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Raymond B. Dyer, M.D.


Clinical Interests

Abdominal Imaging, Radiology, Renal Imaging

Contact Information

Department: 336-716-2471


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Education & Training

  • B.A., University of Virginia, 1974
  • M.D., University of Virginia School of Medicine, 1977
  • Internship, Medicine, North Carolina Baptist Hospita, 1978
  • Residency, Diagnostic Radiology, Univ Of Virginia Hospitals, 1981

Board Certifications

  • American Board of Radiology, Diagnostic Radiology


  • Am Coll Of Radiology
  • Am Medical Assn
  • Forsyth-Davie-Stokes Medical S
  • North Carolina Medical Society
  • Radiological Soc of North Amer
  • Soc Of Uroradiology

NPI Number

  • 1134103435
Raymond B. Dyer, M.D.

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Raymond B. Dyer, M.D.

Professor, Radiology

Contact Information

Academic: 336-716-2471 | Department: 336-716-2471


Recent Publications

Hanley-Knutson K, Dyer RB. The bullet on bodkin sign. Abdom Radiol (NY). 2016;41(2):338-339.

Lee SS, Dyer RB. The stained glass window appearance. Abdom Radiol (NY). 2016;41(2):342-343.

Thotakura P, Dyer RB. The 'nubbin' sign. Abdom Radiol (NY). 2016;41(2):340-341.

Thotakura P, Dyer RB. The 'molar tooth' sign. Abdom Radiol (NY). 2016;41(2):336-337.

Segovis CM, Dyer RB. The 'watering can perineum'. Abdom Radiol (NY). 2016;():.

Roller BL, Dyer RB. The 'manta ray' pelvis. Abdom Radiol (NY). 2016;():.

Dykes TM, Bhargavan-Chatfield M, Dyer RB. Intravenous contrast extravasation during CT: a national data registry and practice quality improvement initiative. J Am Coll Radiol. 2015;12(2):183-191.

Day JM, Dyer RB. The onion ring sign. Abdom Imaging. 2015;40(6):2044-2045.

Gurwara S, Dyer RB. The renal artery string-of-pearls sign. Abdom Imaging. 2015;40(3):611-612.

Morgan WJ, Dyer RB. The goblet sign. Abdom Imaging. 2015;40(4):931-933.

Planz VB, Dyer RB. The 'pancake' adrenal. Abdom Imaging. 2015;40(6):2041-2043.

Sachs JR, Dyer RB. The 'tip of the iceberg' sign. Abdom Imaging. 2015;40(4):934-935.

Tirman PA, Dyer RB. The cobra head sign. Abdom Imaging. 2015;40(3):609-610.

McAdams CR, Dyer RB. The Lone Ranger's mask sign. Abdom Imaging. 2015;40(6):2047-2048.

Segovis CM, Dyer RB. The 'bear paw' sign. Abdom Imaging. 2015;40(6):2049-2050.

Athanasatos G, Dyer RB. The 'faceless' kidney. Abdom Imaging. 2015;40(6):2051-2053.

McPherson AM, Dyer RB. The drooping lily sign. Abdom Imaging. 2015;40(6):2056-2057.

Vyas B, Dyer RB. The 'dot-dash' sign. Abdom Imaging. 2015;40(7):2901-2902.

McKenzie AS, Dyer RB. The 'fishnet' appearance. Abdom Imaging. 2015;40(6):2058-2059.

Black JC, Dyer RB. The 'staghorn' calculus. Abdom Imaging. 2015;40(7):2908-2909.

Sweeney AP, Dyer RB. The 'jackstone' appearance. Abdom Imaging. 2015;40(7):2906-2907.

Thotakura P, Dyer RB. The 'bunch of grapes' sign. Abdom Imaging. 2015;40(7):2916-2917.

Sakala MD, Dyer RB. The horseshoe kidney. Abdom Imaging. 2015;40(7):2910-2911.

Ho PN, Dyer RB. The 'Swiss cheese' appearance. Abdom Imaging. 2015;40(8):3340-3341.

Triffo WJ, Dyer RB. The 'pear-shaped' bladder. Abdom Imaging. 2015;40(7):2912-2913.

Martell BS, Dyer RB. The rugger jersey spine. Abdom Imaging. 2015;40(8):3342-3343.

Stine VE, Wolfman NT, Dyer RB. The 'dromedary hump' appearance. Abdom Imaging. 2015;40(8):3346-3347.

Caserta MP, Dyer RB. The yin-yang sign. Abdom Imaging. 2015;40(6):2060-2061.

DiSantis DJ, Dyer RB. 'Feline' esophagus. Abdom Imaging. 2015;40(6):2046.

Dyer RB, DiSantis DJ. The golf ball-on-tee sign. Abdom Imaging. 2014;39(6):1356-1357.

Dyer R, DiSantis DJ, McClennan BL. Drawbacks of the simplified imaging approach for evaluation of the solid renal mass in adults [reply to letter]. Radiology. 2009;250(1):301-302.

Dyer R. The 'ideal' candy for the oral exams: an unscientific investigation [newsletter article]. The Beam. 2009;2(2):.

Dyer R, DiSantis DJ, McClennan BL. Simplified imaging approach for evaluation of the solid renal mass in adults. Radiology. 2008;247(2):331-343.

Chauvin N, MacDiarmid S, Oliphant M, Dyer R. Injected periurethral collagen. Appl Radiol. 2008;37(7):25-27.

Hodges DS, MacDiarmid SA, Dyer RB. Congenital urethroperineal fistula. Appl Radiol. 2008;37(7):30-31.

Zagoria RJ, Gasser T, Leyendecker JR, Bechtold RE, Dyer RB. Differentiation of renal neoplasms from high-density cysts: use of attenuation changes between the corticomedullary and nephrographic phases of computed tomography. J Comput Assist Tomogr. 2007;31(1):37-41.

Wile GE, Leyendecker JR, Krehbiel KA, Dyer RB, Zagoria RJ. CT and MR imaging after imaging-guided thermal ablation of renal neoplasms. Radiographics. 2007;27(2):325-340.

Dyer RB. Renal mass diagnosis: opportunity meets reality In: Ramchandani P, ed. Categorical course in diagnostic radiology: genitourinary radiology. Philadelphia: RSNA;2006: 209-218.

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Professor, Radiology

Clinical Interests

Abdominal Imaging, Radiology, Renal Imaging
Raymond B. Dyer, M.D.

Raymond B. Dyer, M.D.

Professor, Radiology

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