The Coy C. Carpenter Personal Collection

Dr. Coy C. Carpenter

Size: 5 cubic feet

Restrictions: Three cubic feet of the collection are available to the public upon completion of an interview with the Archivist.   The remaining 2 cubic feet are restricted.          

Preservation: Staples and paperclips have been removed. Materials have been placed in alkaline folders.

Number of boxes: 5        

Provenance: Dr. Carpenter’s widow,  Dorothy Carpenter, gave the collection to the  Archives in  1979.  In 1994 the material items were donated to the Archives by Dr. Harry Carpenter, Coy Carpenter’s son.

Biography: Coy Cornelius Carpenter, M.D. was born April 24, 1900 and died November 7, 1971.  Dr. Carpenter graduated from Wake Forest College two-year medical school in 1922. He graduated from Syracuse Medical School in 1924 and received his certification in Atomic Pathology in 1936. After two postgraduate years at Syracuse as Instructor in Pathology and Clinical Medicine, he returned to North Carolina where he assumed the responsibilities for the administration of the medical school at Wake Forest College in Wake Forest, North Carolina in 1930. He became the founding dean of The Bowman Gray School of Medicine of Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. He was dean from 1936 to 1963, when he became Vice-president for Medical Affairs, a post he continued until his retirement in 1967. When he was selected to fill this newly created post, he had been dean the longest of any medical school dean in the United States. During most of his term he also served as administrator, fundraiser, pathologist, and teacher. Dr. Carpenter formulated various programs, considered innovative at the time, in medical education. He established the Private Diagnostic Clinic and also served as Medical Director of North Carolina Baptist Hospital until 1953. As a Fulbright lecturer in Pathology, he spent 1953-1954 at Fouad University and Ibrahim University in Cairo, Egypt. Later he served as a consultant Medical Education for the International Cooperation Administration in South Vietnam. He was a Captain in the Medical Corp for the North Carolina National Guard from 1928 to 1938. His colleagues said of him, ". . . he was one of the true innovators in American Medical Education."

Scope of the Collection: The Coy C. Carpenter Collection consists of various materials ranging from personal correspondence to photographs to institutional brochures. The collection contains some materials generated from Wake Forest College in Wake Forest, however most of the materials are from the Bowman Gray School of Medicine at Wake Forest College in Winston-Salem.

Series Descriptions:

I.   The series labeled correspondence has been arranged alphabetically and chronologically from 1933 to 1934.   There are 133 files in this series.

II.  The second series consists of the papers generated from a meeting held at Wake Forest College on Cancer.  The renowned Joseph Bloodgood, cancer specialist, was a guest.  This series contains correspondence, newspaper clippings, programs, and other documents related to the planning of the meeting.

III.  The Newspaper clippings and publications are simply items Carpenter clipped that document various happenings at Wake Foes College in Wake Forest and Winston-Salem.

IV.  The operational files for the Wake Forest College include such items as the first five-year report to the President, bank statements, deeds, statements for loans and grants, and solicitations for donations for a portrait of Dr. Thurman Kitchin.

V.   This series consists of two speeches Carpenter gave on two different occasions.

VI.  The material objects were given by Mrs. Carpenter and her son Harry Carpenter, M.D. They include an academic robe, the first doctor’s bag owned by C.C. Carpenter, passports, a journal, a pen, medical instruments, and a charm bracelet given to Dorothy by Coy.

VII.  This entire series deals with the book written by Coy C. Carpenter, The Story of Medicine at Wake Forest University, and includes the original manuscript, correspondence relating to the book, and two letters by the editor.

VIII. The photographs are of a variety of subjects and size. Most all of them contain the likeness of Dr. Carpenter.

IX.  Deans (restricted)

X.   Memoirs (restricted)


Series I: Correspondence



Box 1: Correspondence A-Z, 1933-1934

Box 2: Correspondence A-Z, 1935-1939


Series II: North Carolina Medical Society Meeting on Cancer



Box 3: Letter Governor Hoey


Committee on Cancer, NC Medical Society, WFU, October 18, 1933

Correspondence with J.W. Cox, Cancer Clinic, 1933

Cancer Clinic

Joseph Colt Bloodgood

American Society for the Prevention of Cancer,  1933

Letter from person with Cancer


Series III: Newspaper Clippings and Publications



Box 4: Early Days and move to Wake Forest


At Wake Forest and Early Days in Winston-Salem

New Campus

Biblical Recorder and Program 1943

Medical Alumni News Article 1950s

Trustee Actions on College

Clippings – Growth and honors at the Medical School

Dr. Thurman Kitchin Clippings

Dr. Carpenter Clippings

Clippings and Realia

Clippings 1940s and 1950s

Clippings 1940s

Clippings 1948

Clippings 1950s

Clippings 1950s

Clippings 1960

Medical Alumni News 1967

Magazine Articles 1960s and 1970s

Retirement and Portrait Presentation

Clippings 1970

Clippings 1971

Wake Forest Magazine 1950

Wake Forest Magazine 1961

Wake Forest Magazine 1970

Wake Forest Magazine 1971

Reprints – Coy C. Carpenter

North Carolina Medical Journal 1971


Series IV: Operational Files at Wake Forest College



Box 5: Stationery – Wake Forest College and Coy C. Carpenter


Dr. Kitchin’s portrait – Solicitations for Donations Carpenter

Medical Center Publications and copy of organization and policies handbook

Deeds – contains photographs

Wake Forest College 

  • Loans and Grants
  • Annual Report to the President, 1968
  • Business Documents – WFU


SeriesV: Speeches



Box 5: Speech Wingate College 1962

 Academic Transplant


Series VI: Material Items



Box 6: Passports




Medical Instruments

Charm Bracelet

Doctor’s Bag


Box 7: Academic Robe


Series VII: The History of Medicine at Wake Forest



Box 8: Original Manuscript

Box 9: Book Reviews

Book Reviews

The History of Medicine at Wake Forest

Letters from the editor

Correspondence pertaining to book


Series VIII: Photographs



Box 10


File 1: Architect’s Drawing 1950

  • Architect’s Rendering of Medical School 1940
  • Watlington Hall
  • Aerial view of Medical Center 1970s
  • CCC with 2 gentlemen
  • 1941 Dedication of School
  • Babcock Auditorium inside
  • Babcock Auditorium outside
  • CC age circa 50s
  • CCC age circa 60s
  • Groundbreaking with Harry S. Truman

File 2: Groundbreaking 1940

  • Architect's Drawing, 1940
  • Certificate - Charge to study development of medical school
  • Harold Tribble – WFU president
  • Manson Meads – Dean of the Medical School
  • Founders of the Medical School
  • CCC with dog (boxer)
  • James Gray
  • Thurman Kitchin
  • Camera-ready shot for money drive
  • From Newspaper Clipping
  • James Ralph Scales – WFU
  • Board of Trustees of WFU
  • Graylyn
  • William Amos Johnson Medical Building Infirmary on old Campus
  • Gym – Wake Forest Campus
  • Housed Labs
  • Heads of Clinical Department 1/29/38

File 3: Carpenter with doctor 1940s

  • Unknown Woman
  • "Cliff and Dean" 1959
  • Coy and Dorothy, Christmas Party
  • Dorothy February 1966
  • Carpenter with Members of club on RMS Queen Mary
  • Architect’s drawing of medical school 1940s
  • Women playing bridge
  • Photos of portraits of CCC's parents
  • Clippings Coy and Dorothy
  • Coy Carpenter's father
  • Coy Carpenter's mother
  • Graduation night 1950s
  • Bowman Gray School of Medicine Gets Award from Navy
  • Carpenter and Dr. Jorgl Mardouls, Santiago, Chile
  • Carpenter Family – 2 poses
  • Dorothy and Coy in Egypt
  • Drs. Johnson, Carpenter, Doffrawayne, Blackmon, September 13, 1967
  • Beach party – Jamaica 1963
  • Carpenter 1970s
  • Carpenter 1960s

File 4: Hospital Hong Kong

  • Framed Caricature of CCC with Bricks in the School


Series IX: Deans (Restricted)


 Box 11


Series X: Memoirs (Restricted)


 Box 12


Series XI:   


  1. Correspondence
  2. North Carolina Society Meeting on Cancer at Wake Forest
  3. Newspaper Clipping and Publications
  4. Operational Files for Wake Forest College
  5. Speeches
  6. Museums and Personal Items
  7. The History of Medicine at Wake Forest
  8. Photographs
  9. Deans (Restricted)
  10. Memoirs (Restricted)


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