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Student and Teacher Comments - MedCaT


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  • "MedCaT is a great experience and gives you insight and a once in life time experience." (2013 Student)
  • "It has helped me get a clearer view of not only the different opportunities I have [in health careers] but also ways to reach them." (2013 Student)
  • "MedCat gave me better understandings of what the medical field is like by having actual health professional speak to us." (2013 Student)
  • "I really enjoyed the presentation on Bioimaging.  It was very interesting." (2013 Student)
  • "I enjoyed all the different research on diabetes and the new things I've been exposed to in the medical field" (2013 Student)
  • "Problem Based Learning completion course was excellent!  Thank You!" (2013 Teacher)
  • "I learned how to structure a blue print PBL" (2013 Teacher)
  • "Professional presenters excellent! Hospital visitations and hands on experience for students.   Group discussion in class was very comfortable sharing." (2013 Teacher)
  • “The MedCaT program has helped me narrow down what part of the health care field I would want to work in as opposed to a broad unsure view.” (2015 Student)
  • “MedCaT made me more sure of my health career choice.” (2015 Student)
  • “MedCaT has caused me to enjoy medicine even more than I already do.” (2015 Student)
  • “That there are lots of ways to help fix the issue of diabetes and obesity, all we have to do is get started” (2015 Student)
  • “We have a lot of problems in our area dealing with diabetes and obesity, but we can work together to end it.” (2015 Student)
  • “We all have creative ideas and good ideas on how to help make our community a better place for children to grow up healthy.” (2015 Student)
  • “This program is an outstanding opportunity for the students in Western NC. Thanks so much for your program.” (2015 Teacher)
  • “MedCaT has helped me to understand exactly where I want to go in the medical field.” (2014 Student)
  • “It has made me become more aware of the medical (field) and made me realize my strong desire to pursue a medical career.” (2014 Student)
  • “It has shown me exactly what happens and how things work in the career I would like to pursue.” (2014 Student)
  • “I fell in love with trauma!” (2014 Student) “I wasn’t sure what I wanted to be but after the pediatric trauma center, I know!” (2015 Student)
  • “It has showed me that forensics is what I really want to do.” (2014 Student)
  • “The visit to the Diabetes Center was a good experience and informative. The dinner with Wake Forest students and faculty was great! Very invigorating and inspiring for students.” (2014 Teacher)
  • “I enjoyed all the experiences, especially the hospital and clinical areas. I love how the students blossomed after each session.” (2014 Teacher).


    Last Updated: 10-04-2016
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