Emmanuel C. Opara, Ph.D.Wake Forest School of Medicine

Education & Training

  • Master's Degree, University of Surrey-United Kingdom, 1980
  • Ph.D., London Hospital Medical Coll-United Kingdom, 1983
  • Fellowship, Endocrinology, Mayo Clinic School of Medicine, 1986
Emmanuel C. Opara, Ph.D.

Emmanuel C. Opara, Ph.D.

Professor, Institute for Regenerative Medicine
Center for Diabetes Research
Hypertension and Vascular Research Center
Maya Angelou Center for Health Equity
Center on Diabetes, Obesity, and Metabolism

Research Interests

diabetes, genetics/genome, cancer/oncogenesis, cell growth, differentiation,d, hormones/cytokines/signalling, biotechnology

Contact Information

Academic: 336-713-1297 | Department: 336-716-2011


Recent Publications

Farney AC, Sutherland DE, Opara EC. Evolution of islet transplantation for the last 30 years. Pancreas. 2016;45(1):8-20.

Balaji S, Zhou Y, Ganguly A, Opara EC, Soker S. The combined effect of PDX1, epidermal growth factor and poly-L-ornithine on human amnion epithelial cells' differentiation. BMC Dev Biol. 2016;16(1):8.

Jiang Y, Yi H, Liu G, Atala A, Opara EC, Zhang Y. Skeletal myogenic differentiation of urine-derived stem cells using hydrogel loaded with growth factors for potential treatment of urinary incontinence [abstract]. Tissue Eng Part A. 2015;21(Suppl 1):S248.

Joo S, Oh S, Sivanandane S, Opara E, Jackson J, Lee S, Yoo J, Atala A. The effect of substrate elasticity on the function of ovarian follicles [abstract]. Tissue Eng Part A. 2015;21(Suppl 1):S30.

Niu G, McQuilling J, Peloso A, Opara EC, Orlando G, Soker S. Development of techniques for pancreatic beta-cell engineering [abstract]. Tissue Eng Part A. 2015;21(Suppl 1):S289.

Peloso A, Orlando G, Urbani L, Cravedi P, Sordi V, Guoguang N, Citro A, Mcquilling J, Farney A, Iskandar S, Rogers J, Stratta R, Opara E, Piemonti L, Soker S, De Coppi P, Petrosyan A. The human pancreas as a source of pro-tolerogenic extracellular matrix scaffold for a new generation bio-artificial endocrine pancreas [abstract]. Tissue Eng Part A. 2015;21(Suppl 1):S141.

Peloso A, Urbani L, Cravedi P, Katari R, Maghsoudlou P, Fallas ME, Sordi V, Citro A, Purroy C, Niu G, McQuilling JP, Sittadjody S, Farney AC, Iskandar SS, Zambon JP, Rogers J, Stratta RJ, Opara EC, Piemonti L, Furdui CM, Soker S, De Coppi P, Orlando G. The human pancreas as a source of protolerogenic extracellular matrix scaffold for a new-generation bioartificial endocrine pancreas. Ann Surg. 2015;():.

Orlando G, Peloso A, Urbani L, Cravedi P, Katari R, Maghsoudlou P, Fallas EMA, Sordi V, Purroy C, Niu GG, Mcquilling JP, Sivanandane S, Farney AC, Iskandar SS, Rogers J, Stratta RJ, Opara EC, Piemonti L, Soker S, De Coppi P. The human pancreas as a source of protolerogenic extracellular matrix scaffold for a new generation bioartificial endocrine pancreas [abstract]. Transpl Int. 2015;28(Suppl 4):129.

Yalcinkaya TM, Sittadjody S, Opara EC. Scientific principles of regenerative medicine and their application in the female reproductive system. Maturitas. 2014;77(1):12-19.

Campeau L, Soler R, Sittadjody S, Pareta R, Nomiya M, Zarifpour M, Opara EC, Yoo JJ, Andersson KE. Effects of allogeneic bone marrow derived mesenchymal stromal cell therapy on voiding function in a rat model of Parkinson disease. J Urol. 2014;191(3):850-859.

Pareta R, McQuilling JP, Sittadjody S, Jenkins R, Bowden S, Orlando G, Farney AC, Brey EM, Opara EC. Long-term function of islets encapsulated in a redesigned alginate microcapsule construct in omentum pouches of immune-competent diabetic rats. Pancreas. 2014;43(4):605-613.

Appel AA, Ibarra V, Garson AB III, Guan H, Zhong Z, Anastasio MA, Opara EC, Brey EM. X-ray phase contrast imaging of encapsulated cells and foreign body response [abstract]. Tissue Eng Part A. 2014;20(Suppl 1):S10.

Ibarra VA, Appel AA, Somo SI, Cheng M, Kao S, Anastasio MA, Garson A, Opara EC, Khanna O, Brey EM. Evaluation and control of alginate microbead stability for islet encapsulation [abstract]. Tissue Eng Part A. 2014;20(Suppl 1):S23.

Wells AK, Sittadjody S, Yoo JJ, Opara EC. Presence of bone marrow stem cells increases estrogen production of ovarian cells for cell-based hormone replacement therapy in vitro [abstract]. Tissue Eng Part A. 2014;20(Suppl 1):S139.

Balaji S, McQuilling JP, Khanna O, Brey EM, Opara EC. Vascularization of encapsulated cells In: Brey EM, ed. Vascularization regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. Hobokin: Taylor and Francis;2014: 283-300.

Sittadjody S, Saul JM, Joo S, Yoo JJ, Atala A, Opara EC. Engineered multilayer ovarian tissue that secretes sex steroids and peptide hormones in response to gonadotropins. Biomaterials. 2013;34(10):2412-2420.

Liu G, Pareta RA, Wu R, Shi Y, Zhou X, Liu H, Deng C, Sun X, Atala A, Opara EC, Zhang Y. Skeletal myogenic differentiation of urine-derived stem cells and angiogenesis using microbeads loaded with growth factors. Biomaterials. 2013;34(4):1311-1326.

Opara EC, McQuilling JP, Farney AC. Microencapsulation of pancreatic islets for use in a bioartificial pancreas. Methods Mol Biol. 2013;1001():261-266.

Pareta RA, Farney AC, Opara EC. Design of a bioartificial pancreas. Pathobiology. 2013;80(4):194-202.

Mirmalek-Sani SH, Orlando G, McQuilling JP, Pareta R, Mack DL, Salvatori M, Farney AC, Stratta RJ, Atala A, Opara EC, Soker S. Porcine pancreas extracellular matrix as a platform for endocrine pancreas bioengineering. Biomaterials. 2013;34(22):5488-5495.

Fang X, Sittadjody S, Gyabaah K, Opara EC, Balaji KC. Novel 3D co-culture model for epithelial-stromal cells interaction in prostate cancer. PLoS One. 2013;8(9):e75187.

Khanna O, Huang JJ, Moya ML, Wu CW, Cheng MH, Opara EC, Brey EM. FGF-1 delivery from multilayer alginate microbeads stimulates a rapid and persistent increase in vascular density. Microvasc Res. 2013;90():23-29.

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Tendulkar S, Mirmalek-Sani SH, Childers C, Saul J, Opara EC, Ramasubramanian MK. A three-dimensional microfluidic approach to scaling up microencapsulation of cells. Biomed Microdevices. 2012;14(3):461-469.

Joo S, Helms A, Sivanandane S, Jackson JD, Soker S, Lee SJ, Atala A, Opara E, Yoo JJ. Development of ovarian follicle-like structures [abstract]. J Tissue Eng Regen Med. 2012;6(Suppl 1):131.

Sivanandane S, Saul J, Joo S, Pareta R, Arenas J, Marshall N, Yoo J, Atala A, Opara E. Encapsulated ovarian endocrine cells produced sustained levels of steroid hormones in vivo [abstract]. J Tissue Eng Regen Med. 2012;6(Suppl 1):410.

Joo S, Sivanandane S, Opara EC, Jackson JD, Yoo JJ, Atala A. In vitro generation of three-dimensional functional ovarian structures [abstract]. J Am Coll Surg. 2012;215(3 Suppl):S65.

Pareta R, Sanders B, Babbar P, Soker T, Booth C, McQuilling J, Sivanandane S, Stratta RJ, Orlando G, Opara EC. Immunoisolation: where regenerative medicine meets solid organ transplantation. Expert Rev Clin Immunol. 2012;8(7):685-692.

Orlando G, Baptista P, Birchall M, De Coppi P, Farney A, Opara E, Rogers J, Stratta RJ, Atala A, Soker S, et al. Regenerative medicine as applied to solid organ transplantation: current status and future challenges. Transpl Int. 2011;24(3):223-232.

McQuilling JP, Arenas-Herrera J, Childers C, Pareta RA, Khanna O, Jiang B, Brey EM, Farney AC, Opara EC. New alginate microcapsule system for angiogenic protein delivery and immunoisolation of islets for transplantation in the rat omentum pouch. Transplant Proc. 2011;43(9):3262-3264.

Tendulkar S, McQuilling JP, Childers C, Pareta R, Opara EC, Ramasubramanian MK. A scalable microfluidic device for the mass production of microencapsulated islets. Transplant Proc. 2011;43(9):3184-3187.

Moya ML, Cheng M-H, Huang J-J, Francis-Sedlak ME, Kao S-w, Opara EC, Brey EM. The effect of FGF-1 loaded alginate microbeads on neovascularization and adipogenesis in a vascular pedicle model of adipose tissue engineering. Biomaterials. 2010;31(10):2816-2826.

Moya ML, Garfinkel MR, Liu X, Lucas S, Opara EC, Greisler HP, Brey EM. Fibroblast growth factor-1 (FGF-1) loaded microbeads enhance local capillary neovascularization. J Surg Res. 2010;160(2):208-212.

Opara EC, Mirmalek-Sani SH, Khanna O, Moya ML, Brey EM. Design of a bioartificial pancreas. J Investig Med. 2010;58(7):831-837.

Khanna O, Moya ML, Opara EC, Brey EM. Synthesis of multilayered alginate microcapsules for the sustained release of fibroblast growth factor-1. J Biomed Mater Res A. 2010;95(2):632-640.

Khanna O, Moya ML, Greisler HP, Opara EC, Brey EM. Multilayered microcapsules for the sustained-release of angiogenic proteins from encapsulated cells. Am J Surg. 2010;200(5):655-658.

Moya ML, Lucas S, Francis-Sedlak M, Liu X, Garfinkel MR, Huang J-J, Cheng M-H, Opara EC, Brey EM. Sustained delivery of FGF-1 increases vascular density in comparison to bolus administration. Microvasc Res. 2009;78(2):142-147.

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