Vestibular Evaluation

Vestibular Evaluation


The Hearing & Speech Department at WFBH is pleased to work in cooperation with Otolaryngology (ENT) to offer diagnostic vestibular testing. There are many causes of dizziness, vertigo, and balance disturbances. These tests are designed to help diagnose disorders related to the inner ear. The appointment is made up of two main sections:

Computerized Dynamic Posturography:  This series of tests looks at which of the three main systems involved in balance (cues from your inner ears, your eyes, and your body) you rely on the most. You will stand on a platform without your shoes on for approximately 20 minutes while your balance is challenged in various ways. You will wear a harness for safety.

Videonystagmography (VNG):  The VNG is comprised of a series of tests designed to examine whether there are any problems with your inner ear(s). These tests record how your eyes react to the messages your inner ears are sending to your brain. You will be asked to follow a light for some tests, and move into different positions, such as flat on your back or turned on your side. You will also have warm and cool water placed in your ear canals to compare the strength of each inner ear's signal to the brain. You will wear goggles that will record how your eyes are moving throughout these tests.  

You may also be scheduled for a hearing test before or after your vestibular testing.

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