Vestibular Evaluation

Vestibular Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need to do before the test?

  • There are some medications that will interfere with the test results, so you will receive a letter in the mail listing those you should cease taking before the test.  These are mostly medicines that are meant to help with dizziness or vertigo.  If you have any questions about what medicine you can or cannot take ahead of time, please call our clinic at 336-716-3103, option 1.
  • Please wear comfortable clothing. Pants are preferable.  It can be chilly in our testing lab, so layers are recommended.
  • Please do not wear eye makeup.  This can interfere with our cameras that record your eye movements.
  • Please do not eat for a few hours before the test. If you need to take medicine with food, please eat something bland, like plain toast.

What will happen the day of the test?

  • You will be asked questions about your current symptoms. Please bring a list of all your medications.
  • You may have a hearing test before or after the balance testing.
  • You will stand on a platform that will move in different ways to see how well you can keep your balance in different situations.
  • You will watch lights move so that we can see how well you can visually track a moving object.
  • You will be asked to move into different positions (rolling onto your side, laying down quickly, etc.) so we can see how your system reacts to the movement.
  • You will have warm and cool water placed into your ear canals for thirty seconds per ear. This will measure the strength of each ear's signal to the brain.

Will the tests make me dizzy?

Some people do feel dizzy or nauseous from some of these tests. It is recommended that you have someone available to drive you home if you are dizzy or queasy when testing is complete.

What happens after the tests?

You could see one of our Ear, Nose, and Throat physicians or a report will be sent to your physician with the test results. Treatment and management will be determined based on the test results.

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