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The North Carolina Baptist Nursing School Collection

North Carolina Baptist Hospital School of Nursing Class of 1932

The North Carolina Baptist Hospital School of Nursing Class of 1932. Pictured in the back row from left to right: Ruby Jenkins Stainback, Pauline Binkley Jacobson, Thelma Lloyd Stroud, Elsie Lee Dall, Mary Taylor Maddrey. Front row from left to right: Lucille Cain Hartman, Edna L. Heinzerling, Mabel Meece (From the North Carolina Baptist Hospital School of Nursing Collection)

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Size: 5 cubic feet

Restrictions: The collection is available to the public upon completion of an interview with the Archives staff.

Preservation: Staples and paperclips have been removed. Materials have been placed in alkaline folders. Textiles have been wrapped in alkaline tissue and placed in alkaline boxes.

Number of Boxes: 9

Provenance: Varies with each series


*View Ms. Heinzerling's 1960 North Carolina Baptist Hospital and School of Nursing history*

"In conjunction with the opening of the 88-bed, 22 bassinet North Carolina Baptist Hospital, the Baptist Hospital School of Nursing opened in 1923. The first class of 15 students was under the leadership of Miss Edna Heinzerling, RN, Director of the School of Nursing, as well as Director of Nurses for the Hospital."

"The education of the first student nurses included instruction by physicians and nurses, as well as working long hours in the hospital. The standard nursing attire included a long-sleeved blue uniform with a white apron, bib, collar, and cuffs. Black shoes and stockings were later changed to white. The white cap with black band became a standard part of the student uniform. The banding ceremony, at which the graduate nurse received a wide black velvet band, was a hallmark to which student nurses aspired. The first commencement exercise, held on May 25, 1926 at the First Baptist Church, graduated 10 students. Each graduate received a diploma and a North Carolina Baptist Hospital pin. This black and gold pin was embossed with the Florence Nightingale lamp. Ms. Heinzerling resigned in 1931 and was succeeded by Miss Lillian Anderson, RN. Ms. Heinzerling returned to her position in 1932, but due to illness was forced to resign again in 1936. Ms. Ruth Council, RN succeeded Ms. Heinzerling. During her tenure, the nursing school continued to increase enrollments, and in 1936, 18 living quarters were added to Blanche Barrus Nurses’ Home."

"In 1939 Ms. Council resigned, and Mrs. Leatha Smithdeal, RN, a Baptist graduate was appointed Acting Director of Nursing. Under her leadership, both graduate nurses and nursing students celebrated a dramatic change in their schedules. Their workweek was reduced from ten hours per day, seven days per week to eight hours per day. Mrs. Smithdeal was successful in constructing a six day work week for graduate nurses. She pioneered Public Health Nursing as a curriculum elective and established pediatric affiliations with Children’s Hospital of the University of Pittsburgh."

"Just cause for celebration came in 1941 with the return of Ms. Heinzerling. During her absence, she had remained professionally involved by editing the historical text, The History of Nursing in North Carolina by Mary Lewis Wyche."

"The Year 1941 also marked expansion at Baptist Hospital. The hospital increased its capacity to over 270 beds and 50 bassinets, and opened the first hospital pharmacy. This new service, under the direction of Mr. E.W. Rollins, Chief Pharmacist, replaced a small Drug Room where the Director of Nurses and her assistants acquired medications which they dispensed to patients throughout the hospital."

"Bowman Gray School of Medicine published its first yearbook, The Gray Matter, in 1942, and one year later The School of Nursing published its first yearbook, The Lamp. These yearbooks were combined in 1944 when seniors of both medical and nursing schools voted to publish one joint yearbook, The Gray and White Matter."

"The formation of the North Carolina Student Nurses’ Association and the election of Dorothy Inscore O’Briant, SN as the first president of the association marked a historic occasion in 1951. Ms. O’Briant was characterized by nursing instructors as an individual with tremendous leadership ability who served as a role model to which other students aspired."

"Mrs. Joyce Warren, RN, AB, BS succeeded Ms. Heinzerling as Director of Nursing and Director of the School of Nursing in 1952. Under her guidance in 1956, the School of Nursing became the largest diploma school in North Carolina. National accreditation was achieved in 1959, recognizing the excellence of the education program and placing the school among the elite few."

"When Ms. Warren retired in 1973, Mrs. Gwen Andrews, RN, MSN was promoted to the position of Director of Nursing. It was during this time that the nursing profession advocated that educational preparation of nurses move from hospital-based facilities to institutions of higher learning – promoting the Associate, Baccalaureate, Master of Science, and Doctoral Degrees. The era of the diploma program at the Medical Center ended in 1974 with the graduating class of 85 senior nursing students."

Taken from Celebrating Challenges: Celebrating Contributions of Nurses in Creating aHealth Care Culture


Scope of the Collection: The North Carolina Baptist Hospital School of Nursing Collection includes personal collections, textbooks, realia, textiles, and photographs. The series are based on the donors, rather than the actual materials.


 Series I. School of Nursing Alumni



 Alumni Programs

 "Baptist Hospital History", by Edna Heinzerling (click on the link for a PDF copy)

 Elizabeth Leonard-Nursing Graduate, 1926-1971

 Donations delivered by Sarah Wikle 10/3/91



 Newspaper Articles


 NCBH School of Nursing 1923-1973, Alumnae Association Papers, 1954-1973

 Newspaper Clippings

 The North Carolina Baptist Hospital and School of Nursing, 1960

 Booklet produced for 50th Anniversary Committee



Series II. Nursing Alumni Association

Series III: Nurse’s Home Bible

Series IV: Nursing Oral Histories

Oral Histories



Joyce Warren

Gwen Andrews

Michalene Marringer

Tape with Dr. Pennell

Tape with Dr. Alexander

Tape with Dr. Meredith


Series V: School of Nursing Photographs

Series VI. Barbara Wall Benge



Nursing Textbooks

Uniform, 1955-1958

Series VII. Francis Wilson Brown

Class pictures, 1937


Series VIII. Lih Brown

Christian and American Flags


Series IX. Helyn Carr




Graduation Scrapbook, 1926



Series X. Dora "Mom" Elliot


 Scrapbook, Pediatrics Ward, 1940s


Series XI. Jeanette Lytton Gillelard



Scrapbook, 1952

Cape 1950s

Nursing Textbooks


Series XII. Juanita Hayes Marshall



Nurse’s Cape

Student Nurses Uniform, 1928

Photographs, 1920s


Series XIII. Francis Painter




Manual of Nursing Procedures


Series XIV. Lucia Shirley



Booklets and Programs

Newspaper Clippings


Information File

Addendum to Lucia Shirley series 1/29/98.

NCBH Certificate for 3 year course of instruction and practice in NCBH

Graduation programs

State Board Certificate

American Red Cross enrollment

1976-1977 NCBH Alumni Association Certificate

NCBH BGSM Medicine Transfusion service

Instructor certificate for members of U.S. Cadet Nurse Corporation

Nursing License

40th Anniversary Banquet

1 folder of clippings

1 folder of newsletters

1 folder of commencements and dedications





The Miracle on Hawthorne Hill by Manson Meads, M.D.

The History of Nursing in North Carolina by Mary Lewis Wyche, edited by Edna L. Heinzerling

The Lamp, 1943

Gray and White Matter, 1945

Gray and White Matter, 1946

Gray and White Matter, 1948

Celebrating Challenges


Series XV. Nancy Flynt Smith




Series XVI. Phyllis Teague



Textbook, Fundamentals of Administration For Schools of Nursing


Nursing Cape, City Memorial Hospital


Series XVII. Patricia Thomas



1957-1958 Nursing Cape

1955-1958 Nurses Uniform

1958 Graduation Uniform


Series XVIII. Louise Thornbro


 Short history of the Nursing school, 1943-1945


Series XIX. Annie Wall (donated by Helyn Carr)



Graduation Scrapbook, 1926

Photographs – NCBH, 1926-1930s


Series XX. Joyce Warren



12 Yearbooks

Photographs, Retirement Ceremony


Series XXI. Mary Emma Rhodes Wingert



Manual of Nursing Procedures

NCBH and School of Nursing, 1948


Newsletters and Alumnae News

Newspaper Clippings


Series XXII. Sara Covington Wikle



Nurse’s Uniform, 1940s

Nurse’s Cape, 1940s

Nurse’s Cap with black velvet band




Textbooks, 1944-1947



Calligraphy done by Mr. Bovender for the School of Nursing in the 1970s


Series XXIII. Jane Nelson


 Gray and White Matter 1952, 1953, 1954


Series XXIV. Ruth Anderson Gwyn



Badge, 1940 Convention in Philadelphia

Newspaper Clippings

Notes from the Convention

Booklet about Philadelphia

Letters and Newspaper Clippings


Series XXV. Cindy Morton Mauldin



Scrapbook in honor of Edna Heinzerling, Entitled "A Gracious Woman Retaineth Honor"


Series XXVI. Rose W. Mathis


 Class of 1955 framed photo


Series XXVII. Mary Yount Miraglia, Class of 1970




Series XXVIII.  Mary Wray Carter Fulton




Series XXIX.  Helen Gentry Ferebee






Series XXX.  Mildred McGirt Dudgeon



 Newspaper clippings


Series XXXI.  Mrs. James Satterwhite




Series XXXII.  Deborah Dunning


 Uniform and cape


Series XXXIII.  Betty Gentry Pikula, Class of 1958




Alumni Association Publications

Class Photographs

Newspaper clippings


Museum Objects



Series XXXIV.Lucille Cain Hartman, Class of 1932



Newspaper clippings


Military Service memories



Glass Syringe Set

Medicine Dispensers



American Flag




Series XXXV. Lucy Jessica Hudson, Class of 1940





Series XXXVI. 2005 Reunion


 Alumni Directory

Carries Bridges Allyn ('49) Photographs

Barbara Smith's Presentation

Anne Harrison's Presentation

Hartman Fund 


Louise Thornboro Garrett's Presentation

Mary Kathryn Hampton's WWII Presentation

Rayetta Keener Johnson's Presentation

Reunion planning correspondence

Thank yous

"Sharing our History and Memories" booklet

Parks Welch's presentation


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