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Area of Expertise: Physical Therapy
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Per Kristian Moerk, PT

Manager and Physical Therapist, Outpatient and Sports Physical Therapy Departments

Moerk has been a physical therapist at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center since 1995. He is the Manager and Physical Therapist for the Outpatient/Sports Physical Therapy Departments at CompRehab Plaza. His specialties within the field of PT include Sports Medicine and Sports Performance, running injuries and foot biomechanics, Per Kristian has worked with the Norwegian Track and Field Association as a Team Trainer and PT .He has also been involved with professional soccer as Physical Therapist and Trainer. He has extensive knowledge in the foot and foot biomechanics, running injuries, cycling injuries and bike fit, shoe wear and use of custom made orthotics. He has done numerous presentations and television appearances on this topic. He also serves as a consultant for elite and professional athletes on training and injury prevention. He is a certified FIST Bike Fitter. He also has expertise in gait analysis


sports medicine, sports performance, running injuries, foot biomechanics, cycling injuries, bike fit, shoe wear, orthotics
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