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Miranda Turner, MD

Physician, Primary Care


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Family Medicine - Hillsdale

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New Patient Appointments: 336-716-WAKE
Returning Patient Appointments: 336-713-2290
Department: 336-713-2290

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  • MD, SABA University School of Medicine, Netherlands Antilles, 2010
  • Family Medicine Residency, Northeast Ohio Medical University, 2013

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  • 1598071797
Miranda Turner, MD

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Miranda Turner, MD

Physician, Primary Care


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Department: 336-713-2290

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Physician, Primary Care

Miranda Turner, MD

Miranda Turner, MD

Physician, Primary Care

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Dr Turner showing regard for my issues has turned my life around completely, and positively affected all of those around me. I am so thankful for her care.


I appreciate Dr. Turner providing me services.


This is the best doctor I have ever had. Miranda Turner is great!!!


Dr. Turner is a great provider


I love *Dr. Turner! She is an excellent addition to this clinic. I feel that she truly cares about me as a patient.


She's perfect


I am actually switching my care over to Dr. Turner. She has a great bed-side manner with a little humor mixed in too. I appreciated her care and concern.


Dr. Turner has consistently been one of the best physicians I've ever seen. She's always very concerned when I have questions, never makes me feel rushed, has always taken the time to listen and discuss things with me.


Dr Turner is awesome


Dr. Turner always makes me feel at ease and answers all my questions. I am very glad I chose to switch PCPs and selected her.


Have recommended & they are now seeing her. 2 family members...


I never have any complaints with my Doctor. My Doctor is actually the only reason why I continue to come to this office. My Doctor is courteous, professional, and very helpful with my illnesses. It's very difficult to find a good Doctor, I'm glad I did.


Good experience.


I have asked for Dr. Turner to be my Primary Physician


I would like Dr. Turner as my Doctor!!




Really like Dr. Turner. Seems very caring. knowledgeable and helpful.


see above under Additional Questions - Access Dr Turner has earned my respect and confidence


We sent a followup email to Dr. Turner and she responded the same day with an appropriate answer. Thank you for your quick response!!


Very good experience.


Dr.Turner is the exact type of doctor for me. She is caring without over-doing it. She explains without being condescending. She is very knowledgeable and makes me feel very comfortable with her expertise in her field.


Doctor talked very fast. I tried to absorb her instructions about changing from 1 Med to another; hope I got it right! I wish I had the instructions in writing.


Miranda Turner is an excellent doctor. I've recommended her to many. A doctor who truly listens is rare. Dr. Turner is one of those rare gems!


Once again Dr. Turner spent the time needed to go over my concerns since my last physical. She evaluates my medical history with past visits to formulate a plan to better my health.


An all around good visit.




The last two visits were more encouraging. Respect given to my desires to work more on my own with a nutritionist. She listened to my _____.


*Dr. Turner is a very caring dr.


I could tell I was the last pt of the day. I felt the provider visit was a little rushed. I had already waited 45 mins in the exam room & I could tell the provider/staff was ready to be finished for the day. My questions and concerns were addressed but I forgot to mention certain issues due to feeling rushed


My "new patient" consultation visit was on 2/23 and my follow-up appt was on 3/2. I have not yet received the results from my tests, as it has only been 2 business days (this is why I chose "no" to the question about receiving my results--my answer was not meant to be a negative reflection on the medical staff, so I felt the need to clarify). Dr. Turner was great at both visits. She took a great amount of time to listen to my concerns and review my medical history; she explained the answers to my questions with great respect and made me feel very comfortable. I would definitely recommend Dr. Turner to others!


Dr. Miranda Turner is a caring, compassionate physician. She always addresses any questions or concerns I may have and the issues are resolved.


no problems perfect visit this time wish all would go like this


I was very impressed with Dr. Turner. I was looking for a new health care provider and my mom was a new patient of Dr. Turner's. She really liked Dr. Turner and as a result I decided to also make an appointment with her. I look forward to working with her as my primary provider and to taking a more active role in my health.


Good job.


My care provider is always helpful. Appears to be genuinely concerned about my health and well being.




Dr. Turner made me feel very confident about my treatment. She listened to all my concerns and gave very specific directions about how to take care of myself. She was knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. Most importantly, she listened to me and talked directly to me, not the computer screen.


Dr. Turner spends a lot of time with me during visits. She is down to earth and does not just throw a medication at me for a condition. She is personable, kind and sensitive.


Dr.Turner is new to the practice where I have been going for 23 years. I just happened upon her for a visit because my primary, Dr Tolbert, had no openings that day. I felt very comfortable with Dr Turner to the point that I now request to see her on future appointments.






She was very nice. She just seemed to not be listening to my health concerns.


Dr. Turner is very friendly. She has a great way of making me feel well cared for.


Excellent Doctor.


I always have a good experience with Dr. Turner


This is the first time I actually felt like the Doctor cared about me.


I have a long term chronic condition, as a matter of course I run all my changes in health and meds by my md/Phd brother who in turn runs them by his researcher friends around the world - all with my approval. So far Dr. Turner has gotten an A+ on her treatment of my problems from them. Much to her credit, when some doctors have "freaked out" from the level of oversight and sometimes comments, she has handled all in stride. I really like this doctor.


All good. Good guidance and good results. Follow scheduled to keep track of progress


Very good.


During my last visit on 10/1, I didn't have a scheduled appointment to see Dr. Turner. I was there to get an INR test, but I mentioned to the nurse doing the test that I was not feeling well due to a lingering UTI. The nurse told Dr. Turner and she requested that I submit a urine sample at that time. The urine sample was tested immediately and Dr. Turner took time out of her busy schedule to see me and prescribe an antibiotic to help alleviate the painful UTI. I consider her the best as a family doctor. She is caring and compassionate.


Very intelligent and respectable.




*Dr. Turner may know medicine, but she greatly lacks coordination ability and is forgetful.


Word's can't explain. They are so wonderful.


A couple of my friends are looking for female family physicians and I've already recommended Dr. Miranda Turner to them - she was awesome!


Explained things very well. Very caring and took time with me. I really appreciated it. Made follow up appt for my wellness visit as suggested. Looking forward to having her as my new primary care physician. Felt very comfortable speaking with her..


I will always wait for a doctor like Dr Turner. I want to be able to spend all the time I need & I want others to do the same. A good doctor does not rush people thru like cattle. The visit was informative, meds explained, advised next steps to take care of my problem. Great visit.


Dr. Turner works in the same office with my Primary Care Physician (Dr. Tolbert). Even though she is not my Primary Care Physician, I feel just as comfortable seeing her as Dr. Tolbert. She is extremely knowledgeable, thorough and informed about my medical issues. At this visit she picked up on a medical issue that I was not aware of. It's nice to have her in the same office as my Primary Care Physician.


I absolutely will recommend her to all my friends and relatives. We are blessed to have her.


Doctor always explains my health concerns in detail so I can understand.


*Dr. Turner is an excellent doctor.


*Dr. Turner normally takes time to explain any questions.


Provider explained every question I asked in a way I could understand.


Dr. Turner is an excellent physician in all aspects of care.


She talks a lot. Sometimes I think I'm interrupting her to express my own thoughts.


*Dr. Turner is an excellent doctor.


I really am very impressed with Dr. Turner!


Dr. Turner is Amazing! She took the time to explain everything, what I should watch for in symptoms, and if I had any problems to call her.


Since I had not been to the clinic I was considered a new patient. But Dr. Turner and the staff did not make me feel like a stranger or new patient.


I think Dr. Turner was born to be a doctor. I'm glad I found her!


Dr. Turner prescribed the antibiotic for a sinus infection and said I would know right away if it was a sinus infection. I really appreciated her doing this as it WAS an infection and this let me get it cleared up so that I could get my neck surgery on time this past Friday. Everything went great!


Steamroller. I always feel rushed and I do not feel like I get a real chance to explain. She will ask a question and start yammering out answers when I'm having a hard time getting the correct answer out myself. During the appointment I feel as if I am having to prove myself. When I leave I always feel like I didn't get much of a chance to talk about everything I was concerned about.


Dr. Turner was exactly on time, and was very helpful in resolving my condition. clearly and nicely communicated other preventive health advice as well.


dr. turner is superb and I am so pleased to have lucked up with a great primary care physician.


She gave me the impression that she didn't take some of my concerns seriously and even laughed at one thing I said regarding a health concern. Not the worst doctor I've ever seen but I still didn't feel respected.


Dr Turner is great. She takes the time to listen as I try to explain why I'm there, and then she asks pertinent questions so that she has all of the information. She is friendly and respectful and makes sure I understand what she is talking about.


Friendly, professional, concern did not rush me!


I was impressed with Dr. Turner, very thoughtful and knowledgeable.


Care provider gave me advice on my diet that would be a help to my medical problem.


Dr turner is fantastic


Excellent care. I have recommended Dr. M. Turner to my friends.


I felt like she was almost trying to explain away or was too quick to give answers for some of my symptoms/concerns, without truly listening to me, and before seeing any test results. I also felt like she tried to bully me into getting a flu shot by using scare tactics and pressure, instead of simply informing me of the options, then letting me make my own informed decision. I hope we will be able to communicate better with each other at the next visit.


Dr. has limited time to explain tx; meds or other health options.




very good


Never heard back about my results and after two weeks I had to call it was upsetting and I was worried.


She was friendly. She gave explanations on her assuption before I could tell her everything which I feel she could not give a thorough explanation with out all informatio. This is with symptoms and medication. The follow up would have been ok if shewould have been ok.


The only reason I put "9" is that Dr. Turner is new to me. I have seen her twice thus far, once for a check-up and now for a concern. I need more time with her to answer the confidence question with a "10".


My only complaint about my visit with Dr Turner was that right off the bat she had a lecturing tone. She asked why I was sitting infront of her instead of being in the emergency room. I understand she was trying to express the severity of my situation, however, I was still scared and nervous and would have appreciated a little more concern/empathy instead of starting off with a harsh comment.


We are so happy to have found Dr. Turner! She is now my entire family's doctor.


Very pleased with Dr. Turner


Very pleased


Very impressed; good fit for me and my ongoing health care/family planning.


I sent an email through my chart after my visit w very specific questions about my lab work and medications, as well as speaking to the provider in the office about my plan of care. I never got an email back. I received a phone call from the nurse w information that did not indicate any information or answers to the email I had sent except for one. Provider has her set ideas for plan of careand does not offer choices or alternative plans of care for a patient to choose from. Options in life are important to provide.


The doctor helped and showed me free information online to track and help.


She showed concern.


Great office and doctor and highly recommend anyone looking for a doctor or care provider to go to


although there is an occasional wait beyond 15 mins from appt time, i know it is because Dr Turner is giving her undivided attention to another patient. she is an excellent listener and physician. when she gets to me, she always gives me the time I need to discuss my concerns. and I am always treated in a respectful caring manner.


I recently found she is from Ohio and I am very enthusiastic about having her as my provider forever. She is great and shows compassion for me. And I need that in my life. She listens to everything I say and moves on whatever it takes to make my life easier. I love her.


Overall this was a good experience.


I have already recommended Dr. Turner to a friend.

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