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Our nursing staff thrives under a legacy, “Caring is our Core Business.” The Professional Development Council recognizes those that live by this model of care in their selection of the 2013 Nursing Excellence Award winners.

The Nursing Excellence Awards program provides an opportunity for registered nurses and licensed practical nurses to receive recognition for their commitment to excellence, innovation, compassion, integrity, caring and collegiality within their practice area.

“It means so much when your peers recognize you for outstanding work. They are the ones who see you on good days and bad days and truly know who you are,” said Maureen Sintich, MSN, MBA, RN, WHNP-BC, NEA-BC, vice president, Operations, and chief nursing officer. “I congratulate our 2013 winners for serving, caring, and sharing their lives—for being the kind of nurses who would make Florence Nightingale proud.”

The peers of the nominated nurses documented examples of acts of kindness to patients, families and staff members as well examples of community service and volunteerism.

This year’s award winners were recognized for walking hand-in-hand with patients to the rooftop of Brenner Children’s Hospital. They were celebrated for providing a leadership style that is both approachable and warm. They demonstrated that no part of their everyday routine is too small - not the patient’s foot-massage or the hunt for a requested Dr. Pepper. For these award recipients, a heart-to-heart talk with a terminally ill patient isn’t a job that’s too big, it’s an honorable duty.

2013 Nursing Excellence Award winner Gina Wilson says, “Every day that we are scheduled to work is a day that will be filled with moments that are shared with each patient in the quiet of their room…what a privilege it is to care for patients and families who are experiencing difficult times.”

The American Nurses Association says now more than ever, nurses are positioned to assume leadership roles in health care, provide primary care services to meet increased demand and play a key role in innovative, patient-centered care delivery models.

In 2012, Americans voted nurses the most trusted profession in America in an annual Gallup poll that ranks professions for their honesty and ethical standards. Wilson says it’s all part of the job, “I am just like every other nurse in this hospital. We all come to work to dedicate our day to serving the patients.”

Congratulations to the 2013 Nursing Excellence Award recipients!

Brenner Nurses:

  • Lara Arrendondo, RN, BSN – 8 GenPeds
  • Shelley Bradford, RN – 9 Peds Adolescent
  • Regina Godbolt, RN – 8 GenPeds
  • Emily Hooker, RN, BSN – Peds Endoscopy
  • Amy Pope, RN, BSN – Peds Hem/Onc (Outpatient)
  • Hannah Rainey, RN, BSN – PICU
  • JoAnn Sutterby, RN, BSN – Peds Hem/Onc (Inpatient)
  • Tracy Thompson, RN – 8 GenPeds
  • Rachel Whipple, RN, BSN – 8 GenPeds
  • Kayla Wyrick, RN, MSN – NICU

Inpatient & Outpatient Adult Units/Clinic Nurses:

  • Ken Adams, RN – Inpatient OR
  • Julie Aly, RN – DHP/OB
  • Donna Bell, RN – DHP/Peds
  • Michele Blakely, RN, MSN – 2SB, 2SA-ACE
  • Suzanne Breedlove, RN, BSN – 5A-ICU
  • Leslie Buckner, RN, BSN – 4RT-ICU
  • Emily Charlson, RN – 11AW
  • Neala Cline, RN – 5A-ICU
  • Kathy Crysel, RN-CRNA, MSN – Inpatient Anesthesia
  • Carolyn Davis, RN, BSN – 4B-ICU
  • Veronica Dickenson, RN – 8AE
  • Janice Draughn, RN, MSN – 11AW/4B-ICU
  • Helen Ellazar-Lampart, RN, BSN – 8RT
  • Terri Gordon, RN, BSN – 5B-ICU/5C-Post Surg CC
  • Sandra Green, RN, BSN – 8AE
  • Charleen Hayes, RN – NW Community Care Network
  • Lisa Henderson, RN, BSN – Care Coordination
  • Wanda Henson, RN – 9AE
  • Caitlin Jacobs, RN – 6RT-IMC
  • Zahra Jama, RN, BSN – 8AE
  • Amanda Jones, RN – 11AW
  • Nancy Line, RN, BSN – Inpatient OR
  • Karen Lordeman-Rowdy, RN, MSN – Care Coordination
  • Carrie Maness, RN, BSN – Ambulatory Ortho Clinic
  • Amanda Martin, RN, BSN – 8AE
  • Kaitlin Morelli, RN, BSN – 6RT-IMC
  • Barry Nelson, RN, BSN - AirCare
  • Dana Nichols, RN, BSN – Nursing Education
  • Komal Patel, RN, BSN – 4RT-ICU/4C
  • Jennifer Phifer, RN, BSN – Adult Behavioral Health
  • Krissy Prescott, RN - ACE
  • Sherry Reece, RN, BSN – Day Hospital
  • Kimberly Rogers, RN, MSN – 5A-ICU/5RT
  • Jill Smith, RN, BSN – Wound Ostomy
  • Joy Strickland, RN, BSN – 4RT-ICU
  • Darla Wagner, RN – Inpatient PACU
  • Rose West, LPN – Family Medicine Practice
  • Jennifer Whisnant, RN, BSN – DHP/Peds
  • Gina Wilson, RN, BSN – 10RT
  • Shuhua Yin, RN, BSN - Peds OR

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Surgical Services Academy Wins Nursing Poster Prize

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