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4.7 out of 5

94 Ratings

John G. Spangler, M.D.


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Family Medicine - Piedmont Plaza I

Clinical Interests

Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, Tobacco Cessation, Cancer Prevention, Ambulatory Medicine, Family Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Osteoporosis

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New Patient Appointments: 336-716-WAKE
Returning Patient Appointments: 336-716-4479
Department: 336-716-4479

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Education & Training

  • B.A., Davidson College, 1982
  • M.D., University of North Carolina School of Medicine, 1986
  • M.P.H., Sch Hyg & PH;Johns Hopkins U, 1988
  • Internship, Internal Medicine, Univ No Carolina Affil Hosps, 1987
  • Residency, Preventive Medicine, Johns Hopkins Affil Hosps, 1989
  • Residency, Family Medicine, North Carolina Baptist Hospita, 1991
  • Fellowship, North Carolina Baptist Hospita, 1993

Board Certifications

  • American Board of Family Medicine, Family Medicine
  • American Board of Preventive Medicine, Public Health and General Preventive Medicine


  • Am Medical Assn
  • Am Medical Society Assn
  • Am Soc of Clinical Oncology
  • Am Academy Of Family Physician

NPI Number

  • 1063496461
John G. Spangler, M.D.

Doctor Rating

4.7 out of 5

94 Ratings

John G. Spangler, M.D.

Professor, Family & Community Medicine
Center on Diabetes, Obesity, and Metabolism
Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine
Epidemiology & Prevention

Contact Information

Academic: 336-716-2794 | Department: 336-716-4479

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Recent Publications

Halvorson EE, Ervin SE, Russell TB, Skelton JA, Davis S, Spangler J. Association of obesity and pediatric venous thromboembolism. Hosp Pediatr. 2016;6(1):22-26.

Suerken CK, Reboussin BA, Egan KL, Sutfin EL, Wagoner KG, Spangler J, Wolfson M. Marijuana use trajectories and academic outcomes among college students. Drug Alcohol Depend. 2016;162():137-145.

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Sutfin EL, Reboussin BA, Debinski B, Wagoner KG, Spangler J, Wolfson M. The impact of trying electronic cigarettes on cigarette smoking by college students: a prospective analysis. Am J Public Health. 2015;105(8):e83-e89.

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Suerken CK, Reboussin BA, Sutfin EL, Wagoner KG, Spangler J, Wolfson M. Prevalence of marijuana use at college entry and risk factors for initiation during freshman year. Addict Behav. 2014;39(1):302-307.

Kimes CM, Golden SL, Maynor RF, Spangler JG, Bell RA. Lessons learned in community research through the Native Proverbs 31 Health Project. Prev Chronic Dis. 2014;11():E59.

Wagoner KG, Song EY, Egan KL, Sutfin EL, Reboussin BA, Spangler J, Wolfson M. E-cigarette availability and promotion among retail outlets near college campuses in two southeastern states. Nicotine Tob Res. 2014;16(8):1150-1155.

Spangler J. Costs related to a flipped classroom [letter]. Acad Med. 2014;89(11):1429.

Spangler J, Song E, Pockey J, Sutfin EL, Reboussin BA, Wagoner K, Wolfson M. Correlates of smokeless tobacco use among first year college students. Health Educ J. 2014;73(6):693-701.

Antal M, Forster A, Zalai Z, Barabas K, Spangler J, Braunitzer G, Nagy K. A video feedback-based tobacco cessation counselling course for undergraduates-preliminary results. Eur J Dent Educ. 2013;17(1):e166-e172.

Ip EH, Marshall S, Vitolins M, Crandall SJ, Davis S, Miller D, Kronner D, Vaden K, Spangler J. Measuring medical student attitudes and beliefs regarding patients who are obese. Acad Med. 2013;88(2):282-289.

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Spangler J, Kirk JK. Pyelonephritis In: Domino FJ, ed. The 5-minute clinical consult 2007. Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins;2006: 1034-1035.

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Professor, Family & Community Medicine

Clinical Interests

Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, Tobacco Cessation, Cancer Prevention, Ambulatory Medicine, Family Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Osteoporosis
John G. Spangler, M.D.

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Dr. Spangler even remembered I work at the hospital and what department. Unless he had this in his notes somewhere, that is pretty impressive considering how little I need to see him.


Had it not been for Dr.Spangler I would not be here to take this survey. Thanks to Dr.Spangler (who pushed me into having a test) the 2 blocked arteries did not lead to a heart attack...or worse. My Sincere thanks go out to Dr. John Spangler and the rest of the staff at the main hospital and all of the people who saved my life....YHANK YOU!!!!


The care I received has had me request Dr. Spangler as my primary.


Dr. Spangler was a new doctor for me and he was extremely friendly and attentive to me.


Dr. Spangler is the BEST!!


Dr. Spangler was very compassionate.


I was indeed happy I managed this this appointment because of the care & concern shown toward me!


John is outstanding! I like and trust him completely.


Usually a good experience with *Dr. Spangler. Recent issues in my personal life has complicated things greatly!!!

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