Smoking Cessation: Take This Quiz to Test Your Smoking IQ

True or false:

  1. Smokeless tobacco is a healthy alternative to smoking cigarettes.  T   F
  2. You can improve your chances of quitting smoking by joining a smoking cessation program.  T   F
  3. A cigarette contains more nicotine than chewing tobacco.  T   F
  4. If you have been smoking for 10 years or more, you cannot improve your health by quitting.  T   F
  5. Certain medications that help you quit smoking take a couple weeks to start working.  T   F
  6. If you are trying to quit, it is a good idea to keep a couple of cigarettes around "just in case."  T   F
  7. Dipping tobacco contains cyanide and arsenic.  T   F
  8. Smoking makes you appear more attractive.  T   F
  9. Tobacco users tend to sleep more soundly.  T   F
  10. Smoking can contribute to baldness in men.  T   F

Check your answers.

Last Updated: 02-18-2014
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