Roles and Responsibilites of Being a Mentee

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Be a Communicator

  1. Provide feedback, even if not requested, and seek feedback from your mentor
  2. Participate in the development of a constructive relationship with your mentor
  3. Develop and articulate a clear idea of where you would like to go with your career
  4. Be a good listener
  5. Communicate your ideas, goals, and concerns clearly and willingly
  6. Do not be afraid to voice your opinion and take initiative to resolve misunderstandings

Be Proactive

  1. Bring seriousness and energy to the relationship
  2. Take the initiative in the relationship; be politely insistent about your desire to have a mentoring relationship
  3. Assume responsibility for your own career and for identifying your career goals and objectives; take appropriate action to advance your objectives
  4. Be insistent upon meeting with your mentor on a mutually agreeable regular basis

Be Respectful

  1. Be flexible and understanding of your senior mentor's demanding schedule
  2. Arrive promptly for all appointments
  3. Show interest in your mentor's personal and professional life in an effort to get to know them (they'll be doing the same for you)
  4. Do not betray confidences
  5. Develop mutual trust and respect with your mentor; it is the most important element of a successful mentoring relationship
  6. Openly show appreciation and gratitude
  7. Follow through on commitments

Be Realistic

  1. Formulate your expectations according to what your mentor is in a position to provide
  2. Realize that one person cannot necessarily be a mentor in all areas that you may require or would like

Be a Student

  1. Display an eagerness and desire to learn from the person that is your mentor
  2. Be open to new possibilities and experiences provided by your mentor
  3. Do not be overly sensitive to criticism; it is being offered to help you grow and understand
  4. Be willing and open to change in behavior, ideas & perspectives

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