Shiva J. Kincaid, M.D.Wake Forest Baptist Health

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4.5 out of 5

344 Ratings

Shiva J. Kincaid, M.D.

Physician, Primary Care

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Internal Medicine - Peace Haven

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New Patient Appointments: 336-716-WAKE
Returning Patient Appointments: 336-760-5400
Department: 336-760-5400

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Education & Training

  • BA, Georgetown University, 1990
  • MD, Wake Forest University School of Medicine, 1995
  • Internship, Carolinas Medical Center, 1996
  • Residency, North Carolina Baptist Hospital, 1998

Board Certifications

  • American Board of Internal Medicine, Internal Medicine

NPI Number

  • 1063404283
Shiva J. Kincaid, M.D.

Doctor Rating

4.5 out of 5

344 Ratings

Shiva J. Kincaid, M.D.

Physician, Primary Care

Contact Information

Department: 336-760-5400

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Shiva J. Kincaid, M.D.

Doctor Rating

4.5 out of 5

344 Ratings

Shiva J. Kincaid, M.D.

Physician, Primary Care

Contact Information

New Patient Appointments: 336-716-WAKE
Returning Patient Appointments: 336-760-5400
Department: 336-760-5400

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Dr. Shiva Kincaid is a specialist in primary care (internal medicine). Below is a brief profile about her.

Shiva Kincaid, MD
Peace Haven Internal Medicine
1930 N. Peace Haven Road, Winston-Salem
336-716-WAKE or 888-716-WAKE

Medical Degree: Bowman Gray School of Medicine (Wake Forest School of Medicine)
Residency: North Carolina Baptist Hospital (Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center)
Board Certified: American Board of Internal Medicine

Question: What brought you to Wake Forest Baptist?

Answer: I am a native of Winston-Salem. After attending Georgetown University as an undergraduate, I returned to the medical school here for a unique opportunity to be part of one of only two problem-based curriculums in the country. With family and friends in the area, a wonderful geographic location with close proximity to lakes, mountains, and beaches as well as four glorious seasons, it was the obvious choice to stay and practice. By staying in the Wake Forest Baptist system, I have a close relationship with the specialists with whom I may care for patients.

Q: What are your clinical specialties?

A: As an internist, I am trained in all fields of medicine. I enjoy the diversity it allows and see adult patients of all ages. I am also a proponent of preventive care. The technology we have to avoid health problems often far exceeds that which we have to treat problems after they develop.

Q: What is your patient care philosophy?

A: To deliver the best possible care for each patient based on his/her unique situation. I strive to empower patients to be able to manage their own care.

Q: What do you enjoy most about working with patients?

A: I enjoy getting to know patients and helping them attain optimal health. Over the years many patients have become part of my second extended family. Many have been with me since I started practicing 13 years ago.

Q: What type of volunteer and/or community activities are you involved in?

A: As a mother of three active children, I make time to participate regularly in school activities. I am also active in their extracurricular lives which include soccer, swimming, basketball, field hockey, tennis and piano.

Q: What fun facts should we know about you?

A: I enjoy travel, painting, the outdoors, photography, sailing, gardening, cooking and architecture. Over the years I have also come to enjoy construction. I have put on a roof, hung and taped dry wall, tiled floors, and laid block foundation and pavers. I also have done body work on automobiles.

Shiva J. Kincaid, M.D.

Shiva J. Kincaid, M.D.

Physician, Primary Care

Doctor Rating

4.5 out of 5

Shiva J. Kincaid, M.D.344 Ratings


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Hurried, mechanical, robotic, rude. When she did speak of course I understood her works. I will give her a fair on that. The challenge was she seemed to be reading all of her info from the computer.


Dr. Shiva Kincaid is a wonderful doctor.


Dr. Kincaid is a great provider and I would recommend her to my friends and family.


always a pleasant experience when i visit this doctor.


Nice but not personable




I must say that I was a little bit apprehensive at first going from male doctor to female doctor. but I must say I love my provider. she is very professional and she listens to my I love the way she doesn't just automatically subscribe medicine.she gives u alternatives along with suggestions but gives you every benefit of doubt.she's a great motivator and pushes you to not only stay/get healthy but to wanna do it for yourself.she has my complete trust and I always leave her feeling better about myself. glad I found her and look forward to many healthy years with her.


Dr. K has been my primary physician for quite a few years. We know each other well &I have confidence in her care for me.




Dr. Kincaid is a very caring and compassionate health care provider. We have a great relationship! She's the best!


Dr stated I made her feel uncomfortable & I should find another Dr! I have been a RN for 46 years & never met such an unprofessional Dr.


I would like more time to review with doctor, results from my blood work. 8. Seems a bit rushed at some visits.


Very talented, compassionate, and caring provider with ability to not only conduct an HPI and physical, but also converse about non-medical issues and build a relationship between the provider and patient.


I felt like a herded cow. She was very late and rushed through the appt. This was a first time visit and she spoke so fast I had to tell her to slow down. I described some pain issues and she said she couldn't help me with that. Not impressed at all. May look into switching to another doctor within the practice to see if that might be better.


I struggle with physicians going down a check list of questions and looking at a computer screen most of the time. I understand this is the new format, but I find it lacks respect for the patient. It was my first visit and I do have health concerns and they were addressed, but it felt very mechanical and rehearsed.


First time visit - going over general health issues - Doctor very active in everything.


I was thoroughly please with Dr Kincaid. I will definitely keep her as my primary doctor.


When I visit Dr. Kincaid, I feel she is going through a script to avoid litigation by transferring responsibility for care to me. The question above asks if I am included in the decisions on my treatment, and that implies to to me that there is a corporate directive to do so. As an example, giving me the option of 2 prescriptions and stating a couple of the many side effects is meaningless as it is a small part of the picture, but apparently is designed to make me feel included. However, it makes me feel that the responsibility for the treatment choice is put on me - someone without sufficient expertise to do so. I am always asked to repeat my choice, as if to remove the office's accountability for my treatment. I don't want to pick my treatment - I want to be successfully treated by an educated and experienced professional so I can get well. (Presumably it does not make a difference which treatment plan is selected, like giving a child the option between leaving the playground in 5 minutes or 10. They get to choose, but neither is option is what they are looking for.)


Dr is very knowledge and friendly. We have developed a good relationship. Dr. Kincaid is excellent and follows up on problems. She is both personable and professional. I feel lucky to have found her. She is an exceptional Dr.


Dr. Kincaid is a very competent physician. I am thankful to have found her when we moved to this area


Dr. K took the time to cover all bases today. I do not mind waiting when I know she does not rush in & rush out. Her visit manner is relaxed and casual but to the point on medical areas of concern. When questions are asked (me), she provides easily understood answer/suggestions.


I did not feel the genuineness or concern usually given of a PCD


Dr. Kincaid listens to you. She is kind and very caring


This is my primary care contact/doctor and I have no reason to look for another.l


The last visit did not start out on the best foot. However, I am hoping that in the future the visits will be more pleasant.


Ultimate confidence.


Always thorough and caring, very pleasant.


Dr Kincaid is honest, direct and knowledgable.


As a senior citizen more or less on my own, I have to depend on someone in the medical field for my primary doctor. Dr. Kincaid seems to understand my situation. I can't ask for anything more.


Dr. Kincaid answers questions but can sometimes appear dismissive. She spends a lot of time updating records on the computer and though I realize this is required it would be nice if she had a scribe or some relief from that so that she could spend time with the patient.


no complain.


good visit showed concern for my problem.


Dr. Kincaid not only treats the problem but also the patient by asking questions about my habits and lifestyle. Giving advice and actually listening to me when I talk. She gets to know me personally and treats me like an equal not just a patient. She is always friendly and acts like she has all the time in the world even though she is very busy. I appreciate her being the way she is. I am a male, 69 and feel comfortable with a younger female doctor. It is her attitude and professionalism that has made me feel this way. I would not be happy to loose her as my doctor. Call me if you like. I would be happy to talk to anyone about how and why Dr. Kincaid is a great doctor. Thank you.


Having been a patient of *Dr. K for several years, we have developed a good working rapport/communication relationship. Very thorough visit today (50 min.)


Dr. Kincaid is the best and most thorough physician I've ever had. shows deep concern for my health issues.


I`ve had less than pleasant experiences at Doctor`s office visits in the past. Never have I been less than extremely happy with service from Dr. Kincaid or the entire staff at peacehaven!


Dr. Kincaid is a very competent physician who cares for her patients.


Excellent doctor.


Doctor spent a good amount of time with me. I expected her to be rushed as she was running an hour late, but she took her time with me which was appreciated.


spend more time on the computer, than listening to me.


It is good to have someone to rely on in health matters. Their time is valuable with so many to look after. I know I'm being looked after. Sometimes, I may not understand something, but that could apply to any situation other than medical. I ask questions if I don't understand something.


I have significant confidence in Dr. Kincaid given the limitations she labors under.


Experience was good, I think it odd that my physician is now a data input person and spent an amazing amount of time having to verify and update info in the computer and I think that took away from exam time.


Everyone at the office is nice and considerate - Dr. Kincaid is a great Doctor - Her nurse, Beverly, is kind and talks to me and ask me about my medicine(if I'm still taking)


not good


I was disappointed that she seemed rather dismissive of my concerns about the side effects of medication I had been put on after my previous visit, and also dismissive about my concerns about how I was feeling in general, and how I have had far more aches and pains than normal since my previous visit on March 2nd. I didn't feel that I accomplished much of anything with this visit. And I did receive a letter with the results of my x-ray (I had been told by the technician that I would receive a phone call, but I did not), but there are several technical terms on it such that I really don't know what it is saying (the words are not in the dictionary).


*Dr. Kincaid does an excellent job.


Unfortunately the provider spends too much time retrieving or entering information on the computer. It also seemed that the provider had only a specific amount of time for my appointment.


great doctor,glad I found her.she talks to you in terms you can understand and relate to.


I hadn't had a check up in several years. Dr. Kincaid has a wonderful "bedside manner."


Not sure what else to tell you, great visit and as always I was very satisfied.


Dr. Kincaid is super. She has such a kind and warm personality and a way of putting you at ease. I feel I can talk to her about anything and everything without being judged. I trust her diagnostic ability implicitly and have never questioned or doubted her plan of care.


I won't go any where else


Doctor gave me the facts and guided me to make the best decision regarding tests!


Dr. Kincaid is a very knowledgeable doctor and always has a caring attitude.


Dr Kincaid seems like an old friend. She must take great notes because she knows what is going on with me and in my life. She listens, offers encouragement and takes care to understand and provide the best treatment she can.


#8. No problem. #9. Thanks.


No bad experience. #9. 100%.


Dr. Kincaid and Beverly, her CMA, are the best!


One of the things I appreciate about this provider is her willingness to hear my concerns about the health care options available for my conditions and to work with me as a person, not as a number.


Caring, no-nonsense, and inspired confidence


Dr. Kincaid has been a phenomenal physician. She is highly methodical and oriented to detail. She remembers me and my concerns. She has developed a good style for providing care in this awful digital era that requires doctors to document everything on the computer. I find her to be reliable, and caring, and knowledgable. I never feel judged. She is a model doctor and I hope Baptist will work hard to keep her here.


I do not like that her laptop is what she is looking at all of my visit.


Very professional an knowledgeable


Provider was there for me as I went through cancer treatment - she is the one who insisted on the mammogram & scheduled it.


Shiva Kincaid take the time to fully listen and explain. I have recommended her to a number of people.


I have a great deal of confidence in Dr. Kincaid.


Dr. Kincaid was excellent.


this visit was very pleasant,my provider showed more interest in my medical care, much better than previous visits




*Dr. Kincaid has checked my feet each visit. I'm diabetic & no other provider has ever checked my feet.


great no problems


Dr. Kincaid is a really good physician, and we have a very good relationship. I trust her expertise and knowledge, and appreciate that she listens actively to my concerns and thoughts.


Dr. Kincaid always offers excellent health information regarding my care. Very helpful easy to talk to.


I am very comfortable with Dr. Kincaid


*Dr. Kincaid & I have good dr./patient relationship.


Dr. Kincaid always takes the time to explain medical care thoroughly.


I have recommended Dr. Kincaid to some of friends.


Dr. Shiva Kincaid is a very good physician, and I trust her expertise. The staff is very friendly and very competent.


Dr.Kincaid is a great doctor and I consider her a "friend', who will listen to my concerns, which sometimes aren't medical, and she is always cheerful and she realy makes me feel better mentally after seeing her! I have recommended her to family and friends She is A ONE in my book!


Physician is forced to spend the majority of our visit time interacting with the computer rather than with me. After she's spent 20 mins. on the machine, I get a 5-10 session with her. Doesn't seem very patient-centered.


Wait time longer than usual.


I've recommended Dr. Kincaid to several friends and they are very pleased.


The requirements to get all info into the computer really hampered how much time the doctor could spend interacting with me.


Dr. Kincaid is an excellent physician.


doctor had to fill out so many forms during appt that I lost communication and eye contact with her. the doc should have a scribe so she can focus on me better. she did some of that but much time typing. not good for understanding the patient. not good for communication to have her head in the computer. get scribes.


*Dr. Kincaid was very nice however I felt that she moved through the appointment very quickly. I also felt like there was a definite barrier between us, I'm sick, she's not because she kept her mask on for the entire visit even though she determined it was on allergies! May be trivial but during the visit you feel like you have something more serious when your NP goes to such lengths.


Always 100% AOK


This lady is a great doctor. I always leave with a great deal of confidence in her decisions.


I like the follow up letters this doctor sends after seeing her if you need to follow up with things like extra lab, etc.


If one has to go to a medical facility, Aegis is the place to go and Dr. Kincaid is the doctor to see!


Dr. Shiva is an outstanding physician! She may be a little overloaded.


My provider could spend more time with me if she didn't have to be a data entry operator. Sometimes I have to wait in the examining room because she is inputting data of the previous patient. she is trying to type while listening to my concerns. not in favor of this.


All good, no complaints


All experiences have been good.


Overall I like this doc very much. After all the time she spent on the computer, she managed to attend to me and I felt like she was really listening and concerned.

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