

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Department: 336-716-2011


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Education & Training

  • Ph.D., North Carolina State University, 2001
  • Doctor of Philosophy, North Carolina State University, 2001
Shyh-Huei Chen, Ph.D.

Shyh-Huei Chen, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Biostatistical Sciences

Research Interests

Geriatric Assessment; Video Recording; Psychometrics; Disability Evaluation; Models, Theoretical
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Contact Information

Department: 336-716-2011


Recent Publications

Analysis of multiple partially ordered responses to belief items with don't know option. Ip EH, Chen SH, Quandt SA.. Psychometrika. 2016;81(2):483-505.

Factors associated with failure to achieve a glycated haemoglobin target of less than 8.0% in the Action to Control Cardiovascular Risk in Diabetes (ACCORD) trial [research letter]. Drake TC, Hsu FC, Hire D, Chen SH, Cohen RM, McDuffie R, Nylen E, O'Connor P, Rehman S, Seaquist ER.. Diabetes Obes Metab. 2016;18(1):92-95.

Risk profiles of lipids, blood pressure, and anthropometric measures in childhood and adolescence: project heartBeat!. Ip EH, Leng X, Zhang Q, Schwartz R, Chen SH, Dai S, Labarthe D.. BMC Obes. 2016;3():9.

Unreliable item or inconsistent person? A study of variation in health beliefs and belief-anchors to biomedical models. Ip EH, Saldana S, Chen SH, Kirk JK, Bell RA, Nguyen H, Grzywacz JG, Arcury TA, Quandt SA.. J Health Psychol. 2015;20(8):1049-1059.

Aging and physical function in type 2 diabetes: 8 years of an intensive lifestyle intervention. Rejeski WJ, Bray GA, Chen SH, Clark JM, Evans M, Hill JO, Jakicic JM, Johnson KC, Neiberg R, Ip EH.. J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci. 2015;70(3):343-351.

Behaviour of the Gibbs sampler when conditional distributions are potentially incompatible. Chen SH, Ip EH.. J Stat Comput Simul. 2015;85(16):3266-3275.

Insulin dose and cardiovascular mortality in the ACCORD trial. Siraj ES, Rubin DJ, Riddle MC, Miller ME, Hsu FC, Ismail-Beigi F, Chen SH, Ambrosius WT, Thomas A, Bestermann W, Buse JB, Genuth S, Joyce C, Kovacs CS, O'Connor PJ, Sigal RJ, Solomon S.. Diabetes Care. 2015;38(11):2000-2008.

Predictors of change in physical function among older adults in response to long-term exercise [abstract]. Layne A, Hsu FC, Blair SN, Chen SH, Fielding R, Hajduk AM, King AC, Buford TW.. Gerontologist. 2015;55(Suppl 2):375.

Assessment of a short diabetes knowledge instrument for older and minority adults. Quandt SA, Ip EH, Kirk JK, Saldana S, Chen SH, Nguyen H, Bell RA, Arcury TA.. Diabetes Educ. 2014;40(1):68-76.

Canonical ensembles for potentially incompatible dependency networks with applications to medical data. Chen SH, Ip EH, Wang YJ.. Stat Interface. 2014;7(2):251-261.

Functionally unidimensional item response models for multivariate binary data. Ip EH, Molenberghs G, Chen S-H, Goegebeur Y, De Boeck P.. Multivariate Behav Res. 2013;48(4):534-562.

The MAT-sf: clinical relevance and validity. Rejeski WJ, Marsh AP, Anton S, Chen SH, Church T, Gill TM, Guralnik JM, Glynn NW, King AC, Rushing J, Ip EH.. J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci. 2013;68(12):1567-1574.

Psychometric properties of a computerized adaptive test for assessing mobility in older adults using novel video-animation technology. Ip EH, Rejeski WJ, Marsh AP, Barnard R, Chen SH.. Qual Life Res. 2013;22(8):1907-1915.

Genome-wide two-locus epistasis scans in prostate cancer using two European populations. Tao S, Feng J, Webster T, Jin G, Hsu F-C, Chen S-H, Kim S-T, Wang Z, Zhang Z, Zheng SL, Isaacs WB, Xu J, Sun J.. Hum Genet. 2012;131(7):1225-1234.

Using graded response model for the prediction of prostate cancer risk. Chen SH, Ip EH, Xu J, Sun J, Hsu FC.. Hum Genet. 2012;131(8):1327-1336.

Projective item response model for test-independent measurement. Ip EHS, Chen SH.. Appl Psychol Meas. 2012;36(7):581-601.

Gibbs ensembles for nearly compatible and incompatible conditional models. Chen S-H, Ip EH, Wang YJ.. Comput Stat Data Anal. 2011;55(4):1760-1769.

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Assistant Professor, Biostatistical Sciences

Shyh-Huei Chen, Ph.D.

Shyh-Huei Chen, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Biostatistical Sciences

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