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Individual Training Logs

Starting in August of 2012, research personnel must maintain an Individual Training Log in order to comply with the expectations set forth in the most recent Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals. A tutorial, two recommended templates for recordkeeping, and an example of a completed log can be found below.

AALAS Learning Library - WF IACUC-required Training

Effective January 1, 2012, Wake Forest (WF) uses the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS) learning library for the basic training required to be part of an IACUC protocol. The library consists of online modules that can be accessed by computer inside or outside the WF firewall.

Transition to the AALAS Learning Library

The required modules closely track our previous training with some moderate expansion. The quality of training materials is the primary reason for the change.

This training only applies to new personnel or personnel who lack specific training at this time. Training from the previous provider, LATA, is grandfathered.

Over the next several months, however, the WF IACUC will seriously consider whether or not to include researchers who trained under previous means, but for now only staff new to a particular type of animal or activity will make the switch.

What modules are required?

Training requirements are based on species exposure. They are also specific to a protocol. For example, if you are working on an approved mouse protocol already, then a new mouse protocol will probably not require any new training. However, a new protocol using nonhuman primates might include new training for you.

There are special modules for activities, too, such as surgery, rodent breeding, or use of animals in a biosafety level 2 facility.

How do I know what I must take?

On the Protocol Team page of a protocol or personnel amendment, eIACUC automatically determines what courses are required but have not been completed to date (give or take a few days to allow for data entry). Look here for any new training that is needed. Or check with the principal investigator, or other authors, about your own requirements. If you have access to the eIACUC protocol under development, you can also find it yourself under the Training and Occupational Health tab on the protocol workspace in the protocol form.

The IACUC-required AALAS curriculum does contain a few modules that were not available before. They fill important training gaps, for example, on Aseptic Technique, Surgical Support and Anesthesia for large, USDA-regulated animals. Faculty and Staff who completed all the required LATA training may be required to take these new modules - but only when either personnel are listed as conducting a procedure on a new protocol or when personnel are specifically added by amendment to a protocol. See the IACUC-required AALAS Training Table of the new curriculum.

Important technical note: eIACUC automatically determines what AALAS training is needed based on answers provided in the form per individual team members. There are 7 new check boxes per each person to help make this determination, as of January 1, 2012. For personnel amendments, these boxes will appear - and need to be answered - for all personnel listed on the protocol, because the system is not sophisticated enough to separate new from current staff. Don't be alarmed if the eIACUC amendment shows current staff as needing AALAS training, too; IACUC staff will sort out who needs the training and who does not manually.

Where can I find the AALAS training?

New Access to the AALAS learning library from your personal home page in eIACUC. Links (see below) will be found on the left side of the page; entry here provides the needed electronic handshake to recognize you and your course completion. 


What should you do?

  • Log in to the AALAS learning library via your home page in eIACUC to complete courses.
    • Log in to eIACUC (https://eiacuc.wakehealth.edu) using your medical center username and password.
    • Click “My Home” in the upper right corner of the screen to access your home page
    • On the left side of your home page you will see information regarding AALAS, click “Log In to AALAS”.
    • Fill in all required fields in your AALAS profile, click submit. This will take you to your completed “My Profile” page.
    • Click “Libraries” to find the list of WF IACUC-required courses (Wake Forest University Tracks). This will bring up a list of all Wake Forest Tracks. You will click on each track to find the required course(s). For example, when you click on WF-Base it will take you to a page which lists four course subjects. The required base courses are found under their subject heading (for example, click on Animal Health and Wellbeing to find the required Environmental Enrichment course). You will click on each course subject within the Base Course track to complete the required course and/or take the test.

*If you cannot access the eIACUC system, contact IACUC staff who will set up your account. Set up takes only a few minutes.

Where is my eIACUC training transcript?

Your training transcript can be accessed from your eIACUC homepage (My Home in the upper right portion of the screen after you login). Your eIACUC homepage > Profile Tab > Profile link with your name > My Training Tab. The courses that you have completed have a date to the right.

Where is my AALAS transcript?

Your complete AALAS course transcript lives on the AALAS server, which you can access yourself. The transcript can be printed, or you can make an electronic copy for your documentation.

Once you finish a module, WF IACUC staff will gather information on course completion for you and apply it to your profile in eIACUC, which in turn will be reflected in any protocols and amendments in which you are involved here at WF.

Can I get credit for AALAS courses that I have already taken here or at another school?

Yes! For assistance, contact Amanda Dillard (adillard@wakehealth.edu).

How can I find out what modules I took using the previous training provider, LATA?

Contact IACUC staff for your information.

Special Training for Primate Users

(To enroll contact Miranda Moore mlmoore@wakehealth.edu 716-3540) To receive credit for training, you must complete these modules via Self Service in PeopleSoft HR. However, the material is provided here for reference.

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