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Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center Physicians Listed in Best Doctors in America®

The 2011-2012 Best Doctors in America® database includes 288 physicians from Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center (WFUBMC), an 34.5 percent increase from the 2009-2010 list.

Wake Forest Baptist physicians account for 92 percent of those listed as Best Doctors locally. Of the doctors listed in both Forsyth and Guilford counties, 70 percent are from Wake Forest Baptist. These include 69 pediatric specialists at Brenner Children’s Hospital, part of Wake Forest Baptist.

“We differentiate ourselves in many positive ways at WFUBMC,” said Thomas E. Sibert, MD, MBA, president and chief operating officer (COO) of the integrated health system of WFUBMC. “Perhaps the most important is in the excellence of our caregivers. This year’s increase, by more than one third, in the prestigious “Best Doctors in America” list is a source of pride and reflects our continuing commitment to provide the best in care to our patients.”

Best Doctors has a database of more than 45,000 of the best physicians in America. The list represents the top 5% of physicians practicing in the U.S. More than 1,600 North Carolina physicians are listed on the 2011-2012 Best Doctors list.

Every two years, Best Doctors conducts a peer survey that is completed by physicians included in the Best Doctors database. Specialists complete ballots assessing other doctors in their own and related specialties. One of the survey questions is “If you or a loved one needed a doctor in your specialty, to whom would you refer them?”

"We are extremely proud of all our physicians," said Russell Howerton, chief medical officer of Wake Forest Baptist."We are particularly appreciative that so many have been recognized by their colleagues as Best Doctors in America. The number of our physicians listed in this esteemed database continues to increase every year, highlighting our commitment to excellence."

Wake Forest Baptist physicians included in the Best Doctors in America database are:

Allergy and Immunology: Mark S. Dykewicz.

Anesthesiology: Lorraine M. Arias, Margaret F. Brock, Randy W. Calicott, James C. Crews, Robert D'Angelo, James C. Eisenach, J.C. Gerancher, Robert Harrington, Melissa A. Laxton, Thomas McCutchen, Scott A. Miller, Pamela C. Nagle, Kenneth E. Nelson, Michael A. Olympio, Patricia H. Petrozza, Richard L. Rauck, John E. Reynolds, Raymond C. Roy, Phillip E. Scuderi, John A. Thomas, Chuanyao (Chuck) Tong, Robert S. Weller and Deborah M. Whelan.

Cardiovascular Disease: Robert J. Applegate, David M. Fitzgerald, Sanjay K. Gandhi, Rick A. Henderson, John R. Hoyle, Paul M. Kirkman, Michael A. Kutcher, William C. Little, Killian C. Robinson, Bryon E. Rubery, Renato M. Santos, Vinay Thohan, Tony W. Simmons, and Gretchen L. Wells.

Critical Care Medicine:Norman E. Adair (Pulmonary Medicine), John F. Conforti (Pulmonary Medicine), R. Duncan Hite, Jeffrey S. Kelly, Robert Shayn Martin (Trauma Surgery), Preston R. Miller (Trauma Surgery), Peter E. Morris and Roger L. Royster.

Dermatology:  Steven R. Feldman, Alan B. Fleischer Jr., Joseph L. Jorizzo, Amy J. McMichael, Phillip M. Williford and Gil Yosipovitch.

Endocrinology and Metabolism:  K. Patrick Ober.

Family Medicine: Sarah Cartwright,  Frank S. Celestino, C. Randall Clinch, David S. Jackson Jr., Mark P. Knudson, Richard W. Lord and Daryl A. Rosenbaum.

Gastroenterology:  John Baillie, Richard S. Bloomfeld, Jason D. Conway, Kenneth L. Koch, John D. Long and Girish Mishra.

Geriatric Medicine:  Hal H. Atkinson, Mary F. Lyles, Kaycee M. Sink, Franklin S. Watkins and Jeff D. Williamson.

Hand Surgery:  Anthony J. DeFranzo Jr. (Plastic Surgery), L. Andrew Koman (Orthopaedic Surgery), Zhongyu John Li (Orthopaedic Surgery), and Joseph A. Molnar.

Infectious Disease:  Kevin P. High, Christopher A. Ohl, and James E. Peacock.

Internal Medicine:  Peter R. Lichstein, Franklyn M. Millman, Philip R. Morrow Jr., Francis X. O'Brien, William Y. Rice III and David L. Townsend.

Medical Genetics:  Tamison Jewett.

Medical Oncology and Hematology: Mebea Aklilu,Steven A. Akman, David D. Hurd, Mary Ann Knovich, Glenn J. Lesser, Susan A. Melin, Antonius A. Miller, Bayard L. Powell, Paul D. Savage, Frank M. Torti and Kenneth W. Zamkoff.

Nephrology:  Patricia L. Adams, Anthony J. Bleyer, John M. Burkart, Pirouz Daeihagh, Thomas D. DuBose Jr., Barry I. Freedman, Shahriar Moossavi, Michael V. Rocco, Scott G. Satko and Tushar J. Vachharajani.

Neurological Surgery:  Charles L. Branch Jr., Thomas A. Sweasey, Stephen B. Tatter and John A. Wilson.

Neurology:  Jane G. Boggs, Allison Brashear, James B. Caress, Michael S. Cartwright, Ihtsham Haq, David S. Lefkowitz, Cormac A. O'Donovan, Patrick S. Reynolds, Mustafa S. Siddiqui, Charles H. Tegeler IV and Francis O. Walker.

Nuclear Medicine: Paige B. Clark.

Obstetrics and Gynecology: Andrea S. Fernandez,Karen R. Gerancher, Arnold S. Grandis, Samuel S. Lentz, David C. Merrill and M. Tamer Yalcinkaya.

Ophthalmology: Chandra R. Altemare, J. Brent Bond, Susan Burden, Paul J. Dickinson, Matthew Giegengack, Craig M. Greven, Shree K. Kurup, Timothy J. Martin, M. Madison Slusher, Keith A. Walter and R. Patrick Yeatts.

Orthopaedic Surgery: John P. Birkedal,Eben A. Carroll,  Walton W. Curl, Cristin M. Ferguson, Jason E. Lang, David F. Martin, Gary G. Poehling, Allston Stubbs IV, Robert D. Teasdall, Christopher  J. Tuohy (Hand Surgery), William G. Ward and Ethan R. Wiesler (Hand Surgery).

Otolaryngology:  J. Dale Browne, Brian L. Matthews, John S. May, and Christopher A. Sullivan.

PathologyMichael W. Beaty, Simon Bergman, A. Julian Garvin, Kim R. Geisinger, Patrick E. Lantz, Elizabeth L. Palavecino, Greg J. Pomper and Omar P. Sangueza.

Pediatric Specialist:  Jon S. Abramson (Infectious Disease), Samuel J. Ajizian (Critical Care Medicine), Lynn Y. Anthony (Radiology), Louis C. Argenta (Plastic Surgery), Anthony Atala (Urology), Loren A. Bauman (Anesthesiology),  Steven M. Block (Neonatology), Sharon Castellino (Oncology/Hemotology), Michael L. Coates (Family Medicine), Amanda Cook (Cardiology), Wesley Covitz (Cardiology), Lisa R. David (Plastic Surgery), Robert G. Dillard (Neonatology), John Frino (Orthopaedics), Laurence B. Givner (Infectious Disease), Michael S. Glock (Gastroenterology), Annette Grefe (Neurology), Bettina Gyr (Orthopaedic Surgery), Ivor D. Hill (Gastroenterology), Karl H. Karlson Jr. (Pulmonary),  Daniel J. Kirse (ENT/Otolaryngology), Kurt L. Klinepeter (Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics),  Jen-Jar Lin (Nephrology),  Thomas W. McLean (Oncology/Hematology), Gordon A. McLorie (Urology), Steven S. Mou (Critical Care Medicine), Thomas A. Nakagawa (Critical Care Medicine), James J. O'Brien (Anesthesiology), T. Michael O’Shea (Neonatology), Guy K. Palmes (Psychiatry), John K. Petty (Pediatric Surgery), Tricia L. Pockey (Anesthesiology), Thomas Pranikoff (Pediatric Surgery), Karen H. Raines (Cardiology), Douglas G. Ririe (Anesthesiology), Kelly A. Rouster-Stevens (Rheumatology), Hernan Sabio (Oncology/Hematology), Robert P. Schwartz (Endocrinology), Avinash K. Shetty (Infectious Disease), Joseph A. Skelton (Gastroenterology), Timothy E. Smith (Anesthesiology), Barbara Specter (Radiology), Thomas E. Sumner (Radiology), Joseph R. Tobin (Critical Care Medicine), Charles S. Turner (Surgery), Ross M. Ungerleider (Cardiothoracic Surgery), Lisa K. Washburn (Neonatology), R. Grey Weaver Jr. (Ophthalmology), Cherrie Welch (Neonatology), and Derek Williams (Cardiology).

Pediatrics: Marcela I. Heinrich, Kathi J. Kemper, Daniel Krowchuck, Mark A. Pashayan, and Katherine Anne Poehling.

Plastic Surgery:  Neal D. Goldman (Otolaryngology) and Malcolm W. Marks.

Psychiatry:  Stephen I. Kramer and Burton V. Reifler.

Pulmonary Medicine: Eugene R. Bleecker, Robert Chin, Edward Francis Haponik, Wendy C. Moore, Jill Ohar, and Stephen P. Peters (Critical Care Medicine).

Radiation Oncology:  A. William Blackstock Jr., Kathryn M. Greven, Kevin P. McMullen and James Urbanic.

Radiology: Robert E. Bechtold, Michael A. Bettmann, Carol Boles, Jonathan Burdette, John Jeffrey Carr, Melanie Caserta, David D. Childs, Caroline Chiles, Joseph A. Ciacci, Hollins P. Clark, David J. DiSantis, Raymond B. Dyer, Allen D. Elster, Daniel W. Entrikin, Rita Freimanis, Carol P. Geer, Thomas Harle, Annette J. Johnson, Johanna R. Jorizzo, Leon Lenchik, Nadja M. Lesko, John R. Leyendecker, Kerry M. Link, Joseph A. Maldjian, Padraig Pearse Morris, Michael Oliphant, David J. Ott, James Perumpillichira, Hisham A. Tchelepi, Daniel W. Williams III, Ronald Jay Zagoria, and Michael Zapadka.

Sleep Medicine:  W. Vaughn McCall (Psychiatry).

Surgery: Michael C. Chang, Alan C. Farney, Adolfo Z. Fernandez, J. Jason Hoth, Russell Howerton, Stephen S. McNatt, J. Wayne Meredith, Jeffrey Rogers, Robert J. Stratta, Gregory S. Waters, and Carl Westcott.

Surgical Oncology:  Edward A. Levine  and Perry Shen.

Thoracic Surgery:Edward H. (Ted) Kincaid, Neal D. Kon and Timothy E. Oaks.

Urology: Dean G. Assimos, Gopal H. Badlani, Robert J. Evans, Ashok K. Hemal, Andrew Karim Kader, John D. McConnell and John J. Smith III.

Vascular Surgery: Matthew S. Edwards, Randolph L. Geary, Chris J. Godshall, Kimberley J. Hansen and George W. Plonk.

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