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Matthew Furst
Matthew Furst

Year in Medical School: 3rd

Place of birth:
Flemington, NJ

Where you grew up:
Hickory, NC

College: Wake Forest University

Major(s) in College:
Biology, Neuroscience

Goals (medical school and beyond): To travel to every continent (Antarctica will be a worth-while challenge), swim/boat in every ocean, see as many wonders of the world as possible, and meet as many interesting people as time will allow.

Personal Philosophy on life and/or medicine: Patients do not benefit from their doctor's weariness, and so I hope to do everything outside of the medical world so as to ensure that my time with patients is mutually healing.

Favorite quote: “Life is a grind and the grind takes time / But in the end you discover the struggle's divine / So keep your nose to the stone through the thick and thin / And when you look inside, find the beauty within.”

Matthew Furst

I am trapped within the cavernous confines of my own demented mind
Lined by millions of memories sewn together with the thread of a lifetime
Now tattered, torn, faded and frayed like tapestries of a forgotten fortress
Distressed and crumbling about me without grace nor any sign of redress

I hear familiar words reaching my ears as if shouted from a great distance
Yet I no longer possess the power to comprehend more than their existence
And further, though I wish to answer these far-off calls with my own voice
It seems that age does rejoice in its ability to make this no longer my choice

I see encircling me many melancholy faces so hauntingly familiar yet not
As if once I knew these people calling my name in a past life now forgot
These strangers stroke my hands and for a fleeting instant I remember
Only to be swept away like the last leaf on a tree in the chill of November.

I feel but a constant, dull reminder of the disease now devouring my being
As one is aware of a distant battle by the screams of the fallen and fleeing
And though I desperately desire to sense the sun on my paper-thin skin
To my chagrin I find like my mind, my strength has been sapped from within

I am restless as my thoughts effervesce into nothingness not leaving a trace
Gone are the pieces of personality indelible in me yet still somehow erased
Until all that is left is that which resides in the minds of those I loved best
And like the tattered November leaf after its travels, the winds cease and I finally rest

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