The Sticht Center on Aging now offers three services to help you achieve a healthy weight and lifestyle:

  • Resting metabolic rate assessment. Your body needs a basic amount of energy to function every day, even when you are sleeping. Your resting metabolic rate (RMR) is the number of calories your body needs to maintain its function at your current weight. Knowing your RMR can help you gain or lose weight. The RMR assessment is a non-invasive test that includes a 30 minutes consult with our dietitian.
  • Graded exercise test. This test analyzes your heart rate, heart rhythm, and blood pressure to reveal your cardiovascular fitness level and training heart rate. It also shows how efficiently your body uses oxygen, allowing us to calculate your maximum aerobic capacity (VO2 max). These results can be used to create a personal exercise prescription for your abilities.
  • Body composition scan. Body composition is the term for all the components of your body that, in combination, make up your weight. This scan uses radiographic imaging to determine the exact amount of fat and lean tissues in your body and measures your bone density.


 For details and pricing for any of these services call 336-713-4040 or

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