Center Faculty Members


 Arcury Thomas A Ard Jamy
 Thomas A. Arcury, PhD Jamy Ard, MD
 Family and Community Medicine Public Health Sciences
 Arnan Martinson KwekuArnold Elizabeth Mayfield
 Martinson Arnan, MD Elizabeth Arnold, PhD, MSW
 Neurology Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine
 Baker Laura DBlackstock Jr Arthur W
 Laura Baker, PhDWilliam Blackstock, Jr., MD
 Gerontology and Geriatric MedicineRadiation Oncology
 Bowden Donald WBrenes Gretchen A
Don Bowden, PhD Gretchen Brenes, PhD
Biochemistry Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine
Brinkley Tina EllisBrown Candice M
Tina Ellis Brinkley, PhDCandice Brown, PhD
Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine Molecular Medicine
Burke Gregory LCraft Suzanne
Gregory Burke, PhDSuzanne Craft, PhD
Public Health SciencesGerontology and Geriatric Medicine
Crandall Sonia JTeresa Cutts Photo - small
Sonia Crandall, PhD Teresa Cutts, PhD
Dept. of Physician Assistant Studies Social Sciences & Health Policy
 Denizard-Thompson Nancy Marie Diz Debra I
 Nancy Denizard-Thompson, MD Debra Diz, PhD
 General Internal Medicine  Surgical Sciences-Hypertension
 Easterling DougEmejuaiwe Nkechinyere
 Doug Easterling, PhD Nkechinyere Emejuaiwe, MD
 Public Health Sciences Rheumatology and Immunology
Foy Capri GabrielleFreedman Barry I
Capri Foy, PhD Barry Freedman, MD
Social Sciences and Health Policy Nephrology
Gesell Sabina BGwathmey-Williams TanYa Marie
Sabina Gesell, PhDTanya Gwathmey-Williams, PhD
Social Sciences and Health Policy Surgical Sciences-Hypertension
Howard-McNatt Marissa MHowlett Allyn
 Marissa Howard-McNatt, MDAllyn Howlett, PhD
 Surgery, GeneralPhysiology and Pharmacology
Jones-Haywood Mandisa MaiaKing Nancy MP
Mandissa Jones-Haywood, MDNancy King, JD
Cardiothoracic AnesthesiologySocial Sciences and Health Policy
Kirk Julienne KKritchevsky Stephen
Julienne Kirk, PharmDStephen Kritchevsky, PhD
Family and Community MedicineGerontology and Geriatric Medicine
Lischke Michael PMarion Gail S
Michael Lischke, Ed.DGail Marion, PA-C, PhD
Family and Community MedicineFamily and Community Medicine 
McMichael AmyJosephine Mokonogho photo
Amy McMichael, MDJosephine Mokongho, PhD
DermatologyPsychiatry and Behavioral Medicine
Nguyen Ha TOpara Emmanuel C
Hal Nguyen, PhD Emmanuel Opara, PhD
 Family and Community Medicine Hypertension and Vascular Research
Owen Medge DPichardo-Geisinger Rita O
 Medge Owen, MDRita Pichardo-Geisinger, MD
Obstetrical and Gynecological AnesthesiologyDermatology
Quandt Sara ARhodes Scott Duane
Sara Quandt, PhDScott Rhodes, PhD
Epidemiology and PreventionSocial Sciences and Health Policy
Francis Rivers Meza PhotoCarlos Rodriguez Photo
Francis Rivers-Meza, MDivCarlos Rodriguez, MD
Faith and Health Ministries Epidemiology and Prevention
Ross Vernon HSandberg Joanne C
Vernon Ross, MDJoanne Sandberg, PhD
Obstetrical/Gynecological AnesthesiologyFamily and Community Medicine
 Shegog Jamehl Demons Sean Simpson Photo
 Jamehl Demons Shegog, MD Sean Simpson, PhD
 Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine Biostatistical Sciences
Skelton Joseph ArnoldElsayed Soliman Photo
Joseph Skelton, MD Elsayed Soliman, MD
Pediatrics Epidemiology and Prevention
Stewart IV John H Velez Ramon
John Stewart, IV, MDRamon Velez, MD
Surgery, GeneralGeneral Internal Medicine
Vitolins Mara ZWeaver Kathryn E
Mara Vitolins,  DrPH, MPH, RDKathryn Weaver, PhD, MPH
Epidemiology and Prevention Social Sciences and Health Policy
Wells Gretchen LWilkin Aimee Maree
Gretchen Wells, MD, PhD Aimee Wilkin, MD, PhD
Cardiology  Infectious Diseases
Yeboah JosephYeboah Phyllis K
Joseph Yeboah, M.B.Ch.BPhyllis Yeboah, M.B.Ch.B.
CardiologyHospital Medicine
 Beech-Bettina-MMelicia Whitt-Glover photo
 Bettina Beech, DrPH, MPH Melicia C. Whitt-Glover, PhD
 The University of Mississippi Medical Center Gramercy Research Group










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