Center Faculty Members


 Arcury Thomas A Ard Jamy
 Thomas A. Arcury, PhD Jamy Ard, MD
 Arnan Martinson KwekuArnold Elizabeth Mayfield
 Martinson Arnan, MD Elizabeth Arnold, PhD, MSW
 Baker Laura DBeech-Bettina-M
 Laura Baker, PhD Bettina Beech, DrPH, MPH
 Blackstock Jr Arthur W Bowden Donald W
William Blackstock, Jr., MD  Don Bowden, PhD
Brenes Gretchen ABrinkley Tina Ellis
Gretchen Brenes, PhD Tina Ellis Brinkley, PhD
 Brown Candice M Burke Gregory L
Candice Brown, PhDGregory Burke, PhD
 Craft Suzanne Crandall Sonia J
Suzanne Craft, PhD Sonia Crandall, PhD
Teresa Cutts Photo - small Jamehl Demons Photo
 Teresa Cutts, PhD Jamehl Demons, PhD
 Denizard-Thompson Nancy Marie Diz Debra I
 Nancy Denizard-Thompson, MD Debra Diz, PhD
 Easterling DougEmejuaiwe Nkechinyere
 Doug Easterling, PhD Nkechinyere Emejuaiwe, MD
Foy Capri GabrielleFreedman Barry I
Capri Foy, PhD Barry Freedman, MD
Gesell Sabina BGwathmey-Williams TanYa Marie
Sabina Gesell, PhDTanya Gwathmey-Williams, PhD
Howard-McNatt Marissa MHowlett Allyn
 Marissa Howard-McNatt, MDAllyn Howlett, PhD
Jones-Haywood Mandisa MaiaKing Nancy MP
Mandissa Jones-Haywood, MDNancy King, JD
Kirk Julienne KKritchevsky Stephen
Julienne Kirk, PharmDStephen Kritchevsky, PhD
Lischke Michael PMarion Gail S
Michael Lischke, Ed.DGail Marion, PA-C, PhD
McMichael AmyJosephine Mokonogho photo
Amy McMichael, MDJosephine Mokongho, PhD
Nguyen Ha TOpara Emmanuel C
Hal Nguyen, PhD Emmanuel Opara, PhD
Owen Medge DPichardo-Geisinger Rita O
 Medge Owen, MDRita Pichardo-Geisinger, MD
Quandt Sara ARhodes Scott Duane
Sara Quandt, PhDScott Rhodes, PhD
Francis Rivers Meza PhotoCarlos Rodriguez Photo
Francis Rivers-Meza, MDivCarlos Rodriguez, MD
Ross Vernon HSandberg Joanne C
Vernon Ross, MDJoanne Sandberg, PhD
Sean Simpson PhotoSkelton Joseph Arnold
Sean Simpson,  PhD Joseph Skelton, MD
Elsayed Soliman Photo Stewart IV John H
Elsayed Soliman, MDJohn Stewart, IV, MD
Velez RamonVitolins Mara Z
Ramon Velez, MDMara Vitolins, DrPH, MPH, RD
Weaver Kathryn EWells Gretchen L
Kathryn Weaver, PhD, MPH Gretchen Wells, MD, PhD
Wilkin Aimee Maree Yeboah Joseph
Aimee Wilkin, MD, PhD Joseph Yeboah, MD
 Yeboah Phyllis K 
 Phyllis K. Yeboah, M.B.Ch.B. 










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Last Updated: 09-05-2014
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