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4.6 out of 5

302 Ratings

Ashok K. Hemal, M.D.


Clinical Interests

Urologic Oncology, Minimally Invasive Surgery for benign disease of Kidney & Ureteral obstruction, Robotic Surgery for Cancer of Prostate, Kidney & Bladder

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New Patient Appointments: 336-716-WAKE
Returning Patient Appointments: 336-716-4131
Department: 336-716-4131

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Additional Languages

Indian (Hindi)

Education & Training

  • B.A., G R Medical College, 1982
  • M.D., G R Medical College, 1983
  • Internship, Surgery, G R Medical College, 1982
  • Residency, Surgery, All India Inst. of Med. Sci., 1985
  • Residency, Urology, All India Inst. of Med. Sci., 1988


  • Nat'L Academy Of Sciences
  • Am Coll Of Surgeons
  • Int'L College Of Surgeons

NPI Number

  • 1295928539
Ashok K. Hemal, M.D.

Doctor Rating

4.6 out of 5

302 Ratings

Ashok K. Hemal, M.D.

Professor, Urology
Institute for Regenerative Medicine

Research Interests

cancer/oncogenesis, men?s health issues

Contact Information

Academic: 336-716-5694 | Department: 336-716-4131

Recent Publications

Peyton CC, Heavner MG, Rague JT, Krane LS, Hemal AK. Does sarcopenia impact complications and overall survival in patients undergoing radical nephrectomy for stage III and IV kidney cancer?. J Endourol. 2016;30(2):229-236.

Krane LS, Heavner MG, Peyton CC, Rague JT, Hemal A. Association of urine dipstick proteinuria and post operative renal function following robotic partial nephrectomy. J Endourol. 2016;30(5):532-536.

Sood A, Hemal AK, Assimos DG, Peabody JO, Menon M, Ghani KR. Robotic anatrophic nephrolithotomy utilizing near-infrared fluorescence image-guidance: idea, development, exploration, assessment, and long-term monitoring (IDEAL) stage 0 animal model study. Urology. 2016;():.

Ma L, Shelness GS, Snipes JA, Murea M, Antinozzi PA, Cheng D, Saleem MA, Satchell SC, Banas B, Mathieson PW, Kretzler M, Hemal AK, Rudel LL, Petrovic S, Weckerle A, Pollak MR, Ross MD, Parks JS, Freedman BI. Localization of APOL1 protein and mRNA in the human kidney: nondiseased tissue, primary cells, and immortalized cell lines. J Am Soc Nephrol. 2015;26(2):339-348.

Aboumohamed AA, Hemal AK. Should post-kidney transplant patients with localized prostate cancer be undergoing robotic radical prostatectomy? [letter]. Int Urol Nephrol. 2015;47(4):643-644.

Patel MN, Aboumohamed A, Hemal A. Does transition from the da Vinci Si to Xi robotic platform impact single-docking technique for robot-assisted laparoscopic nephroureterectomy?. BJU Int. 2015;116(6):990-994.

Aboumohamed AA, Krane LS, Hemal AK. Oncologic outcomes following robot-assisted laparoscopic nephroureterectomy with bladder cuff excision for upper tract urothelial carcinoma. J Urol. 2015;194(6):1561-1566.

Krane LS, Hemal AK. Modification of technique for suprapublic catheter placement after robot-assisted radical prostatectomy reduces catheter-associated complications [editorial comment]. Urology. 2015;86(2):406.

Krane LS, Hemal AK. Surgery: Is indocyanine green dye useful in robotic surgery? [commentary]. Nat Rev Urol. 2014;11(1):12-14.

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Hassan S, Karpova Y, Flores A, D'Agostino R Jr, Danhauer SC, Hemal A, Kulik G. A pilot study of blood epinephrine levels and CREB phosphorylation in men undergoing prostate biopsies. Int Urol Nephrol. 2014;46(3):505-510.

Manny TB, Patel M, Hemal AK. Fluorescence-enhanced robotic radical prostatectomy using real-time lymphangiography and tissue marking with percutaneous injection of unconjugated indocyanine green: the initial clinical experience in 50 patients. Eur Urol. 2014;65(6):1162-1168.

Manny TB, Hemal AK. Fluorescence-enhanced robotic radical cystectomy using unconjugated indocyanine green for pelvic lymphangiography, tumor marking, and mesenteric angiography: the initial clinical experience. Urology. 2014;83(4):824-829.

Manny TB, Hemal AK. Reply [to editorial comment on 'Fluorescence-enhanced robotic radical cystectomy using unconjugated indocyanine green for pelvic lymphangiography, tumor marking, and mesenteric angiography: the initial clinical experience'] [letter]. Urology. 2014;83(4):829-830.

Krane LS, Sandberg JM, Rague JT, Hemal A. Do statin medications impact renal functional or oncologic outcomes for robotic partial nephrectomy?. J Endourol. 2014;28(11):1308-1312.

Al-Daghmin A, Kauffman EC, Shi Y, Badani K, Balbay MD, Canda E, Dasgupta P, Ghavamian R, Grubb R III, Hemal A, Kaouk J, Kibel AS, Maatman T, Menon M, Mottrie A, Nepple K, Pattaras JG, Peabody JO, Poulakis V, Pruthi R, Palou Redorta J,. Efficacy of robot-assisted radical cystectomy (RARC) in advanced bladder cancer: results from the International Radical Cystectomy Consortium (IRCC). BJU Int. 2014;114(1):98-103.

Raza SJ, Field E, Kibel AS, Mottrie A, Weizer AZ, Wagner A, Hemal AK, Scherr DS, Schanne F, Gaboardi F, Wu G, Peabody JO, Koauk J, Redorta JP, Pattaras JG, Rha KH, Richstone L, Balbay MD, Menon M, Hayn M, Stoeckle M, Wiklund P, Dasgupta P, Pruthi R,. International Robotic Radical Cystectomy Consortium: a way forward. Indian J Urol. 2014;30(3):314-317.

Romero V, Peyton C, Gray I, Hemal A, Terlecki R. Pathology of bladder cancer among diabetic patients undergoing radical cystectomy with a history of pioglitazone (Actos) use. BMC Urol. 2014;14(10):.

Sandberg JM, Krane LS, Hemal AK. A nonrandomized prospective comparison of robotic-assisted partial nephrectomy in the elderly to a younger cohort: an analysis of 339 patients with intermediate-term follow-up. Urology. 2014;84(4):838-843.

Hemal AK. Urology robotic surgery: 15-year path [editorial]. Urol Clin North Am. 2014;41(4):17.

Hughes RT, Lucas JT, Divers J, Holmes J, Krane S, Hemal AK, Frizzell BA. Predictors of locoregional and intravesical recurrence among patients treated with nephroureterectomy for urothelial tract carcinoma [abstract]. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2014;90(Suppl 1):S466.

Krane LS, Hemal AK. Emerging technologies to improve techniques and outcomes of robotic partial nephrectomy: striving toward the pentafecta. Urol Clin North Am. 2014;41(4):511-519.

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Stanasel I, Atala A, Hemal A. Robotic assisted ureteral reimplantation: current status. Curr Urol Rep. 2013;14(1):32-36.

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Krane LS, Mufarrij PW, Manny TB, Hemal AK. Comparison of clamping technique in robotic partial nephrectomy: does unclamped partial nephrectomy improve perioperative outcomes and renal function?. Can J Urol. 2013;20(1):6662-6667.

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Krane LS, Richards KA, Kader AK, Davis R, Balaji KC, Hemal AK. Preoperative neutrophil/lymphocyte ratio predicts overall survival and extravesical disease in patients undergoing radical cystectomy. J Endourol. 2013;27(8):1046-1050.

Krane LS, Manny TB, Mufarrij PW, Hemal AK. Does experience in creating a robot-assisted partial nephrectomy (RAPN) programme in an academic centre impact outcomes or complication rate?. BJU Int. 2013;112(2):207-215.

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Stanasel I, Hemal AK. Ureteral defects and ureterovaginal fistulas In: Gundeti MS, ed. Pediatric robotic and reconstructive urology: a comprehensive guide. Chichester, West Sussex (UK): Wiley-Blackwell;2012: 261-268.

Dorairajan LN, Hemal AK. Laparoscopic and robotic techniques for repair of female genitourinary fistulas In: Smith AD, Preminger G, Badlani G, Kavoussi L, eds. Smith's textbook of endourology, vol 2. 3rd ed. Chichester, West Sussex (UK): Wiley-Blackwell;2012: 1068-1078.

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Professor, Urology

Clinical Interests

Urologic Oncology, Minimally Invasive Surgery for benign disease of Kidney & Ureteral obstruction, Robotic Surgery for Cancer of Prostate, Kidney & Bladder
Ashok K. Hemal, M.D.

Ashok K. Hemal, M.D.

Professor, Urology
Institute for Regenerative Medicine

Doctor Rating

4.6 out of 5

Ashok K. Hemal, M.D.302 Ratings


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All went very well.


great doctor


iI would take any if my family there and recoment it to anyone who is having a problem.


Good experience with a bad disease.


Excellent experience with both Dr. Hemal and Dr. Patel.


*Dr. Hemal is an excellent physician & talented surgeon.


Dr. Hemal is a physician with the highest credentials and abilities to dx and recommend the best alternatives for my care. I sincerely appreciate his patient management style and his willingness to listen and respond to my questions and concerns.


Very through and professional and made me feel at ease -


I contacted this doctor he was recommend by my doctor in Ms when I moved here


Already recommended this care provider and office to other people


very good


Can't say enough, thought I received excellent care.


Dr Hemal is a great surgeon, he is very kind and compassionate. He has a little trouble with English and hates to give bad news


I have trust with all the providers that helped me during my checkup.


Very informed about everything answer question so one can understand.




I trust this doctor, due to his reputation, but he rarely knows my medical history with him with any accuracy, which creates distrust. He is very busy, but needs someone to appraise him of every patients pertinent history before seeing them.


I was referred to Dr. Hemal by my general practitioner. I am very pleased with both Dr.'s and appreciate that I now have baseline tests to monitor slight hematuria. I continue to be impressed with the thoroughness and care from WFU Medical personnel.


Dr.Hemal is excellent at his job.




*Dr. Hemal is a good doctor. I have much confidence with him.




Very polite and explained things to me.


Very good experience!


*Dr. Hemal's nurse provided the primary service and WAS EXCELLENT - *Dr. Hemal's time was minimal. 8-9. Nurse.


The care provider was excellent.


My Doctor's and their staff have been awesome. I was very scared when I found out about my problem, but after my first visit there I was relaxed from then on, becasue they made me feel so good about what I was going to have done, and I never worred again.


Good experience with the nurse, PA and doctor. Just to much time waiting between seeing each one. If I had shown up at 10:30 for my 9:15 appointment, I probably would not have been able to see the doctor.


Excellent and caring physician

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Newest Surgical Option for Kidney Cancer

Newest Surgical Option for Kidney Cancer

Ashok K. Hemal, MD, MCh, performs robot-assisted, kidney-sparing surgery on a 48-year-old man with kidney cancer.

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