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Yuanyuan Zhang, M.D., Ph.D.Wake Forest School of Medicine

Yuanyuan Zhang, M.D., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor,

Contact Information

Academic: 336-713-1189 | Department: 336-713-1493


Education & Training

  • M.D., China-Jiangxi Medical College, 1982
  • M.S., China-Jiangxi Medical College, 1989
  • Ph.D., Univ Lausanne Faculty of Medicine-Switzerland, 2001
  • Fellowship, Urology, Hospital-New Zealand, 1995
  • Fellowship, Pediatrics, Univ Lausanne Faculty of Medic, 1997
Yuanyuan Zhang, M.D., Ph.D.

Yuanyuan Zhang, M.D., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Institute for Regenerative Medicine
Hypertension and Vascular Research Center
Center on Diabetes, Obesity, and Metabolism

Research Interests

Accident Prevention; Automobile Driving; Attention; Synaptophysin; GAP-43 Protein
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Contact Information

Academic: 336-713-1189 | Department: 336-713-1493


Recent Publications

Co-expression of Piwil2/Piwil4 in nucleus indicates poor prognosis of hepatocellular carcinoma. Zeng G, Zhang D, Liu X, Kang Q, Fu Y, Tang B, Guo W, Zhang Y, Wei G, He D.. Oncotarget. 2017;8(3):4607-4617.

Characterization of sodium dodecyl sulfate decellularized cow diaphragmatic tendon extracellular matrix as sling biomaterial in stress urinary incontinence treatment. Xue L, Zhang X, Niu GG, Yang B, Zhang YY.. J Biomater Tissue Eng. 2017;7(1):83-89.

Human neural progenitors derived from integration-free iPSCs for SCI therapy. Liu Y, Zheng Y, Li S, Xue H, Schmitt K, Hergenroeder GW, Wu J, Zhang Y, Kim DH, Cao Q.. Stem Cell Res. 2017;19():55-64.

Piwil2-transfected human fibroblasts are cancer stem cell-like and genetically unstable. Zhang D, Wu X, Liu X, Cai C, Zeng G, Rohozinski J, Zhang Y, Wei G, He D.. Oncotarget. 2017;8(7):12259-71.

Bilateral duplex urinary collecting systems accompanied with horseshoe kidneys deformity and right renal ureteral calculi and hydronephrosis: diagnosis in magnetic resonance urography. Yu Y, Li J, Guo L, Gu T, Xiao R, Ye Y, Pan Q, Zhang Y, Huang H.. J Xray Sci Technol. 2017;():.

Urethral reconstruction with autologous urine-derived stem cells seeded in three-dimensional porous small intestinal submucosa in a rabbit model. Liu Y, Ma W, Liu B, Wang Y, Chu J, Xiong G, Shen L, Long C, Lin T, He D, Butnaru D, Alexey L, Zhang Y, Zhang D, Wei G.. Stem Cell Res Ther. 2017;8(1):63.

Minimally invasive surgery combined with regenerative biomaterials in treating intra-bony defects: a meta-analysis. Liu S, Hu B, Zhang Y, Li W, Song J.. PLoS One. 2016;11(1):e0147001.

Beneficial effects of urine-derived stem cells on fibrosis and apoptosis of myocardial, glomerular and bladder cells. Dong X, Zhang T, Liu Q, Zhu J, Zhao J, Li J, Sun B, Ding G, Hu X, Yang Z, Zhang Y, Li L.. Mol Cell Endocrinol. 2016;427():21-32.

Strategies to optimize adult stem cell therapy for tissue regeneration. Liu S, Zhou J, Zhang X, Liu Y, Chen J, Hu B, Song J, Zhang Y.. Int J Mol Sci. 2016;17(6):E982.

Diagnosis value of multi-slice spiral CT in renal trauma. Wang X, Zhang Z, Fu S, Fan J, Zhang Y.. J Xray Sci Technol. 2016;24(5):649-655.

Evaluation of a large adrenal carcinoma with 3D reconstruction of computed tomography images: a case report and literature review. Chen L, Zeng X, Li S, Gong C, Peng E, Wu B, Zhang W, Zhang Y.. J Xray Sci Technol. 2016;24(5):665-671.

3D reconstruction images of cone beam computed tomography in dental medicine application: a case study and mini-review. Li Y, Sun J, Zhang Y, Li W, Hu B, Song J.. J Xray Sci Technol. 2016;24(5):673-680.

Incidence and risk of hypertension associated with vascular endothelial growth factor receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitors in cancer patients: a comprehensive network meta-analysis of 72 randomized controlled trials involving 30013 patients. Liu B, Ding F, Liu Y, Xiong G, Lin T, He D, Zhang Y, Zhang D, Wei G.. Oncotarget. 2016;7(41):67661-73.

Urine-derived stem cells: a novel source for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Liu B, Ding FX, Liu Y, Xiong G, Lin T, He DW, Zhang YY, Zhang DY, Wei GH.. J Biomater Tissue Eng. 2016;6(8):589-601.

3D reconstruction computed tomography scan in diagnosis of bilateral wilm's tumor with its embolus in right atrium. Zhang D, Zeng G, Zhang Y, Liu X, Wu S, Hua Y, Liu F, Lu P, Feng C, Qin B, Cai J, Zhang Y, He D, Lin T, Wei G.. J Xray Sci Technol. 2016;24(5):657-660.

Intraglomerular crosstalk elaborately regulates podocyte injury and repair in diabetic patients: insights from a 3D multiscale modeling study. Tan H, Yi H, Zhao W, Ma JX, Zhang Y, Zhou X.. Oncotarget. 2016;7(45):73130-46.

Transplantation of human urine-derived stem cells transfected with pigment epithelium-derived factor to protect erectile function in a rat model of cavernous nerve injury. Yang Q, Chen X, Zheng T, Han D, Zhang H, Shi Y, Bian J, Sun X, Xia K, Liang X, Liu G, Zhang Y, Deng C.. Cell Transplant. 2016;25(11):1987-2001.

Hypoxia preconditioning enhances reparative function of urine derived stem cells from patients with diabetic nephropathy [abstract]. Xiong G, Zhang Y.. Tissue Eng Part A. 2016;22(Suppl 1):S107-S108.

Improvement of penile histomorphological structure and function with stem cell in a rat model of neurovascular erectile dysfunction [abstract]. Zhong L, Zhang Y, Jackson J, Atala A.. Tissue Eng Part A. 2016;22(Suppl 1):S76.

Optimization of skeletal myocytes expansion for potential application in cell therapy for urinary incontinence [abstract]. Long T, Yi H, Zhang D, Zhang Y, Hu Y, Wang Z, Yoo J, Atala A, Zhang Y.. Tissue Eng Part A. 2016;22(Suppl 1):S92.

Virus integration and genome influence in approaches to stem cell based therapy for andro-urology. Li L, Zhang D, Li P, Damaser M, Zhang Y.. Adv Drug Deliv Rev. 2015;82-83():12-21.

Doxorubicin-loaded polysaccharide nanoparticles suppress the growth of murine colorectal carcinoma and inhibit the metastasis of murine mammary carcinoma in rodent models. Li M, Tang Z, Zhang D, Sun H, Liu H, Zhang Y, Zhang Y, Chen X.. Biomaterials. 2015;51():161-172.

Evaluation of transforming growth factor-beta1 suppress Pokemon/epithelial-mesenchymal transition expression in human bladder cancer cells. Li W, Kidiyoor A, Hu Y, Guo C, Liu M, Yao X, Zhang Y, Peng B, Zheng J.. Tumour Biol. 2015;36(2):1155-1162.

Biochemical hormone parameters in seminal and blood plasma samples correlate with histopathologic properties of testicular biopsy in azoospermic patients. Lei B, Lv D, Zhou X, Zhang S, Shu F, Ding Y, Zhang Y, Mao X.. Urology. 2015;85(5):1074-1078.

TrAmplification of human dental follicle cells by piggyBac transposon - mediated reversible immortalization system. Wu Y, Feng G, Song J, Zhang Y, Yu Y, Huang L, Zheng L, Deng F.. PLoS One. 2015;10(7):e0130937.

Improving the osteogenic efficacy of BMP2 with mechano growth factor by regulating the signaling events in BMP pathway. Deng MY, Liu P, Xiao HL, Zhang YY, Wang YL, Zhao JH, Xu JZ.. Cell Tissue Res. 2015;361(3):723-731.

Tailored minimally invasive management of complex calculi in horseshoe kidney. Ding J, Zhang Y, Cao Q, Huang T, Xu W, Huang K, Fang J, Bai Q, Qi J, Huang Y.. J Xray Sci Technol. 2015;23(5):601-610.

Characterization of rabbit urine-derived stem cells for potential application in urethral tissue regeneration [abstract]. Jiang Y, Chen B, Liu G, Deng C, Zhang Y.. Tissue Eng Part A. 2015;21(Suppl 1):S208.

Skeletal myogenic differentiation of urine-derived stem cells using hydrogel loaded with growth factors for potential treatment of urinary incontinence [abstract]. Jiang Y, Yi H, Liu G, Atala A, Opara EC, Zhang Y.. Tissue Eng Part A. 2015;21(Suppl 1):S248.

Mir-646 in clear cell renal carcinoma correlated with tumour metastasis by targeting the nin one binding protein [abstract]. Li W, Yi H, Zhang X, Zhang Y, Zheng J.. Tissue Eng Part A. 2015;21(Suppl 1):S174.

Paracrine effects of human urine-derived stem cells in treatment of female stress urinary incontinence in a rodent model [abstract]. Tran CN, Tangada A, Balog B, Zhang Y, Damaser M.. Tissue Eng Part A. 2015;21(Suppl 1):S385.

Restoration of penile erectile function using stem cells in a rat model of neurovascular erectile dysfunction [abstract]. Shi H, Li W, Zhang Y, Clouse C, Sink S, George S, Lue T, Yoo J, Atala A, Jackson J.. Tissue Eng Part A. 2015;21(Suppl 1):S34-S35.

Three-dimensional quantification of orthodontic root resorption with time-lapsed imaging of micro-computed tomography in a rodent model. Yang C, Zhang Y, Zhang Y, Fan Y, Deng F.. J Xray Sci Technol. 2015;23(5):617-626.

Skeletal myogenic differentiation of human urine-derived cells as a potential source of cell therapy for urethral sphincter muscle dysfunction [abstract]. Yi H, Chen W, M X, Yang B, S B, Song L, Liu G, Atala A, Zhang Y.. Tissue Eng Part A. 2015;21(Suppl 1):S76.

Bio-functionalized alginate hydrogels for improved cell-matrix interactions and growth factor sequestration kinetics [abstract]. Yi H, Forsythe S, Zhang Y, Skardal A.. Tissue Eng Part A. 2015;21(Suppl 1):S187.

Comparison of the after discharges induced by electrical stimulation of the prefrontal cortex in urethane- and ketamine-anesthetized mice. Chen XL, Kong LZ, Liu XP, Xiong CL, Zhang YY, Yan J, Jiang L.. Eur Rev Med Pharmacol Sci. 2015;19(20):3865-3872.

Challenge in preoperative diagnosis of retroperitoneal mucinous cyst in a pediatric patient. Zhang D, Zhang Y, Liu X, Zhu J, Feng C, Yang C, Wu S, Liu J, Hua Y, Liu F, Zhang N, Zhang Y, He D, Lin T, Wei G.. Int J Clin Exp Med. 2015;8(10):19540-7.

Comparison of decellularization protocols for preparing a decellularized porcine annulus fibrosus scaffold. Xu H, Xu B, Yang Q, Li X, Ma X, Xia Q, Zhang Y, Zhang C, Wu Y, Zhang Y.. PLoS One. 2014;9(1):e86723.

Role of insulin-transferrin-selenium in auricular chondrocyte proliferation and engineered cartilage formation in vitro. Liu X, Liu J, Kang N, Yan L, Wang Q, Fu X, Zhang Y, Xiao R, Cao Y.. Int J Mol Sci. 2014;15(1):1525-1537.

Comparison of ESWL and ureteroscopic holmium laser lithotripsy in management of ureteral stones. Cui Y, Cao W, Shen H, Xie J, Adams TS, Zhang Y, Shao Q.. PLoS One. 2014;9(2):e87634.

Cisplatin crosslinked pH-sensitive nanoparticles for efficient delivery of doxorubicin. Li M, Tang Z, Lv S, Song W, Hong H, Jing X, Zhang Y, Chen X.. Biomaterials. 2014;35(12):3851-3864.

Bladder acellular matrix and its application in bladder augmentation. Song L, Murphy SV, Yang B, Xu Y, Zhang Y, Atala A.. Tissue Eng Part B Rev. 2014;20(2):163-172.

Dystrophin-deficient cardiomyocytes derived from human urine: new biologic reagents for drug discovery. Guan X, Mack DL, Moreno CM, Strande JL, Mathieu J, Shi Y, Markert CD, Wang Z, Liu G, Lawlor MW, Moorefield EC, Jones TN, Fugate JA, Furth ME, Murry CE, Ruohola-Baker H, Zhang Y, Santana LF, Childers MK.. Stem Cell Res. 2014;12(2):467-480.

Human urine-derived stem cells alone or genetically-modified with FGF2 improve type 2 diabetic erectile dysfunction in a rat model. Ouyang B, Sun X, Han D, Chen S, Yao B, Gao Y, Bian J, Huang Y, Zhang Y, Wan Z, Yang B, Xiao H, Songyang Z, Liu G, Zhang Y, Deng C.. PLoS One. 2014;9(3):e92825.

Low-intensity pulsed ultrasound stimulation facilitates osteogenic differentiation of human periodontal ligament cells. Hu B, Zhang Y, Zhou J, Li J, Deng F, Wang Z, Song J.. PLoS One. 2014;9(4):e95168.

Co-delivery of doxorubicin and paclitaxel by PEG-polypeptide nanovehicle for the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer. Lv S, Tang Z, Li M, Lin J, Song W, Liu H, Huang Y, Zhang Y, Chen X.. Biomaterials. 2014;35(23):6118-6129.

Skeletal myogenic differentiation of human urine-derived cells as a potential source for skeletal muscle regeneration. Chen W, Xie M, Yang B, Bharadwaj S, Song L, Liu G, Yi S, Ye G, Atala A, Zhang Y.. J Tissue Eng Regen Med. 2014;():.

Expansion on a matrix deposited by nonchondrogenic urine stem cells strengthens the chondrogenic capacity of repeated-passage bone marrow stromal cells. Pei M, Li J, Zhang Y, Liu G, Wei L, Zhang Y.. Cell Tissue Res. 2014;356(2):391-403.

Influence of low-intensity pulsed ultrasound on osteogenic tissue regeneration in a periodontal injury model: X-ray image alterations assessed by micro-computed tomography. Wang Y, Chai Z, Zhang Y, Deng F, Wang Z, Song J.. Ultrasonics. 2014;54(6):1581-1584.

Urine-derived stem cells for potential use in bladder repair. Qin D, Long T, Deng J, Zhang Y.. Stem Cell Res Ther. 2014;5(3):69.

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