Positive Benefits for Mentors from Mentoring Relationships

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Positive Benefits for Mentees


Satisfaction, joy and pride of seeing another person grow and succeed


Enjoyment of the mentoring experience


a) Enjoyment of helping someone begin their career
b) Price of sharing work/resources
c) Enjoy feeling appreciated and needed


General faculty improvements


a) More departmental/institutional recognition
b) Ability to recruit and retain good faculty
c) Development of junior faculty


Success and recognition from mentee's work


a) National recognition and awards for mentee's work
b) Obtain important/valued role in the department/institution


Increased productivity


a) Obtain more research funding
b) Produce more publications
c) Enjoy teaching


Professional growth


a) Gains experience and expands faculty role as a mentor
b) Expands clinical/research focus
c) Exposure to other disciplines


Personal Growth


a) Learns how to successfully bring about change
b) Gains an appreciation for working with faculty with a different generational viewpoint


Friendship and support


a) Someone with whom to share visions, ideas and goals
b) Someone with whom to discuss scientific research and ideas
c) A colleague who supports mentor's goals
d) Someone who provides good feedback and keeps mentor informed
e) Someone to carry on work


Fulfillment of an obligation



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