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Ashok K. Hemal, M.D.Wake Forest Baptist Health

Doctor Rating

4.6 out of 5

300 Ratings

Ashok K. Hemal, M.D.


Clinical Interests

Urologic Oncology, Minimally Invasive Surgery for benign disease of Kidney & Ureteral obstruction, Robotic Surgery for Cancer of Prostate, Kidney & Bladder

Contact Information

Returning Patient Appointments: 336-716-4131
Department: 336-716-4131

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Additional Languages

Indian (Hindi)

Education & Training

  • B.A., G R Medical College, 1982
  • M.D., G R Medical College, 1983
  • Internship, Surgery, G R Medical College, 1982
  • Residency, Urology, All India Inst. of Med. Sci., 1988


  • Nat'L Academy Of Sciences
  • Am Coll Of Surgeons
  • Int'L College Of Surgeons

NPI Number

  • 1295928539
Ashok K. Hemal, M.D.

Doctor Rating

4.6 out of 5

300 Ratings

Ashok K. Hemal, M.D.

Professor, Urology
Institute for Regenerative Medicine

Research Interests

Robotics; Laparoscopy; Nephrectomy; Kidney Neoplasms; Cystectomy
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Contact Information

Academic: 336-716-5694 | Department: 336-716-4131

Recent Publications

Outcomes of intracorporeal urinary diversion after robot-assisted radical cystectomy: results from the International Robotic Cystectomy Consortium. Hussein AA, May PR, Jing Z, Ahmed YE, Wijburg CJ, Canda AE, Dasgupta P, Shamim Khan M, Menon M, Peabody JO, Hosseini A, Kelly J, Mottrie A, Kaouk J, Hemal A, Wiklund P, Guru KA, Wagner A, Saar M, Redorta JP, Stockle M, Richstone L, Gaboardi F,.. J Urol. 2018;199(5):1302-1311.

Editorial comment on: predictive factors for achieving superorior pentafecta outcomes following robot-assisted partial nephrectomy in patients with localized renal cell carcinoma. Krane LS, Hemal A.. J Endourol. 2018;32(2):175.

Does advancing technology improve outcomes? Comparison of the da Vinci Standard/S/Si to the Xi robotic platforms during robotic nephroureterctomy. Patel MN, Hemal A.. J Endourol. 2018;32(2):133-138.

Robot-assisted nephrectomy for large renal masses: a multi-institutional series. Delto JC, Paulucci D, Helbig MW, Badani KK, Eun D, Abaza R, Porter J, Hemal AK, Bhandari A.. BJU Int. 2018;():.

JC polyoma viruria associates with protection from chronic kidney disease independently from apolipoprotein L1 genotype in African Americans. Freedman BI, Kistler AL, Skewes-Cox P, Ganem D, Spainhour M, Turner J, Divers J, Langefeld CD, Murea M, Hicks PJ, Hemal AK, Snipes JA, Zhao L, Abend JR, Lyles DS, Ma L, Skorecki KL.. Nephrol Dial Transplant. 2018;():.

Exosomes secreted by placental stem cells selectively inhibit growth of aggressive prostate cancer cells. Peak TC, Praharaj PP, Panigrahi GK, Doyle M, Su Y, Schlaepfer IR, Singh R, Vander Griend DJ, Alickson J, Hemal A, Atala A, Deep G.. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2018;499(4):1004-1010.

Robotic-assisted laparoscopic repair of ureteral injury: an evidence-based review of techniques and outcomes. Tracey AT, Eun DD, Stifelman MD, Hemal AK, Stein RJ, Mottrie A, Cadeddu JA, Stolzenburg JU, Berger AK, Buffi N, Zhao LC, Lee Z, Hampton L, Porpiglia F, Autorino R.. Minerva Urol Nefrol. 2018;():.

International Consultation on Urological Diseases and European Association of Urology International Consultation on Minimally Invasive Surgery in Urology: laparoscopic and robotic adrenalectomy. Ball MW, Hemal AK, Allaf ME.. BJU Int. 2017;119(1):13-21.

Selective arterial clamping does not improve outcomes in robot-assisted partial nephrectomy: a propensity-score analysis of patients without impaired renal function. Paulucci DJ, Rosen DC, Sfakianos JP, Whalen MJ, Abaza R, Eun DD, Krane LS, Hemal AK, Badani KK.. BJU Int. 2017;119(3):430-435.

Predictors of medical and surgical complications after robot-assisted partial nephrectomy: an analysis of 1139 patients in a multi-institutional kidney cancer database. Moskowitz EJ, Paulucci DJ, Reddy BN, Blum K, Rosen DC, Abaza R, Eun D, Hemal A, Krane LS, Badani KK.. J Endourol. 2017;31(3):223-228.

Robot-assisted partial nephrectomy: continued refinement of outcomes beyond the initial learning curve. Paulucci DJ, Abaza R, Eun DD, Hemal AK, Badani KK.. BJU Int. 2017;119(5):748-754.

Comparative analysis of renal functional outcomes and overall survival of elderly vs. nonelderly patients undergoing radical nephrectomy. Peyton CC, Rothberg M, Jiang V, Heavner M, Hemal A.. J Endourol. 2017;31(2):198-203.

APOL1 renal-risk variants induce mitochondrial dysfunction. Ma L, Chou JW, Snipes JA, Bharadwaj MS, Craddock AL, Cheng D, Weckerle A, Petrovic S, Hicks PJ, Hemal AK, Hawkins GA, Miller LD, Molina AJ, Langefeld CD, Murea M, Parks JS, Freedman BI.. J Am Soc Nephrol. 2017;28(4):1093-1105.

Early oncologic failure after robot-assisted radical cystectomy: results from the International Robotic Cystectomy Consortium. Hussein AA, Saar M, May PR, Wijburg CJ, Richstone L, Wagner A, Wilson T, Yuh B, Redorta JP, Dasgupta P, Shamim Khan M, Menon M, Peabody JO, Hosseini A, Gaboardi F, Mottrie A, Rha KH, Hemal A, Stockle M, Kelly J, Maatman TJ, Canda AE, Wiklund P, Guru KA.. J Urol. 2017;197(6):1427-1436.

Zero-fragment nephrolithotomy: a multi-center evaluation of robotic pyelolithotomy and nephrolithotomy for treating renal stones. Swearingen R, Sood A, Madi R, Klaassen Z, Badani K, Elder JS, Wood K, Hemal A, Ghani KR.. Eur Urol. 2017;72(6):1014-1021.

Predicting complications following robot-assisted partial nephrectomy with the ACS-NSQIP universal surgical risk calculator. Winoker JS, Paulucci DJ, Anastos H, Waingankar N, Abaza R, Eun DD, Bhandari A, Hemal AK, Sfakianos JP, Badani KK.. J Urol. 2017;198(4):803-809.

Cost effectiveness and robot-assisted urologic surgery: does it make dollars and sense?. Dobbs RW, Magnan BP, Abhyankar N, Hemal AK, Challacombe B, Hu J, Dasgupta P, Porpiglia F, Crivellaro S.. Minerva Urol Nefrol. 2017;69(4):313-323.

Genital tuberculosis: current status of diagnosis and management. Yadav S, Singh P, Hemal A, Kumar R.. Transl Androl Urol. 2017;6(2):222-233.

Development of a patient and institutional-based model for estimation of operative times for robot-assisted radical cystectomy: results from the International Robotic Cystectomy Consortium. Hussein AA, May PR, Ahmed YE, Saar M, Wijburg CJ, Richstone L, Wagner A, Wilson T, Yuh B, Redorta JP, Dasgupta P, Kawa O, Khan MS, Menon M, Peabody JO, Hosseini A, Gaboardi F, Pini G, Schanne F, Mottrie A, Rha KH, Hemal A, Stockle M, Kelly J,.. BJU Int. 2017;120(5):695-701.

Comparison of perioperative and functional outcomes of robotic partial nephrectomy for cT1a vs cT1b renal masses. Reynolds CR, Delto JC, Paulucci DJ, Weinstein C, Badani K, Eun D, Abaza R, Porter J, Bhandari A, Hemal AK.. BJU Int. 2017;120(6):842-847.

Is off clamp always beneficial during robotic partial nephrectomy? A propensity score-matched comparison of clamp technique in patients with two kidneys. Rosen DC, Paulucci DJ, Abaza R, Eun DD, Bhandari A, Hemal AK, Badani KK.. J Endourol. 2017;31(11):1176-1182.

Comprehensive approach to port placement templates for robot-assisted laparoscopic urologic surgeries. Pathak RA, Patel M, Hemal AK.. J Endourol. 2017;31(12):1269-1276.

Regenerative pharmacology for post-prostatectomy sexual and urinary dysfunction in a nonhuman primate model [abstract]. Williams JK, Zambon JP, Hemal A, Patel M, Lankford SK, Andersson K, Badlani G.. Tissue Eng Part A. 2017;23(Suppl 1):S108.

Does sarcopenia impact complications and overall survival in patients undergoing radical nephrectomy for stage III and IV kidney cancer?. Peyton CC, Heavner MG, Rague JT, Krane LS, Hemal AK.. J Endourol. 2016;30(2):229-236.

Association of urine dipstick proteinuria and post operative renal function following robotic partial nephrectomy. Krane LS, Heavner MG, Peyton CC, Rague JT, Hemal A.. J Endourol. 2016;30(5):532-536.

Robotic anatrophic nephrolithotomy utilizing near-infrared fluorescence image-guidance: idea, development, exploration, assessment, and long-term monitoring (IDEAL) stage 0 animal model study. Sood A, Hemal AK, Assimos DG, Peabody JO, Menon M, Ghani KR.. Urology. 2016;94():117-122.

Main renal artery clamping with or without renal vein clamping during robotic partial nephrectomy for clinical T1 renal masses: perioperative and long term functional outcomes. Blum KA, Paulucci DJ, Abaza R, Eun DD, Bhandari A, Krane LS, Hemal AK, Badani KK.. Urology. 2016;97():118-123.

A randomized double blinded placebo controlled trial of sildenafil for renoprotection prior to hilar clamping in patients undergoing robotic assisted laparoscopic partial nephrectomy. Krane LS, Peyton CC, Olympio MA, Hemal AK.. J Surg Oncol. 2016;114(7):785-788.

Molecular targeted fluorescence-guided intraoperative imaging of bladder cancer nodal drainage using indocyanine green during radical and partial cystectomy. Patel MN, Hemal AK.. Curr Urol Rep. 2016;17(10):74.

Localization of APOL1 protein and mRNA in the human kidney: nondiseased tissue, primary cells, and immortalized cell lines. Ma L, Shelness GS, Snipes JA, Murea M, Antinozzi PA, Cheng D, Saleem MA, Satchell SC, Banas B, Mathieson PW, Kretzler M, Hemal AK, Rudel LL, Petrovic S, Weckerle A, Pollak MR, Ross MD, Parks JS, Freedman BI.. J Am Soc Nephrol. 2015;26(2):339-348.

Should post-kidney transplant patients with localized prostate cancer be undergoing robotic radical prostatectomy? [letter]. Aboumohamed AA, Hemal AK.. Int Urol Nephrol. 2015;47(4):643-644.

Does transition from the da Vinci Si to Xi robotic platform impact single-docking technique for robot-assisted laparoscopic nephroureterectomy?. Patel MN, Aboumohamed A, Hemal A.. BJU Int. 2015;116(6):990-994.

Oncologic outcomes following robot-assisted laparoscopic nephroureterectomy with bladder cuff excision for upper tract urothelial carcinoma. Aboumohamed AA, Krane LS, Hemal AK.. J Urol. 2015;194(6):1561-1566.

Modification of technique for suprapublic catheter placement after robot-assisted radical prostatectomy reduces catheter-associated complications [editorial comment]. Krane LS, Hemal AK.. Urology. 2015;86(2):406.

Surgery: Is indocyanine green dye useful in robotic surgery? [commentary]. Krane LS, Hemal AK.. Nat Rev Urol. 2014;11(1):12-14.

Analysis of intracorporeal compared with extracorporeal urinary diversion after robot-assisted radical cystectomy: results from the International Robotic Cystectomy Consortium. Ahmed K, Khan SA, Hayn MH, Agarwal PK, Badani KK, Balbay MD, Castle EP, Dasgupta P, Ghavamian R, Guru KA, Hemal AK, Hollenbeck BK, Kibel AS, Menon M, Mottrie A, Nepple K, Pattaras JG, Peabody JO, Poulakis V, Pruthi RS.. Eur Urol. 2014;65(2):340-347.

A pilot study of blood epinephrine levels and CREB phosphorylation in men undergoing prostate biopsies. Hassan S, Karpova Y, Flores A, D'Agostino R Jr, Danhauer SC, Hemal A, Kulik G.. Int Urol Nephrol. 2014;46(3):505-510.

Fluorescence-enhanced robotic radical prostatectomy using real-time lymphangiography and tissue marking with percutaneous injection of unconjugated indocyanine green: the initial clinical experience in 50 patients. Manny TB, Patel M, Hemal AK.. Eur Urol. 2014;65(6):1162-1168.

Fluorescence-enhanced robotic radical cystectomy using unconjugated indocyanine green for pelvic lymphangiography, tumor marking, and mesenteric angiography: the initial clinical experience. Manny TB, Hemal AK.. Urology. 2014;83(4):824-829.

Reply [to editorial comment on 'Fluorescence-enhanced robotic radical cystectomy using unconjugated indocyanine green for pelvic lymphangiography, tumor marking, and mesenteric angiography: the initial clinical experience'] [letter]. Manny TB, Hemal AK.. Urology. 2014;83(4):829-830.

Do statin medications impact renal functional or oncologic outcomes for robotic partial nephrectomy?. Krane LS, Sandberg JM, Rague JT, Hemal A.. J Endourol. 2014;28(11):1308-1312.

Efficacy of robot-assisted radical cystectomy (RARC) in advanced bladder cancer: results from the International Radical Cystectomy Consortium (IRCC). Al-Daghmin A, Kauffman EC, Shi Y, Badani K, Balbay MD, Canda E, Dasgupta P, Ghavamian R, Grubb R III, Hemal A, Kaouk J, Kibel AS, Maatman T, Menon M, Mottrie A, Nepple K, Pattaras JG, Peabody JO, Poulakis V, Pruthi R, Palou Redorta J,.. BJU Int. 2014;114(1):98-103.

International Robotic Radical Cystectomy Consortium: a way forward. Raza SJ, Field E, Kibel AS, Mottrie A, Weizer AZ, Wagner A, Hemal AK, Scherr DS, Schanne F, Gaboardi F, Wu G, Peabody JO, Koauk J, Redorta JP, Pattaras JG, Rha KH, Richstone L, Balbay MD, Menon M, Hayn M, Stoeckle M, Wiklund P, Dasgupta P, Pruthi R,.. Indian J Urol. 2014;30(3):314-317.

Pathology of bladder cancer among diabetic patients undergoing radical cystectomy with a history of pioglitazone (Actos) use. Romero V, Peyton C, Gray I, Hemal A, Terlecki R.. BMC Urol. 2014;14(10):.

A nonrandomized prospective comparison of robotic-assisted partial nephrectomy in the elderly to a younger cohort: an analysis of 339 patients with intermediate-term follow-up. Sandberg JM, Krane LS, Hemal AK.. Urology. 2014;84(4):838-843.

Urology robotic surgery: 15-year path [editorial]. Hemal AK.. Urol Clin North Am. 2014;41(4):17.

Predictors of locoregional and intravesical recurrence among patients treated with nephroureterectomy for urothelial tract carcinoma [abstract]. Hughes RT, Lucas JT, Divers J, Holmes J, Krane S, Hemal AK, Frizzell BA.. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2014;90(Suppl 1):S466.

Emerging technologies to improve techniques and outcomes of robotic partial nephrectomy: striving toward the pentafecta. Krane LS, Hemal AK.. Urol Clin North Am. 2014;41(4):511-519.

Robot-assisted laparoscopic simple anatomic prostatectomy. Patel MN, Hemal AK.. Urol Clin North Am. 2014;41(4):485-492.

Robot-assisted radical prostatectomy: inching toward gold standard. Sood A, Jeong W, Peabody JO, Hemal AK, Menon M.. Urol Clin North Am. 2014;41(4):473-484.

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Professor, Urology

Clinical Interests

Urologic Oncology, Minimally Invasive Surgery for benign disease of Kidney & Ureteral obstruction, Robotic Surgery for Cancer of Prostate, Kidney & Bladder
Ashok K. Hemal, M.D.

Ashok K. Hemal, M.D.

Professor, Urology
Institute for Regenerative Medicine

Doctor Rating

4.6 out of 5

Ashok K. Hemal, M.D.300 Ratings


Doctor Ratings

The overall Patient Rating score is the average of responses to the nine questions listed below. The questions are from the Press Ganey Patient Satisfaction Survey. Responses are measured on a 1 to 5 scale, where 1 represents "very poor" and 5 represents "very good."
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CP concern for questions/worries
CP efforts to include in decisions
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I don't think there was really anything to discuss about my treatment - the cysts/tumors need to come out. What was left up to me is the date of surgery but I am grateful that he is an expert and feel he would have told me if I needed to come in earlier for the surgery. I needed that kind of guidance from him.




*Dr. Hemal is knowledgeable, personable and the best surgeon in this country!!!


no bad experince


Very attentive, answered all questions, both the Fellow and Attending MD.


Best doctor I have ever had!


excellent care


information is the key to me, they were very good with the whole visit


Dr. Hemal is excellent


Dr. Hemal is clearly an excellent physician with a good heart. I meet him through transporting a dear friend (now deceased) under Dr Hemal's care from Hickory, NC for several years. My friend received care from Dr Hemal like no other physician provided him. He's the best.


I cannot express how well Dr. Ashok Hemal cared for me; excellent job...




I appreciated that Hr. Hemal sat and drew sketches with me to illustrate what he would be doing.


Excellent staff and physician!!


I highly recommend this physician!


*Dr. Hemal did a very good job of explaining my condition and treatment options; excellent surgeon.


The doctor was running behind schedule. My procedure and appointment felt very rushed. He spent 3 minutes or less with me and had no time provide a complete explanation for the issues I had been experiencing. I did not even get a chance to ask any questions before he rushed out of the room.


My experience was very good.


Dr. Hemal agreed to do my kidney removal while I was at the hospital for severe abdominal pain from a degenerating fibroid. They got 3 teams of doctors together to do all surgeries together: hysterectomy, gall bladder removed and kidney removed. I met him before the surgery, he talked to my husband after surgery and I talked to him at my post op check 4 weeks later. Very grateful for his care and the care of the entire team of doctors, surgeons and nurses. special thanks to emergency room doctors that worked up my pain and found the kidney cancer. Early detection has saved my life!!


dr hemal very good


Dr. Hemal saved my life in 2014. He is the best!!


I certainly appreciate and respect his expertise. Furthermore, he has performed two very highly specialized surgeries on me prior to this visit. But I do believe he was over scheduled to adequately address my concerns on this visit.


My experience there was excellent.


I didn't answer some of the questions as they didn't apply too this visit.


DR Hamal found cancer, treated the cancer and provided excellent after care.


The Doctor appeared rushed and didn't go into any detail.


again Dr Hemal is excellent


in my opinion, I have the best care provider, Dr. Hemal, who truly cares about my condition and helps me feel better.


My provider is the BEST.


I have already recommended Dr. Hemal to someone.


Uses very thorough approach to handing patience.


I had prostate cancer and Dr. Hemal operated on me, my brother brings me to my appointments and my brother said if he ever had prostate problems, Dr. Hemal would be his doctor


The sum total of face time with Dr Hemal prior to surgery was less than 3 minutes. I never saw him the day of surgery nor did my family. I learned much more about my surgery from my own research than from any conversation with Dr H or his office. He also insisted that he provided information to me that he never did.


this practice was recommended to me and I have confidence.


Dr. Hemal is terrific. The two tests were a little uncomfortable and slightly painful. He was excellent at checking with me to make sure I was able to tolerate the procedure, keep me apprised of the time remaining, and talking with me about what he was seeing and its importance.


good experience


He is one of the best doctors anywhere and I would recommend him to anyone.


Still have not received toxicology report or follow up from prostate biopsy


good experience


Dr. Hemal stayed past office closing hour to attend to me.

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Newest Surgical Option for Kidney Cancer

Newest Surgical Option for Kidney Cancer

Ashok K. Hemal, MD, MCh, performs robot-assisted, kidney-sparing surgery on a 48-year-old man with kidney cancer.

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