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Several February Seminars and Screenings by BestHealth® Observe Heart Month

Saturday, Feb. 2
Free Cholesterol and BMI Screening
11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Receive a Body mass index (BMI) and blood pressure screening, plus finger stick to assess the levels of glucose, total cholesterol, good and bad cholesterol and triglycerides in your blood. Results in five minutes. No fasting required. Free. Sponsored by the Wake Forest Baptist Heart Center. Appointment required.

Monday, Feb. 4
Free Cholesterol Screening
Noon to 4 p.m. Receive a free blood pressure check and finger stick to assess your levels of glucose, total cholesterol and good cholesterol. Sponsored by the Wake Forest Baptist Heart Center. Appointment required.

Tuesday, Feb. 5
Keeping the Blues Out of the Golden Years
10:30 a.m. Karen Byrd and Melissa Smith of Wake Forest Baptist Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine present signs and symptoms of depression in older adults and offer pointers for coping with sadness.

Tuesday, Feb. 5
12-Lead EKG Screening
3 to 8 p.m. This 12-Lead EKG screening, to check heart rhythm, is recommended for those with a family history of early heart disease. Forsyth County paramedics will provide participants with results and explain what the results mean. The screening is free but an appointment is required. Sponsored by the Wake Forest Baptist Heart Center. Offered again on Tuesday, Feb. 19 from 1 to 6 p.m.

Wednesday, Feb. 6
Got Cataracts?
6 p.m. Ophthalmologist Dr. Keith Walter of the Wake Forest University Eye Center shares a new treatment for cataracts that will rid you of your eyeglasses for good.

Thursday, Feb. 7
Faints and Seizures
11 a.m. Wake Forest Baptist neurologist Dr. John DeToledo explains the causes, distinctions, diagnosis and treatments for people who faint or experience seizures.

Thursday, Feb. 7
Joint Replacement: Taking Care after Surgery
2 p.m. Wake Forest Baptist physical therapist Marty Dekkers presents strategies and tips for taking proper care to ensure a successful rehabilitation after joint replacement surgery.

Thursday, Feb. 7
Is My Heart in Danger?
5:30 p.m. Wake Forest Baptist cardiologist Dr. Renato Santos gives you priceless tips on how to prevent heart disease, what tests are most accurate and most revealing, and how to interpret test results.

Friday, Feb. 8
Choosing the Right Words
3 p.m. When someone close to you is faced with a life-threatening illness, it is hard to know what to say. Learn how to increase your comfort and confidence level from Dr. Richard McQuellon of Wake Forest Baptist's Cancer Patient Support Program and author of the book Living in Mortal Time: Conversation for Those Who Have Never Died.

Saturday, Feb. 9
Romance the Heart-Healthy Way
12:30 p.m. to 2 p.m. Traci Latta demonstrates foods that will romance your sweetheart, while pleasing the taste buds and the heart. Recipes and samples provided.

Wednesday, Feb. 13
ECHO Screening
11:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. The strength of your heart and the efficiency of its flow can make a difference in how you feel, how productive you are and how long your life will be. Those who qualify can have their heart function evaluated and learn from the experts the key steps to preventing heart disease. Sponsored by the Wake Forest Baptist Heart Center. Appointment required. Call 768-5375 to register.

Wednesday, Feb. 13
Get to Know Your “E.F.”
7 p.m. The term "ejection fraction" refers to the percentage of blood pumped out of a filled ventricle with each heartbeat. This measures the capacity at which your heart is pumping. Wake Forest Baptist cardiologist Dr. Vinay Thohan explains why the ejection fraction is important, why it may be less than normal and what can be done to make improvements.

Thursday, Feb. 14
Low Country Cooking
2 to 3:30 p.m. Barry Moody prepares wholesome dishes that will bring back memories of home and create new ideas for hearty taste and variety. Recipes and samples provided.

Friday, Feb. 15
Are You Road Safe?
11 a.m. Wake Forest Baptist occupational therapist Katherine Elder explains how the Adaptive Driving Evaluation Program at CompRehab offers those recuperating from surgery or injury the chance to see if they are safe to drive by having clinical and on-the-road evaluations.

Friday, Feb. 15
The 411 on 911
1 p.m. When you call 911, what questions will you be asked? What does EMS do when they arrive? How can you provide the best answers quickly and accurately to help the emergency medical team assist you? Captain Jeffery Griffin of Forsyth County EMS explains the process, answering these questions and more.

Saturday, Feb. 16
Yoga for the Heart
1:30 p.m. Yoga improves flexibility, strength and balance. It is also an excellent way to strengthen the heart muscle. Join Valerie Kiser, registered yoga teacher, of Sunrise Yoga for an introduction to basic moves and stretches that can help decrease your risk of heart disease.

Wednesday, Feb. 20
CPR for Family and Friends
5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. This free, 3-hour class taught by certified instructor Gwendolyn Sinclair includes CPR for adults, children and infants. Cannot be taken for professional certification.

Thursday, Feb. 21
Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging
1:30 p.m. Advanced medical technology allows physicians to see inside the heart to detect problems and formulate treatment options. Wake Forest Baptist cardiologist Dr. Greg Hundley explains how cardiac MRI is used to diagnose and manage heart disease to improve patient outcomes.

Thursday, Feb. 21
Out of Rhythm?
7 p.m. Does your heart skip a beat? Wake Forest Baptist cardiologist Dr. Bryon Rubery explains the signs, symptoms, diagnosis and treatments available for heart murmurs and arrhythmias.

Tuesday, Feb. 26
Meals for Moms-On-the-Go
6 to 7:30 p.m. Feeding the family with meals that are tasty and healthy can be challenging for busy moms. Alex Swain of Whole Foods Market® presents meal ideas that let mom care for her “little hearts" without missing a beat herself.

Wednesday, Feb. 27
Fitness Testing
1 to 6 p.m. How well can your heart manage a full and steady six-minute walking test? Dr. Pete Brubaker of Wake Forest University Health and Exercise Science conducts fitness testing and checks your body mass index (BMI) to indicate your risk for heart disease. Free. Appointment required.

Wednesday, Feb. 27
Exercise Your Heart
7 p.m. Just like other muscles in your body, the heart can get stronger with proper exercise and fitness. Dr. Pete Brubaker of Wake Forest University Health and Exercise Science shares tips for developing an exercise plan that is right for you and ideal for your heart.

Friday, Feb. 29
Eating for a Healthy Heart
Noon to 1:30 p.m. What you stock in your pantry, how you prepare it and the food that goes into your body all play a role in determining your heart health. BestHealth registered dietitian Dayle Fuentes offers shopping, cooking and eating strategies for protecting the heart.

BestHealth events held at other locations.

Friday, Feb. 1
Red Dress Fashion Show
6:30 p.m. BestHealth, Belk and the Wake Forest Baptist Heart Center kick off this year's Heart Month celebration with a fun, engaging show of fashion and survival. Hear stories of heart disease as models ranging in age show off the latest fashions. No registration required. Held in Belk Court at Hanes Mall.

Tuesday, Feb. 12
START Your Heart
10 a.m. Learn from Stephanie Starling-Edwards, R.N., of the Wake Forest Baptist Heart Center, how to take care of your heart and give it a good start each day. Held at Fulton Family YMCA, 385 W. Hanes Mill Road.

Tuesday, Feb. 12
Sticks and Stones May Break Your Bones, But What About Osteoporosis?
Noon Learn the causes of osteoporosis, a disease that affects women and men. Wake Forest Baptist exercise physiologist Bill Allen provides tips on preventing or coping through exercise. Held at Central Family YMCA, 775 West End Blvd.

Tuesday, Feb. 12
Weight Management
7 p.m. Wake Forest Baptist’s Susan Butler, R.N., compares popular weight loss programs such as Atkins®, South Beach Diet™, Weight Watchers® and more. Held at Kernersville Family YMCA, 1113 W. Mountain St.

Wednesday, Feb. 13
In Search of the Fountain of Youth
11 a.m. Learn from Jim Ross of Wake Forest University Healthy Exercise & Lifestyle Programs how good lifestyle choices can help you live longer. Held at Senior Services Center, 2895 Shorefair Drive, Winston-Salem.

Wednesday, Feb. 13
Identity Theft
11:30 a.m. Linsey Mills of the Mills Foundation addresses concern about identity theft, the fastest growing crime in the U.S. today. Held at Kernersville Family YMCA, 1113 W. Mountain St.

Thursday, Feb. 14
Preventing Golf Injuries
1 p.m. Learn from Wake Forest Baptist physical therapist Michael Way how to get fit for the golf course and prevent injuries. Enjoy a demonstration of our motion analysis machine. Held at CompRehab Plaza, 131 Miller St.

Tuesday, Feb. 19
Yoga for Busy Parents
7 p.m. Join Christi Eley, certified yoga instructor and founder of Angel Bear Yoga, to learn how “A Pose a Day” can bring peace, harmony and relaxation to your day while providing meaningful time with your little ones. No yoga experience needed. Held at the Children’s Museum of Winston-Salem, 390 S. Liberty St. Free babysitting offered.

Wednesday, Feb. 20
Foods for a Healthy Heart
11 a.m. or 6 p.m. Join BestHealth dietitian Dayle Fuentes for a tour at Whole Foods Market® and explore the many foods rich in antioxidants and good for the heart. Space limited. Registration required by calling 722-9233 or visiting Whole Foods’ customer service desk. Held at Whole Foods, 41 Miller St.

All seminars and screenings are held at BestHealth in Hanes Mall unless otherwise noted and require preregistration unless otherwise indicated. To register for any of these seminars, please call Health On-Call® at 716-2255 or 1-800-446-2255. For a complete listing of seminars visit the website at www.besthealth.com.

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