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An Honorable Duty Recognized


Congratulations to the 2015 Nurse Excellence Award Recipients!

Our nursing staff thrives under a legacy, “Caring is our Core Business.” The Shared Governance Professionalism Cabinet recognizes those nurses who live by this model of care.

The Nurse Excellence Awards provide an opportunity for Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses to receive recognition for their commitment to excellence, innovation, compassion, integrity, caring and collegiality. The awards were presented at a ceremony held on Thursday May 7, 2015, in Babcock Auditorium. 

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2015 Nurse Excellence Awards: 

  • Herman Bagtas, RN, BSN, 4RT-MICU
  • Cathy Baker, RN, ADN, Adult ED
  • Dawn Banks, RN, BSN, 8 Brenner Pediatrics
  • Bruce Barker, RN, BSN, Shepherd Street Multispecialty Clinic
  • Jane Benson, RN, BSN, Shepherd Street Multispecialty Clinic
  • Melisha Bledsoe, RN, ADN, Adult ED
  • Charis Bostian, RN, BSN, Surgical Services
  • Drema Britt, RN, ADN, Adult ED
  • Solon Calilung, RN, BSN, Adult ED
  • Brittany Chesnee, RN, BSN, NICU
  • Jessica Clifton, RN, BSN, Adult ED
  • Amber Crouse, RN, ADN, 10ATE
  • Brandy Cruey, RN, ADN, 10ATE
  • Vera Daniels, RN, ADN, Physician & Community Health Access
  • Mayah Dozier-Lineberger, RN, BSN, 8CC-BMT
  • Karen Drum, RN, BSN, Adult ED
  • Barbara Edwards, RN, ADN, 8 Brenner Pediatrics
  • Starla Emanuel, RN, BSN, 9ATE
  • Ann Faris, RN, BSN, CV-ICU
  • Kelly Franzese, RN, BSN, Adult ED
  • Vicki Galyean, RN, BSN, Care Coordination
  • Jessica Garner, RN, BSN, Orthopedic Clinic (Davie)
  • Neil Gordon, LPN, Dermatologic Surgery
  • Stefanie Gray, RN, BSN, BCH Pediatric Nephrology Clinic
  • Jennifer C. Hernandez, RN, ADN, Adult ED
  • Jennifer L. Hernandez, RN, MSN, Clinical Educator-Oncology & BMT
  • Krista Holcomb, RN, ADN, Pre & Post Op (Davie)
  • Patricia Hoosier, RN, BSN, Day Hospital
  • Nichole Howell, RN, BSN, NICU
  • Amber Johnson, RN, BSN, Adult ED
  • Jeffrey Johnson, RN, BSN, Adult ED
  • Lindsay Johnston, RN, BSN, PACU
  • Catrillie Kea, RN, MSN, 8ATE
  • Ashley Keenan, RN, BSN, ICU-5C/5A
  • Julie Kerth, RN, BSN, PICU
  • Jennifer Kreger, RN, ADN, 8ATE
  • Sandra Love, RN, BSN, Care Coordination
  • Benjamin Mahaffy, RN, ADN, Adult ED
  • Linda Matthews, RN, ADN, Hemodialysis
  • Mary McCall, RN, BSN, ACE
  • Carol Miller, RN, ADN, Joint Replacement Unit (Lexington)
  • Monika Miller, RN, ADN, 8NT-Renal
  • Loretta Muchow, RN, BSN, ICU-5C/5A
  • Hope Nixon, RN, ADN, Inpt PACU
  • Ashleigh Payne, RN, ADN, Pediatric Neurology Clinic
  • Tina Peatross, LPN, DHP Pediatrics
  • Anthony Raymond, RN, ADN, AirCare
  • Lauren Rivera, RN, BSN, 8 Brenner Pediatrics
  • Melanie Rodgers, RN, BSN, Nursing Informatics
  • Mable Rutledge, RN, BSN, Intermediate Nursery
  • Dena Shore, RN, BSN, 6 Cancer Center
  • Debra Smith, RN, ADN, Pediatric Behavioral Health
  • Lynnette Stephens, RN, BSN, 4RT-MICU
  • Julia Stout, RN, ADN, 10ATE
  • Lisa Walker, RN, BSN, 8 Brenner Pediatrics
  • Kate Wasowski, RN, BSN, Adult ED
  • Kendayl Waugh, RN, BSN, Adult ED
  • Jessica Webb, RN, BSN, BCH Outpatient Clinic
  • Blaire Whitaker, RN, BSN, ICU-5C/5A
  • Melanie Williamson, RN, BSN, Nurse Manager
  • Waynna Wyatt, RN, ADN, Adult ED
  • Angela Yancey, RN, BSN, 9 Peds Hem/Onc 

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