Inpatient Services

Our Pediatric Inpatient Speech-Language Services include:

Cognitive-linguistic:  We evaluate and provide treatment for patients who have any impairment of their written, expressive (verbal), or receptive (what is understood) communication abilities. Impairment may come from any number of disorders including a stroke, traumatic brain injury, developmental delay or neurological impairment while they are admitted in the hospital.   

Speech-Language/Tracheotomy:  We offer services for children who have delays in speech development or verbal language abilities, and/or disorders affecting their communication abilities while they are inpatients. In some cases, a Passy Muir Speaking Valve (PMSV) is necessary for patients who have a tracheotomy. Our Speech-language pathologists work closely with the physicians and respiratory therapists so that it can be used successfully.

Swallowing/Feeding: Evaluation and therapy for oral motor, oral sensory, swallowing safety, and feeding advancement is offered for children during their inpatient stay.

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Pediatric Speech Pathology
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