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Area of Expertise: Radiology
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Annette Johnson, MD

Professor and Vice Chair of Quality, Radiology

Johnson's expertise is in the area of brain tumor imaging, neuroradiology, quality improvement, magnetic resonance imaging and advanced neuroradiology MRI techniques. She has conducted recent research into patient satisfaction when it comes to radiology test results, finding that patients want greater and more timely access to information in their medical records and in understandable lay language. The study looked at the possibility of radiologists using a secure online patient portal to communicate rapid online imaging results directly to patients.


pediatric magnetic resonance imaging, neuroradiology, magnetic resonance imaging,


New Imaging Technique Recommended for Brain Cancer Patients

Gliomas, the most common malignant brain tumors in adults, can be difficult to treat because of their aggressive and invasive nature. In treating patients with gliomas, it is increasingly important that doctors be able to detect tumor changes early when there's a better chance for recovery.

Patients Want Immediate Access to Radiology Test Results Even if Theyre Complicated and Contain Bad News

You've been experiencing severe back pain and weakness in your right leg. Your doctor orders a spinal MRI to help determine the cause. The radiology report diagnoses cancer.

Would you rather read the detailed medical report right away at home or wait until your doctor was available to explain the test results, diagnosis and treatment options?

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